Best Ant Killer for Outdoors in 2021

best ant killer for outdoors

Do you want to sit peacefully on your yard but are disturbed by ants crawling around the whole yard? Then you don’t know the importance of ant killers sprays. These ants can be a headache and thus it is best to get your hands on the best ant killer for outdoors so that you can spend a peaceful time in your backyard and relax yourselves.

Best Ant Killer For Outdoors

S. NoAnt Killer NameAnt Killer Type
1Ortho Fire Ant KillerPowder
2AMDRO Ant-BlockPowder
3Bayer Advanced Ant KillerPowder
4TERRO T1812 Outdoor Ant KillerSpray
5Cutter Backyard Bug ControlSpray
6Advanced 502832 Fire Ant KillerPowder
7AMDRO 100099072 Fire Ant BaitPowder
8Combat Max Ant KillerGel
9Eco Defense Organic Pest ControlSpray
10TERRO 2 OZ Ant KillerSpray

Ants are common insects that are found in almost all houses and everyone has to deal with these ants every day and it is quite heartbreaking to look around your home someday and realize that your lawn, kitchen, room, or any place of your home have been attacked by these sneaky creatures.

For this reason, most of the people search to find to most appropriate ant killer but you must find the best ant killers to put an end to such attacks. Most people find it hard to find the best ant killer due to the numerous ant-killers available in the market and the internet today.

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How To Prevent Ant Attacks Generally

  • Make sure that foods are stored in airtight or cold containers
  • Recyclable materials should be rinsed before putting them cupboards
  • The kitchen and other places should be free from surgery things and should be wiped clean after use
  • Water and vinegar can be used to remove ant trails
  • Ant trails can also be removed by using cayenne pepper and lemon water solution

Best Ant Killer for outdoors

We are here to review the best ant killer for outdoors and yards. There are many factors which are needed to be kept in mind when one wants to buy an ant killer. We have chosen some of the ant killers who passed our test.

1. Ortho Fire Ant Killer – Editors’ Top Pick

The fire ants are the sneakiest ones. If you are facing the fire ants then we have the best ant killer for you. It’s very good at destroying ant mounds and in killing the ant queen. Thus you don’t need to worry about more ant problems and ant an increasing number.

The procedure to use this outdoor ant killer is very simple. All you need to do is sprinkle its powder on the soil. It doesn’t require water. You can get your required results in very little time. This product is capable of killing 162 mounds of fire ants and helps you get rid of these sneaky ants form your yard. This ant killer uses an ingredient known as “Acephate” which will amaze in the way it cleans your home from these ants.

The best part of using this ant killer is that it is odorless and kills the ants in no time. Thus you can relax in your yard and enjoy yourself. That’s why we term it as the best ant killer for outdoors.


  • Starts magic in just 15 minutes
  • Prevents new mound-forming of ants
  • Can be used on flowers and trees too


  • The right time is required to apply it
  • You can’t apply it before or after rain
  • It is not as effective if used without mixing with any other product

2. AMDRO Ant-Block Home Perimeter Ant Killer


If you are facing the issue of different types of ants, then this one is the right ant killer for you because it can kill different types of ants. If you sprinkled its particles in your home, then you are relaxed for round about three months as your backyard will be free of ants for the given time.

This ant killer uses an active ingredient known as “Hydramethyonon”. A single 12-ounce bottle of this act killer can cover up to 540 ft of your yard and make it ant free for 3 months 

It is made up of such ingredients that it acts as bait for the ants. Ants consider it as something for them to eat and they will feed on it and are attracted to it. Moreover, they carry it to the holes to more ants, and thus the entire family is wiped out. If you want a product that can kill every type of ant, then I guess, you are going to love this one.


  • It can kill ants even before they can enter the house
  • Can kill about 25 species of ants, including red ants and harvester ants
  • A single bottle is enough for 540ft.
  • Works even without discovering the ant mound as attractants from anywhere


  • Particles might stick to each other, making it difficult to apply
  • Some ants aren’t attracted to the granules of this item

3. Bayer Advanced Complete Ant Killer


In certain yards just like mine, there are not only different types of ants but also a lot of different kinds of other insects which make us angry. You should look for this product if you are looking for an insect killer.

This product can kill about 30 different kinds of insects and make your yard insect-free. According to research, it is one of the best items to make your yard and home ant-free. This product works amazingly. You can see its magic in just 24 hours. It is best to kill insects on the grass and also those which are under the soil.

The active ingredients which Bayer Advanced Complete Ant Killer uses are “imidacloprid and cyfluthrin”. You should know that this insect controller can control the insects for about three months on your yard. It will assure you to keep your yard ant and insect free for the given time and will work magically.


  • It can kill different types of insects
  • Works well even in the rain
  • Can kill ants below the soil
  • Application of this ant killer can help keep your yard ant-free for 3 months
  • The shaker helps to apply the powder just where you want it


  • Watering is needed after application to attract ants
  • Might require more than once application

4. TERRO T1812 Outdoor Liquid Ant-Killer Bait Stakes


If you want to use a more convenient way to kill ants and other insects in your yard, then you should give a thought to this ant killer. It makes the use of killer sticks which makes it very easy to use and get rid of ants very quickly.

One packet is enough for your home as it comes with eight sticks. This product is extremely easy to use and when it comes to killing insects, it works in the most efficient way.

This ant killer is capable to kill every kind of insect even those which are too small to see and even bigger insects such as wasps. Also, its use is very simple. All you need is to put the stakes and it will kill the entire mound of ants as well as other insects in the grass. It makes the ants desperate to leave the holes first and kills them in an open area outside your house.


  • Eight sticks can help you cover a lot of area of your home and yard
  • The sticks are transparent, so you can see the amount of bait that is left
  • Can give effective results in about than two weeks


  • A little difficult to use as you might squash the liquid
  • Does not work as efficient for all kinds of ants especially big head ants

5. Cutter Backyard Bug Control Spray Concentrate, 32-Ounce


This ant killer is also regarded as one of the best ant killers for a yard. It is easy to use as it is in spray form and completes its duty very quickly.

One packet of this pest control spray covers up to 5k sq. ft. Using the spray once is enough for an entire season. As there are no insects or very little in winter, you would need pest control in summer only. If you use this spray once in summer, it will be enough for the entire season.

It requires no proper knowledge. It’s easy to use. Just open the packet and add it to water and stir it so it mixes and spray it on the plants and grass. You are going to love this item when you know how it works.


  • Best for every kind of insects
  • This ant killer can allow you to keep your yard ant-free for weeks
  • Also applicable in rain
  • Very easy to use


  • It might not work as described in isolation
  • May be required more than once

6. Advanced 502832 Fire Ant Killer Dust


This product is regarded as the best ant killer via many surveys and is very easy to use. One packet of this item is capable of destroying about 130 mounds of ants in your yard. It is economical and super-efficient and takes no time in destroying ant-mounds.  It can also be used to make flowers and trees insect-free.

Another best reason for using this ant killer than it is odor-free and does not have any smell. As you pour the dust of this ant killer in your yard, its magic starts and kills the ants in no time.

It is really easy to use as it is in powder form. All you need is to sprinkle the powder in places where ants are in mounds and see its magic. It will take 3 days to wipe out the colonies.


  • Targets queen ant so that chances of reappearance are low
  • It works very quickly and wipes out the entire colony in just 3 days
  • The shaker top of the bottle allows you to sprinkle the powder exactly where required
  • It is super economical and easy to use


  • More than once the application of this product might be required

7. Amdro 100099072 Granules Fire Ant Bait


The particles of this ant killer are really good in their job of wiping out an entire colony of ants in 10-14 days. If you want to solve the issue of ants permanently then the right product is here.

This item is capable of killing all types of ants and not only yard but it can be used everywhere. This ant killer specifically targets the queen ant. That’s why it wipes out the entire mound permanently.

The procedure to use this product is simple. All you need is to take 5 tablespoons of this powder and sprinkle it over the place where it is needed i.e. around the mound. Even those big head ants which can resist other ant killers can be killed by this item easily and make your garden ants-free in a few days.


  • Even big head ants can be killed easily by using this product
  • Capable to kill the entire colonies
  • Doesn’t require to be mixed with water or anything


Can be required to use more than once

8. Combat Max, Ant Killing Gel, 27 Grams

If you want to find an ant killing gel that guarantees to wipe out the whole ant colony then Combat Max is the product for you. You can put an end to the attacks of ants around your home and most importantly in your yard.

If you use this ant killer gel you are definitely going to like it as it is quite effective. It contains a substantial amount of water which results in quick feeding of ants and starts being effective within just an hour of usage and it can control the ant attacks permanently in just 3-5 days.

This ant gel comes with a syringe top making it very simple to use. You just need to spray it where it is needed. Apart from being easy to use it is also safe for use as it is harmless for humans, so you don’t have to worry about children if they touch it.


  1. Ensures getting rid of ants for up to three weeks
  2. Easy to open and Easy to use


  1. Not as much effective as described by the company
  2. Change in the formula of the company made it less effective

9. Eco Defense Organic Home Pest Control Spray, 16oz


The ECO Company brought a product for the competition. This pest control spray contains natural ingredients and works in an amazing way to get rid of ants, fleas, wasps, scorpions, and other insects.

The ECO defense pest spray is different from other low-quality pest sprays as it doesn’t contain any toxic material and it safe to use anywhere in the home even around family. Also, another best feature is that it doesn’t have any odor.

Unlike other pest killer sprays, this one is a long-lasting spray and remains for a long time to keep ants and other insects away. If you are using it around your home then you don’t have to worry about your pets and family because it is harmless for humans and pets. It is a killer just for insects. As soon as you apply it to your home, it wipes out the entire colonies of every type of ants and other insects.


  1. Keeps ants away
  2. Fast working
  3. Harmless around kids and pet


  1. Doesn’t keep ants away for a longer period

10. TERRO 2 oz Liquid Ant Killer ll T200


The TERRO 2 OZ liquid Ant-Killer is a top-rated and effective product. It is very powerful in its action and targets the ant queen, thus wipes out the entire mounds.

Using this ant killer is a reliable and easiest way of getting rid of and other small insects around your yard. It starts the action in just a quick and in just a few hours your house will be ant-free. It’s very easy to use as it is in liquid gel form. You need to apply it in the form of drops around the mound of ants.

As it is easy to use, it is also easy to be transported by ants as it is in liquid gel form and only a few drops of it are enough to attract ants. Soon after attraction, the ants and other small crawling insects carry it to their holes and are thus eliminated. By using this product the entire small insect family will permanently disappear from your home is only 2-3 days.


  1. Very effective in its job
  2. Assure that ants are gone in about 2-3 days


  1. Takes a little time to start working
best ant killer for outdoors

Exclusive Buying Guide for the Best Ant Killer

Some of the factors which should be kept in mind before buying a product as given below:

Environment Friendly

We have to find an ant killer for yard which is environment friendly and does not contain any element which is harmful for environment and atmosphere.

Harmless for Humans and Pets

Before buying a product we should first confirm that whether it has a side effect on babies or pets or not. Almost every home is having baby or pets. We should make sure that the product we are buying is harmless for pets or babies because they have no knowledge or whether they have to touch it or not.


The reason for writing this review is to help you in finding the best ant killer for outdoors. Finally, you put a full stop to the ant attacks on your yard and any other part of your home. We hope that after going through this review, you can find a product for you or you can get an idea form the list to find the best ant killer for your home and yard.

Rest assured, these products are very effective in stopping the ant attacks as compared to others and are harmless for home use so you don’t have to worry about children and pets. Go through the list above and buy a product of your own choice.

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