Best Action Camera With Longest Battery Life in 2023

best action camera with longest battery life

The camera’s battery life is important for every purpose and is one of the prior factors to decide the best action camera for you. Doesn’t matter how much battery life you want, this article can help you find your perfect and best action camera with longest battery life according to your required battery life and other specifications.

Things You Can Do To Extend Battery Life

There are certain solutions you can apply to extend the battery life of the action camera. One way to extend the battery of the camera is to connect a power bank to your camera only if it can be connected. Also, you can attach an external fix battery to have an action camera with the longest battery life.

Here we have mentioned the cameras which have the option of being connected to an external power bank. For more information about cameras, you can click here to find more of the best results about cameras with the longest battery life.

If you are driving and wish to record the view while in the car, you can connect the camera to the 12V USB socket or also called a cigarette lighter. Thus you can keep recording keeping your camera on your car’s dash without losing any battery charge.

Here we have introduced some of our reviewed cameras which are having the longest battery lives. You can simply click on one to know more about its specs and price.

Some Batteries Can’t Be Removed

 Some cameras are fully packed and its battery is fixed, which means that its battery can’t be removed so you cannot take extra batteries with you so that you can use them in case of need.

Here we are reviewing the cameras where there is no need of removing the battery because of their high battery life. In case you wanna know more about the cameras that have built-in fixed cameras and those which have replaceable cameras then, you can easily find with the help of the internet.

Best Action Camera with Longest Battery Life

If you are searching for an action camera with the longest battery life, then below we have reviewed the best 10 action cameras with the longest battery life. This review is based on what the manufacturers claim although we haven’t used each one of them individually and also the review will vary depending on temperatures and types of recording you are doing.

But this is a good guide to see which cameras will last the longest off of one charge.

If you are out and about and have no way to recharge your camera during a shoot, it is best to take multiple batteries with you and these cameras will last longer than any others with a handful of spare batteries just in case.

Sr. No

Action Camera Name

Battery Time


Drift Ghost XL

8 hrs.


SJCAM A20 Body Cam

5 hrs.


Cycliq Fly6 CE Camera and Rear Light

4 hrs.


Cycliq Fly12 CE Bike Light Action Camera

4 hrs.


Xiaomi Fimi Palm Gimbal Action Camera

4 hrs.


Kandao QooCam 360 Action Camera

3 hrs.


Akaso V50 X Action Camera

3 hrs.


SJCam A10 Body Cam Action Camera

3 hrs.


Snoppa Vmate Pocket Gimbal Action Camera

3 hrs.

Drift Ghost XL Action Camera SpecAction Cameras With The Longest Battery Life

Battery Life: About 8 hrs

Drift is one of the world’s most considered and experienced camera brands. Since 2009, Drift’s imaginative way to deal with convenience, plan, and devotion to its clients guarantees that it the best cameras at very affordable and moderate prices. A little, devoted and energetic group situated in London, Drift spends significant time in inventing the best action camera with longest battery life including the lead Ghost XL, a full-featured, and Ultra HD measured action camera.

It’s very easy to use. One-click recording with Instant-On mode powers the camera and begins recording automatically. It makes sure that each urgent second is caught with Dash Cam Mode. Combine a long video into a small one with Video-Lapse mode. Spread all the points with multi-cam Clone mode, or get the shot sometime later with Drift’s unmistakable video labeling.


By using the Drift App you can control your camera even from a distance, change settings or start and quit recording; physically or auto alter the content you have recorded, outline your shot with the live preview and transfer the recording to your cellphone instantly to share to loved ones. With about 8 hours of battery life and IPX7 Waterproof security, you’ll miss nothing important to you.

Frame rates and Resolution of Videos

  1. In 1080P Mode (1920 X 1080 16:9) at 25, 30FPS
  2. In HDR Mode 960P (1280 X 960 4:3) at 25, 30FPS
  3. In 720P Mode (1280 X 720 16:9) at 25, 30, 48, 50, 60FPS
  4. In WVGA Mode (848 X 480 16:9) at 25, 30, 50, 60FPS
best action camera with longest battery life

SJCAM A20 Body Cam

Battery Time: 5 hours

Price $279.95

The SJCAM A20 Body camera is reasonable for each individual in workplaces requiring the surveillance and security that just a body-cam can bring. The A20 comes with an imaginative thin design that upgrades the most recent in mechanical industry guidelines. The camera is exceptionally functional without any complicated function for an inexperienced user to work. The A20 leaves behind the other cameras before it in a simple comparison


Body Protection – The A20 Body-Cam is designed for law-enforcement forces like police and other agencies, therefore it is made touch and reliable. It is another layer of protection and an obstacle for wrongdoers which gives officials of the law a superior handle of circumstances.

Slim Body – Designed to put the focal point of gravity closer to the body of the person wearing it, the A20 figures out how to turn out to be very useful for what is being used for.

Long Battery Life – A20 has pre-dominant performance in long battery life having a high limit 2650 Li-ion battery. Apart from its 2650mAh battery it also comes with a battery life optimization feature which is really useful.

Dual Stereo Microphones – One primary mike for getting an objective voice, and another is the foundation sound pickup amplifier, which is introduced along the edge of the camera. These two signs are input receiver processors, and the interior programming will decrease the commotion, making the voice to be understood.

LED Lamp – For those occasions when Infra-red simply not enough. Crush the haziness with a high force-wide beam of light.

Dash Camera – The A20 works easily as a dashboard DVR, Get secured with a wide field of view that can cover 3 street lanes utilizing its 140 degrees 7G-layer focal point, and movement discovery for those occasions when you leave your vehicle unattended.

IP65 Waterproof – This camera is protected by a nozzle that ensures complete safety from dust, rainwater, or water. It can be shielded from the harm brought in a time of work(Maybe chasing criminals).

SJCAM Zone APP – Connects with SJCAM Zone App by SJCAM which is allowed to download on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store and thus you can transfer any files to your laptop or upload on social media.

  • Chipset: Novatek 96660
  • Sensor: SONY IMX335

Frame rates and Resolution of Videos

  • Sensor Resolution: 12 Megapixels
  • Screen: 2.33″LCD touch screen
  • Lens: 6G (Aspherical Lens)
  • Viewing Angle: 166 degree Super Wide Angle
  • Video Resolutions: 2160P/24fps, 1440/30fps. 1800P 60/30fps, 720P 120/60/30fps, 480P/240fps
  • Photo Resolutions: 16MP / 12MP / 10MP / 8MP / 5MP / 3MP / VGA
  • Battery Duration (Approx.): 8 hours (WiFi and screen closed)
best action camera with longest battery life

Cycliq Fly6 CE Camera and Rear Light

It’s reasonable to acknowledge Cycliq bringing the pair of back camera and light into existence. In 2014 George gave the MK2 version of the original FLY6 4 Stars; a high pricef£175 gadget that just put out 30 lumens. It seems to be worth the price after you use it.

The Cyclic company is putting resources in making the camera best of all. The company is trying its best to upgrade the app into new firmware and to the users a better action camera and its battery life performance.

It comes with a beautiful design and lots of features such as a slim body, reliability, and long battery life. With beautiful design and amazing battery, it’s also having an affordable price.

Battery life

The battery life of this camera is enough for a 4 hr long journey. It works fine and if used properly it can work for more than four hours.


  • Better camera, better mount, larger battery, USB-C charging, auto date/time setting


  • Poor placement of the charging socket, buttons harder to use, the app can be a faff, possible water ingress issues, won’t work as light without a Micro SD card

TEENTOK Bike Camera with LED Tail Light

Price: $129

From a general perspective, this camera is acceptable and works completely fine. The Fly12 presents to 600 lumens, which helps in going out on a cycle at night time with high speed. It has nine consistent, blazing, and pulse modes that you switch on and off in the app which is specific for this camera.

The application is additionally utilized for designing camera settings and checking battery levels. The lights are likewise ANT+ empowered so can be controlled from Later Garmin’s.

It can record videos up to 1080P in Full HD in 60 FPS. It consists of 600 lumens which are a huge brightness level. There are many modes present in the camera such as light mode, photo mode, slow motion, and portrait.

Battery Life

It can offer battery life up 4 hrs. which is a lot for a camera running on battery


  • Good lights that, in most instances, capture properly usable imagery


  • Expensive, especially a full set; supplied mounts could be better

Xiaomi Fimi Palm Gimbal Action Camera

Price $219

To start my review with honesty, you should know that the FiMI Palm isn’t a game-changing item. DJI delivered such a pocket device with surprisingly better specs one year sooner before Xiaomi released this one. Initially, the main feature of the FiMI Palm over the Osmo Pocket is it’s much affordable, unlike the other expensive brands. Yet, if you jump further into its advanced features, you will discover lots of other advantages or pros of this gimbal camera.

Including SmartTracking, it can consequently keep the subject’s head in the focal point of the frame – means at the center!. This feature is ideal for vloggers who like to stroll around with a camera pointed on themselves.

Besides, FIMI Palm includes a bunch of innovative modes like 8X slow motion, time-lapse, and display. Super HDR and Long Exposure capacities will permit you to take the perfect photos even in the low light.

Xiaomi didn’t include an internal memory in this gimbal. Rather than it, the engineer put a miniature SD opening as an afterthought which can support SD Cards with up to 256 GB limit. There’s a USB-C port on the base for charging and transferring data to the PC. The elastic rubber pad provides a good hold on the camera when it is set to remain vertically by its self. The 1000 mAh violet-in fixed battery can provide the Palm with around 240 minutes of charge.

Although the FiMI Palm camera isn’t an activity camera, however, it will be compared with one. It’s a little, a handheld camcorder with a coordinated mechanical image stabilization feature which gives a much smoother and better video if compared to the electronic stabilization that can be found in most GoPro style activity cams and cell phones. It’s not ruggedized or shielded from climate, so it’s preferable to be used by bloggers or normal routine photographers.

Resolutions and frame rates

One of the drawbacks of buying the FiMI Palm is that it doesn’t support image stabilization in 4K resolution at 60 fps. Many pocket cameras can record up to 4K supporting image stabilization.

If you wish to record 4K video then can set the fps to either 30 or 24 or if you want to record at 60 fps then you should switch the resolution to 2.7K to 1080P. The image quality is satisfactory. The compression modes i.e. H264 and HEVC are also available in this pocket gimbal.

Kandao QooCam 360 Action Camera 

The adaptable QooCam is an Interchangeable 4K 360 and 3D 180 Camera from Kandao which can capture the videos in 3D in 180o and 2D in 360o and even in a single camera. Video can be recorded in 4K up to 60 fps and slow-motion videos can be recorded in HD quality in 120 fps. 

This QooCam brings a lot of new features into the market e.g. depth-making, time-lapse, refocusing even after the image is captured, and also background replacement. The other amazing feature is that you can live stream a 360o panorama or wide-angle video or a 3D video in 180o and share it with your fans.

This smooth camera is placed in a solid metal lodging and comes with a lens-cover that serves as twice as long as the handle. In-camera sewing empowers you to see your substance through 5 and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi using the downloadable application with your iOS or Android phone. 

Camera control is accessible through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Background substitution, blurring background, or saying depth-making and many other features are accessible using the Kandao Programming Studio. Picture stabilization in 360° mode and unshaken180 ° videos produces smooth and streaming videos.

The files are transferred through the QooCam’s micro-USB port which is also used for charging the camera. The battery is built-in and cannot be removed. The base of the camera is having a 1/4″- 20 string for holding on a holder or stand.

Battery Life

It consists of a powerful battery and charges optimizing feature which provides up to 3 hours of continuous recording which makes it perfect for trips and adventures.

Akaso V50 X Action Camera 

Price: $120

You can regard it as one of the best features of the Akaso that it fully support EIS (or Electronic Image Stabilization). The V50X camera does this by foreseeing your movements and eliminating the camera shake result. This feature enables the action camera to remain consistent whether you’re running, surfing on a surfboard, or hiking on a mountain, or if you are simply walking, this camera got you.

Like most of the action cams in the market, the Akaso V50X is also waterproof. The housing on the V50X is waterproof up to 40 meters (131 ft), which means that it can resist water pressure even 40 meters inside the water. There are cameras which are last for even more but this won’t make any difference for the vast majority of us for that much pressure.

The V50X works fine with the Roadcam application. It is one of the best features of modern cameras as you can operate a camera from a distance with your cellphone.

Though your phone isn’t the best way to control the Akaso V50X. This action cam accompanies a wireless wrist remote that lets you control the camera just by touching the button on the remote. BTW! be careful as the remote is not waterproof and can be damaged by exposing it to water.

Battery Life

From the company, the camera accompanies 2 rechargeable batteries which are indeed a good thing. These 1350mAh batteries allow you to record 3 hours of persistent videos, making it ideal for capturing scenes when you are out on an adventure.


The Akaso V50X features many video modes, for example, 4K in 30fps, 2K in 60fps, and 2.7K in 30fps. Furthermore, you can take photos of 12MP resolution with this best action camera with the longest battery life.

Unfortunately, the camera doesn’t support 4k at 60fps, but if you look at its fine price, it may seem fine deal to buy this pocket action camera.

SJCam A10 Body Cam Action Camera 

Price: $120

If you like to buy a product from a top-rated Chinese brand, the best action camera product, then this product is for you. The Chinese brand SJCAM said recently that they have zeroed in on extending their item range to all-encompassing cameras, for example, the SJ360, computer-generated reality cameras, and video stabilizers. Not very far in the past, this Shenzhen-based organization reported the new SJCAM A10, otherwise called the M40 body camera. Hence, this is one of the last cameras of the organization and its first body-cam.

In this pocket action camera, you additionally have the choice of night sight. The previously mentioned infrared lights are incredible for low light photography and recording like evening situations. It permits the camera-man to take pictures in night vision mode in automatic mode or also in it can also be configured manually.

The SJCAM A10 camera additionally has another processor, which is the Novatek NT96658. It also has a Sony IMX323 sensor with a 2.2MP video resolution. The aperture of the lens is f/2.5 which is good for low light photography.

Battery Life

It contains an extraordinary battery of 2650 mAh capacity. This big battery assures three hours of Full HD if charged only once

Video Relosutions

1080P FHD, 720P HD, VGA (640 x 480), WVGA (848 x 480)

Both 60fps or 30fps

best action camera with longest battery life

Snoppa Vmate Pocket Gimbal Action Camera

Vmate gimbal action camera is as light as 118g in reduced size of 122 x 37.6 x 32.3mm. This allows the user to carry the camera with ease in your pocket, in a bag, or to hold in hand and record amazing moments of life.

Micro 3-hub Stabilizing System and a 400° Mechanical Pan Range

Snoppa’s recently designed micro 3-axis stabilizing framework can properly remove the shakes and jerks when wile recording if it’s handheld in a hurry. This feature allows a perfectly smooth and detailed video; Compare to any other camera, the Vmate gimbal has a 400° mechanical pan in case a wider follow is needed.

4k Smart Camera with 90°Rotating Lens

Snoppa Vmate provides an elite 4k action camera having a 1/2.3inch image-sensor, 81° FOV, F2.0 aperture, and snaps photographs in staggering details.

It can record a slow-motion video up to 4K in 60fps and 1080P in 240fps. It can also capture photographs in 12-MP resolution. And the 90° rotating lens uphold you to take pictures in landscape and portrait orientation.

Built-in Microphone and External microphone Support

Vmate has a double mike system, giving dual audio recording modes. The two modes are noise reduction and stereo sound. Also, Vmate additionally has Bluetooth support which to which any Bluetooth mike can be connected while recording video. Whether you are wearing Apple Air-pods or TWS ear-buds, this camera will make you a video perfectly as it goes and makes the voice recording process much simple and better.

Wi-Fi Connection

Vmate has a built-in Wi-Fi module, which lets you connect to your camera through your phone. If you pair with the Snoppa’s dedicated camera application, the cellphone can distantly show a preview of the images and videos and some advanced hidden features. Also, it allows you to transfer the files to your phone whenever you want.

best action camera with longest battery life

Action Cameras Which Can Charge and Record

For the sake of argument let’s forget about the long battery life. What do you think about those action cameras that can both record and charge at the same time? In this way you can record as long as you want doesn’t matter if the battery is charged or not and you can keep recording till your heart contents. That’s how you will be able to record more than even any of the cameras with the use of a power-bank.

Also if you wish to record a time-lapse video that is going to last for hours then it possible only if is connected to external power. You should check this feature of the camera you are going to buy that whether it works while charging or not.


We suggest our customers use a power-bank in case of recording a time-lapse video or if going on a trip which is going to last for days or if recording for more than an hour. We also suggest removing the battery in case of charging via power-bank. This will keep the camera safe from overheating and will consume only the force from the power bank connected to it.

Also if you are traveling somewhere you need to take the power bank with you in case of need charge for your recording or you can find a best action camera with longest battery life it you don’t want to worry about battery problem.

Also, you must remember to take an extra battery with you because nobody knows how long the power bank will last.

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