10 Best Cameras That Print Out Photos

cameras that print out photos

These Cameras that print out photos are also called Instant-Print Cameras. It’s official. Analog has returned. Instant-print cameras are making a comeback, and for travelers, they provide a way that is new-old capture precious travel memories. With instant-print cameras, there are not any hashtags and no uploading involved.

Instead, they offer an immediate keepsake that is physical. As a photographer, I’ve been traveling having a camera that is instant for quite a while and has discovered that the instant prints also make great gifts for new friends I meet on my travels.

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The instant-Print Cameras are most useful Travel Cameras

Now that instant-print cameras have been back for the while, there are a complete lot of alternatives on the market, but they’re not one-size-fits-all. Here are the instant-print cameras that are best perfect for each sort of traveler, from the professional photographer to the point-and-shoot amateur.

Best Cameras That Print out Photos

1- Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is one of the most immediate that is popular and also the one you’ve most likely seen before. The adorable design that is bubble-like pastel color choices, and endless accessory options make this a great instant-print camera gift for kids. 

This camera is very easy for novice photographers; however, its settings are limited and you’re unable to turn off flash. Additionally, it takes two AA batteries.

Price: $60 on Amazon



Fujifilm Instant Film “INSTAX Mini”


2-components, 2-elements, f = 60-mm

Picture size

46 x 62 mm


Real image finder, 0.37x, with target spot


0.6m – ∞


Shutter speed: 1/60 sec

Exposure Control

Manual switching system

LED indicator in exposure meter

Film Feeding out



Constant firing flash (automatic light adjustment)
Recycle time: 0.2 sec. to 6 sec if using new batteries. With old one’s effective flash ranges from 0.6m – 2.7 m

Auto power off time

5 min.

Power Supply

Two AA 1.5V alkaline batteries

Capacity: 100 shots.
(About 10 INSTAX Mini-film packs with new batteries)


Exposure counter, film pack confirmation window

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions: 118mm x 116.3mm x 68.2mm

Weight: 307g without batteries, strap and film pack

2- Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

Get more innovative with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90, which can help bring your instant photography to the level that is next. Because of the Mini 90, you are able to experiment with dual exposures and exposures that are long and have now the choice to disable the flash. In addition, includes a self-timer and a retro that is great, so you can shoot in style. Unlike the Instax Mini 9, the Mini 90 includes a battery that is rechargeable.

Price: $120 on Amazon



Fujifilm Instant-Color Film, separately available “INSTAX Mini”

Film size

86mm x 54mm (3.39”x2.13”)

Picture size

62mm x 46mm (2.44”x1.81”)


Moving in/out lens, 2-components, 2-elements, f=60mm, F=12.7


Target spot and parallax adjustment for macro mode real image finder, 0.37x, with


Driven by motor, a 3-territory exchanging, 0.3m – ∞ (large scale mode: 0.3m – 0.6m, ordinary mode: 0.6m – 3.0m, scene mode: 3.0m – ∞)

Shutter release

Programmed electronic shutter release, 1.8 – 1/400 sec. shutter speeds (large scale mode: gap consequently fixed at F22, bulb mode: most extreme 10-second shade open time)

Exposure control

Comes with an automatic, LV5.0 – 15.5 (ISO800),

Lighten-darken control ±2/3EV, +1EV

Film feeding out



Programmed electronic glimmer (with brilliance change work), constrained terminating mode (with splendor change work), streak off mode, red eye decrease mode

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Exposure counter (number of unexposed films), Macro mode, Brightness control, Self clock, Flash ON/OFF, Mode button(Party/Kids/Landscape/Double openness/Bulb)

Power supply

NP-45A lithium-particle battery. Charge limit: 10 film packs (in light of our test conditions)

Battery Life

Approximately 10 packs of film. (100 images)

Accompanying items
  1. Shoulder strap, Warranty card,
  2. Instruction book,
  3. NP-45 Li-Ion battery, BC-45C
Dimensions & Weight

113.4 x 91.9 x 57.2 mm, 294g (4.46″ x 3.62″ x 2.25″, 0.65 lbs) (barring the battery, lash and film)

3- Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

If you long for the days when photos didn’t have to be vertical or square, the Fujifilm InstaxWide 300 is the camera that is appropriate you. More comparable to Mini 9, the Instax Wide does not have since features that are many options since the Mini 90. Nonetheless, if you’re interested in shooting landscapes or capturing a large group of people, this will be a camera that is fantastic choose.

Cost: $88 on Amazon


Instant Film

Fujifilm Instant Color Film “INSTAX WIDE”

Film size

86 x 108mm

Picture size

62 x 99mm


Retractable lens, 2-components, f = 95 mm, 1:14


Real picture-finder which is 0.37 x, with target spot


Motor-driven 2-range switching

Auto-electronic screen discharge, 1/64 sec – 1/200 sec.

Exposure control

Programmed, Interlocking reach (ISO 800) : LV 10.5 – LV 15 Exposure remuneration (Lighten-Darken Control) : ± 2/3EV

Film Feeding Out



Inherent, programmed electronic glimmer, Charging time: 0.2 sec – 6 sec (utilizing another battery), Flash charging pointer (LED lights in red), Fill-in Flash Mode, Effective blaze light reach: 0.9m

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)


Lighten-Darken control, Fill-in Flash Mode

Power Supply

Four size AA 1.5 V antacid batteries (LR6), Capacity : 10 film packs (Based on our test conditions)


With film pack affirmation window, close up focal point, and mount attachment included

Dimensions & Weight

167.8mm x 94.7mm x 120.9mm (excluding distensions)/612g (without battery, lash, film pack, and close up focal point)

4- Polaroid Originals OneStep 2

If you’d like to stay true to the throwback, consider the Polaroid Originals OneStep 2, which is answer that is polaroid’s the 2nd wave of instant-print photography.

A self-timer, this is a good option if you’re trying to capture the clearest image possible with a high-quality lens delivering great images and. Observe that it’s somewhat larger and more cumbersome than a number of the other cameras. Self-timer function is ideal for selfies and group portraits.

Price: $100 on Amazon


Instant Films

Acknowledges I-Type and 600 moment movies to create 3.5 x 4.2″ prints with a 3.1 x 3.1″ picture territory.


A fixed 106mm focal point is built from optical evaluation, covered polycarbonate, and acrylic and has a fixed-center plan for working with subjects as close as 2′ away.

Optical Viewfinder

The refreshed and updated broadened optical viewfinder gives a more clear, more exact methods for outlining your pictures.

Built-in Flash

An underlying blaze is accessible for working in low-light conditions.


Built-in 1100mAh lithium-particle battery can keep going for as long as 60 days for every charge and is accused through the camera of the included USB link.

5- Polaroid Snap

The Polaroid Snap is really a great option if you’re dedicated to Polaroid, yet not to the bulkiness associated with One-step digital camera. What makes this camera unique could be the Micro SD slot, which automatically saves every picture you just take in order to have content that is digital.

This really is perfect for the professional photographer who loves the thought of instant-print cameras but sleeps better everything that is knowing up. This camera also has the advantage of using photo that is ZINK, which means there is absolutely no ink or movie cartridges involved.

Cost: $90 on Amazon



3.5″ LCD touchscreen viewfinder


Bluetooth connectivity


Photobooth mode

Burst mode

USB and SSD Support

Micro USB port

MicroSD card slot


Microphone & speaker

Extra Features

Filters, borders, and digital stickers

Self-timer & built-in selfie mirror

ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology

Use ZINK photo paper with an advanced composite material embedded with cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystal and with a protective polymer overcoat

The colorless dye crystals are heated to activate and color the image for full-color images. Prints are smudge-proof and long lasting

Adhesive backing enhances your creative options. Prints a 2 x 3″ photo in 35 seconds. Holds up to 10 sheets of paper

6- Kodak Printomatic

The Kodak Printomatic is an excellent starter instant-print camera, and it isn’t as expensive as some of the others for the casual professional photographer.

As in addition utilizes ZINK photo paper and you will save your valuable photos by taking benefit of the Micro SD slot, its ultra-thin size helps it be very easy to continue hand during your travels although it is comparable in usability and image quality to your Polaroid Snap.

Price: $70 on Amazon


Image Sensor

5MP image sensor

Print Size

Prints automatically when image is captured

Vibrant 2″ x 3″ photo prints are durable, water resistant, and adhesive backed


Yes! Built-in flash


Yes! Optical viewfinder

Card slot

External memory: Yes!  MicroSD™ available up to 32GB

Lens and aperture

Lens: wide-angle 8mm

Aperture: f/2


Printer, low paper, low battery, low SD card storage


Battery: built-in rechargeable lithium ion

7- Fujifilm Instax Square Hybrid

The Fujifilm Instax Square Hybrid is the answer in the event that you like your Fujifilm instant-print camera but would also like an electronic digital content.

Not merely does this square-photo printing camera come with a screen (it helps you to save any image you take onto an SD card and you can control which image to print, which is what actually makes it the best immediate camera for perfectionists which means you is able to see exactly just what you’re shooting. You can additionally print filters and vignettes to your photos without changing the image spared to your memory.

Price: $245 on Amazon


Image sensor

1/5-in., CMOS with primary color filter

Effective pixels

1920 x 1920

Storage media

Built-in memory, microSD/microSDHC memory card

Recording capacity 
(still picture)

Built-in memory:Approx. 50 files (still picture), Approx. 30 seconds (movie) microSD/microSDHC memory card:Approx. 1000 files per 1 gigabyte

Recording capacity 

microSD/microSDHC memory card: Approx. 3 minutes (total) per 1 gigabyte

File system

Still picture: Compliant with DCF System, Exif-Ver.2.3, Compliant with PIM and JPEG.

Film: 800 x 800 x 15 fps, H.264 (No solid can be recorded.)

Focal length

Fixed as 33.4 mm (35-mm format equivalent)



Auto focus system

Single AF (Contrast-identify TTL, outfitted with AF illuminator)

Continuous AF (Only for movie shooting)

Focus range

10cm/3.9 in. to ∞

Shutter speed

1/7500 sec. to 1/2 sec. (Auto), maximum 10 sec. in Bulb mode


ISO 100 to 1600 (Auto)

Exposure control

Programmed AE

Exposure compensation

-2.0 EV to +2.0 EV in increments of 1/3 EV


256-fragment through the perspective (TTL) metering, Multi metering

White balance



Auto / Compulsory flash / Suppressed flash
Effective range: Approx. 50 cm to 2 m/1.6 ft. to 6.6 ft.

Shooting mode

Standard, Double openness, Bulb mode, Split, Collage, Time Shift Collage


Approx. 10 sec./Approx. 2 sec.

Image effect

21 Filters (18 for still picture, 3 for film shooting in particular), Brightness change, Vignette

Playback function

Trimming, Multi image playback


FUJIFILM Instant Film “INSTAX SQUARE” (Purchased separately)

Photo capacity

10 prints/pack

Film size

86 mm x 72 mm/3.4 in. x 2.8 in.

Image size

62 mm x 62 mm/2.4 in. x 2.4 in.

Supported image size

800 x 800 dots

Printing solution

12.5 dabs/mm (318 dpi, 80μm speck pitch)

Printing levels

256 levels per color (RGB)

Supported image format

JPEG (Some pictures saved with a photograph altering/preparing programming may not be shown or printed.) JPEG documents caught from a film record can be printed.

Printing time

Approx. 12 seconds

Print timing

Printing shortly after shooting/Printing after selecting image

Printing function

Images on built-in memory/micro SD card


Printable up to the past 50 prints
(Approximately up to 50 images can be stored in print history)

Digital zoom

Up to 4 X in shooting/printing

LCD monitor

2.7-in. (6.9 cm) TFT color LCD monitor, 
Pixels: Approx. 230k-dots

External interface

Micro USB Micro-B (For charging/file copying)

Power supply

Li-ion battery (Built-in, Cannot be removed.)

Charging function


Printing capacity

Approx. 100 prints (From when the battery is charged completely)

* Varies relying upon the states of utilization.

Charging time

Approximately 2-3 hours charging time (when using 0.5 A USB port)

* Varies depending on air temperature.


119 x 50 x 127 dimensions in mm and 4.7 in. x 2 in. x 5 in. (W x D x H)


390 g/13.8 oz. (excluding film pack and memory card)
440 g/15.5 oz. (including film pack and memory card)

Operating environment

Temperature: 5 °C to 40 °C or 41 °F to 104 °F

Humidity: 20% to 80% (no condensation)

8- Leica Sofort

The Leica Sofort, has taken instant photography to your next level within the photography world, Leica has a reputation for making high-quality cameras that take clear and beautiful images; therefore it’s no surprise that its instant-print camera.

With this camera that is moment print you’ll have more control to change openness settings—yet what truly separates this one is its manual center framework.

This will assist you to be more selective with your focus, so you can play with depth of field, making the Sofort best suited for more photographers that are skilled are comfortable shooting manually.

Price: $275 on Amazon


Camera type Instant camera

Picture format 62 x 46 mm

Film type Leica moment film pack: 10 shots, shading or monochrome, Instax-smaller than normal configuration, speed ISO 800


Focal length and Aperture are 60 mm f/12.7 respectively

Centering Area 3 Focus Steps: 0,3 – 0,6 m (Macro)/0,6 – 3 m (short proximity)/3 m – endlessness (far range)

Shutter Speed 1/8 – 1/400 sec. (mechanical shutter)

Viewfinder Optical genuine picture viewfinder 0,37x with target spot and parallax pay for full-scale mode

Mode Dial/Mode Button Automatic, Selfie, People and Party, Action and Sport, Bulb, Macro, Self-clock, Double openness

Exposure control

Exposure mode Time automatic

Exposure compensation -0,7 EV/0,0 EV/+0,7 EV

Light metering Automatic openness control LV 5.0 – LV 15.5 (ISO 800)

ISO Sensitivity ISO 800

Self-timer 2 Sec. / 10 Sec. waiting period

Flash Built-in electronic flash

Auto, Forced on, Forced off, Forced on with red-eye decrease

Operating conditions
  • Temperature working range 5 – 40°C
  • Battery Lithium-ion battery (supplied)
  • Voltage/capacity 3.7V, 740mAh, 2.6 W
  • Battery life:  Approximately 100 pictures can be taken at 20°
  • Dimensions 124 x 94 x 58 mm
  • Weight 305 g without batteries

The extent of conveyance Camera, battery BP-DC17, charger BC-DC17 with connector plug (shifts from one country to another), conveying tie, brief directions.

9- Impossible Project I-1

In some sort of where just about every device out there has a means to connect to your phone, needless to say there’s an camera that is instant-print can achieve this too. 

The Impossible Project I-1 is for severe pros, blending analog printing with electronic perfecting, offering you total control over the image.  It features a sophisticated ring of lights across the lens for a more flash that is flattering won’t blow out your subject. Producer also shows buying its Frog that is“ Tongue accessory to maximize image quality.

Cost: $160 on Amazon



Accepts 600-Type & I-Type Instant Film


82-109mm f/10-67 Lens


5-Zone Autofocus System


Removable Pop-Up Optical Viewfinder


Advanced Ring Flash with 12 LEDs

Physical Lighten/Darken & Flash Controls


Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 Connectivity


iOS & watchOS Apps for Manual Control


Built-In USB-Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

10- Lomography Lomo ‘Instant San Remo

The Lomo ’Instant San Remo is a fun camera that is instant-print any creative professional photographer who is thinking about taking double and long exposures. It features a aperture that is large which allows for better visibility and higher-quality images. It also includes three lens attachments: seafood eye, portrait, and macro. This is a option that is excellent the traveler who wants to bring imagination to their travel photographs.

Price: $135 on Amazon



Lomography – Lomography



Shutter Speeds

1/125s / Bulb



Flash Guide Number



Direct optical viewfinder


4 x AAA Battery




Automatic f8 , f11 , f16 , f22 , f32 aperture


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