What is True About Royalty-Free Images?

Hey, this is Mehmood from Camlense and I welcome you to our new post. So, if you are a blogger, YouTuber, or any online business owner, you must come up with the copyright issues of the images that you use for your commercial and non-commercial means. So, I thought to bring a proper post guide you about it.

What is True About Royalty-Free Images?

The truth about Royalty Free images is that if you buy a license once, then for reusing the image or modifying it, you don’t have to pay anything. One can get a free license or pay a one-time fee to buy it and have the royalty.

Copyright means that if a person has copyrights of an image, he has authority or ownership of the image, and no one can use or modify the image without his/her permission.

Royalty is more related to money. If a person has the royalty of an image, he will get a certain share of the image when the image is sold or used commercially. If an image is royalty-free, it means that no one has now the royalty of that image, so you won’t have to pay anyone anything when you are going to use these images.

How to Download Royalty-Free Images from Google?

If you download a photo from Google and use it commercially, then there are a lot of chances that you might get a copyright strike from the owner of the image of the video. So, what to do? How to find those royalty-free images to use in your posts. Well, don’t worry, I got your back. You can simply download free Royalty-Free, Copyright Free images from Google too. Follow the steps below:

Go to Google Images

Go to Google.com. Then click on Images or visit Google Images.

Select Creative Common License

The next step is to click on tools as shown in the above image. By clicking so, you will get another filter menu where you have to select “select creative commons license” as shown in the image. In this filter, you will probably see only those images that are royalty-free.

Go to the Site and Download the Image

If you found a photo of your choice, the next step is to visit the site and download the image from there. Now you can use this photo as you want.


So, now you know what Royalty free images are and how to use them. Now if you have any further queries, you are free to ask us in the comments or mail us here. Thanks for staying with us, Good day.

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