10 Best Cat Trees For Small Apartment

Okay! So you are a cat lover like me and having a little kitten as a pet and you want her to be happy with you then you need to provide her a home and should look for a small sized cat tree for your apartment.

There are different kinds of cat trees depending upon the need. We will here review a few of the best cat trees for small apartment for you to buy.

best cat trees for small apartment

Shape and Design

It depends upon where you want to keep the cat tree, i.e. on the wall or in a corner of the room or somewhere else. You have to find a product for you which would fit in the place where you want to fix it.


The quality of the material of that cat tree is very important. If you have a low-quality and less stable cat tree and you are having a big cat then maybe your cat tree topples over her as it won’t be enough weight for taking her up.

Cat Tree Nature

You should consider the nature of the cat tree you are buying. The best of them are generally made up of wood and are probably stronger to support big cats. Also if you have a small kitten then a smaller cat tree will be better for your room to save space.

Size of the Cat Tree

Clearly, you need to be cautious about the size of your room and the cat tree you are buying. If you live in a condo having small rooms than you definitely need a skinny cat tree you can be placed anywhere and would not gather much space.

You need a cat tree for your condo that should save some space for you in the room but still keep your cat satisfied.

Scratching Posts

As we mentioned above that a cat tree needs to fulfill the basic needs of a cat. As scratching is the basic need of a cat, so every cat tree should have a scratching post.

Also, it will prevent the cat from scratching furniture and other stuff and you won’t need to spend a huge sum of money on repairing the furniture.

best cat trees for small apartment

Best Cat Trees for Small Apartment

If you are living in a small apartment or a condo than you need a compact cat tree fulfilling the basic needs of the cat. It should have a scratching post and skinny in size.

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree – Overall Best


If you want to give your cat a perfectly comfortable home and a spot to chill and play, then you definitely need to think about the Go Pet Club 62-in. cat tree. It is just the best cat tree for a small apartment. According to our survey, this is the overall one of best cat trees for small apartment.

The cat is protected by sisal rope which your cat from scratching your furniture. This tree is having a scratching post for your cat buddy to play with and a stepping stool that can help your baby cat to go up or down.

An unprecedented strategy to propel work out, your feline buddy will have a ton of ways to deal with stay dynamic; notwithstanding your beloved cat will have a protected spot to hang out or to simply loosen up.

Structure and Design

This cat tree is having a size of 38 inches in height and 27-in in width. Great and strong, this cat tree is created by the use of significantly solid stuffed wood, wrapped with magnificent wrapping to provide your cats with warmth and luxury.

Many scratching posts are made sure about by ordinary sisal scratching ropes which are ideal for your cats to scratch, climb, play, and get dynamic. Easy to gather with included contraptions and bearings.

Your cat needs her own personal space to rest and play. They can rest or wreck about as much as they need; this cat tree disregards your cat progressively unique. The Go Pet Club cat tree is strong enough for a ceaseless pleasure for your cat.


38-inches height & 27-inches width


  • Scratching posts are there
  • Best small cat tree for small rooms
  • This tree includes 1 hanging rope, a stepping stool, and a crate
  • Various levels and roosts for additional
  • A diversion for your kitty


  • Smaller for bigger cats
  • A bit too expensive
  • May break if a cat is huge and heavy
best cat trees for small apartment



This is a nicely cushioned and designed large cat bed with raised sides for your kittens to sit on and look out the window or balcony. It has sisal scratching posts to prevent your cats from clawing up your furniture. It also has an interactive jingling ball for kitty to play with.

Its shape is attractive and would look awesome in a room. It gives a premium look rather than a zoo type look. It comes with all the necessary tools. This Bewishhome is the second best cat tree for small apartment according to our research.

Structure And Design

It has a super solid structure, a well-balanced design, and a strong base. Cats can easily and safely jump into or out of this cat tree without affecting it.

The cat tree is made of good quality material, which is very soft and comfortable. Your cats are going to love its smooth touch and enjoy exploring and sniffing around its new home tree.


15.75-inch L x 15.75-inch D x 23.23-inch H which is perfect for large kitties/adult cats

Pet-Fusion 45-inch “Ultimate Cat Window-Climbing Perch”


This Climbing cat tree is a Unique combined to make a beautiful and space-saving Cat Climbing Perch. The highlights of a WINDOW PERCH are the incitement of a climbing post in a moderate, shrewd way. There are three heavy suction cups included enhancing its strength and a 42inch scratching post with a base for included help.

Unlike other cat trees which are liable to collapsing or hard for a cat to get on, this cat climbing tree is strong and easy to climb

Shape and Design

For the cats that love to scratch, climb, lounge, and view the outside the window, this home is the best. It combines your cat’s natural climbing and scratching nature with the quite environmental enhancement which they need.

The pet cats still have their ancestors’ qualities even though it has been centuries that they have been domesticated. The qualities are untamed heightened senses and the nature of hunting.

The company provided extra style & stimulation to the design. The open left platform provides a stimulating alternative to reaching the root.


21 x 21 x 45 inches



We all want a cat home which not only looks good but it also saves space. Well here is one which is perfect for every job as it comes with all features a cat tree needs

This beautiful cat tree is a very nice choice for you if you are a cat owner. You can give your kitties 185cm of vertical space to enjoy and also it will look beautiful with your room.

Structure and Design

It consists of 4 perches out of which 2 are inwards. If your cat sometimes feels bored or if she is in the mood then sheds like crazy. Then you can remove the cushions for some time or a wash. Plus, this is enough for more than one cat tree and multiple cat trees can be satisfied even in a small room.


Height: 185 cm. 40 x 30 cm. Bed: diameter 45 x 8 cm. Lie down area: 45 cm

Hammock: 45 x 30 cm

Middle bed area: 70 x 40 cm

Scratching Post: 10 cm

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This particular cat tree from Big Nose Company permits you to assemble an entire amusement complex for your baby cat. So truly, you get the chance to make extraordinary cat trees for little spaces that suit your necessities perfectly. You can fix it on the wall without wasting any space on the floor.

You can get two cat towers in a box and then combine them for a floor to ceiling cat tree design with 6 places for cats to sit in. It is a strong and stiff construction, cat hide-out is quick to assemble and the cover removable to be washed

Structure and Design

It is made up of wood which makes it even stronger for more than one big cat. There are six places for a cat to sit. The planks and the hammock of this cat tower can be rotated so you can adjust their position on your own choice.

An interesting fact is that the jute rope was chosen for the scratching post instead of sisal. It makes sure that even cats that have freshly grown nails could also climb it.

It takes about 1ft. space when fixed to a wall making it ideal for small condos. Because of its small size, you can set it up even in a small store if you don’t want cats to stay in your room


The height of this Cathouse is about 31.78” which makes it perfect for small rooms.

PawHut 108″ Floor-to-Ceiling Adjustable Staggered Climbing Cat Tree Tower


The Paw Hut cat tree is literally a lifesaver for small condos having many cats with no free floor-space.  4 movable poles make this climbing tower which can be placed anywhere,

Generally, if someone is stuck in this situation, he would attach the cat tree to the wall or maybe the ceiling. But this cat tower is super strong and is a staggering climbing tree for cats that can withstand kitten’s jumps and enjoyment.

Structure and Design

This cat tower comes with two spring-loaded tension hooks. This towering tree can be attached to the wall with the help of these 2 tension brackets without the use of a drill machine. It is regarded as one of the Best cat trees for small apartments and condos.

It has a solid metal tubing structure, 3 roosts (can hold up to 11 lbs), and a lounger. You can move the roosts around and change them to your kitty’s enjoying. So even in growing age, your feline will have the option to climb it on the off chance that you set up the roosts sufficiently enough.

Spring-loaded brackets help in moving it easily across the room. The soft plush-covered rods help cats to satisfy their scratching needs and to relax.


30.25″W x 12″D x 89″ ~ 114.75″H



This big cat tower home gives sufficient space such that 2-3 medium/big cats can stay on it without “a space battle”. The feline action place is outfitted with 1 cat apartment suite, 2 padded survey stages, 3 climbing stages, 1 jingling ball, 1 feathery lounger, 12 characteristic sisals covering scratching posts.

It offers solace and unwinding for your kitty to sit on and glance out the window; they can bounce all over, play with toys, or investigate around in their cast.

Try not to stress over the gathering of our cat apartment suite! It accompanies a bit by bit guidance manual, vital equipment, and instruments to help. On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning our cat tower, it would be ideal if you don’t hesitate to reach us!

Structure and Design

It very well may be the most favorite spot for your cat to review their realm from the stature. Furthermore, our feline tree is built of eco-accommodating E1-agreeable molecule board, normal sisal, and skin-accommodating delicate extravagant texture covering. It furnishes both your pets and you with a solid and safe living condition.

Our feline tree tower includes a major baseboard to abstain from wobbling or spilling. Powerful supporting posts estimated at 7.8cm/3” in breadth guarantee better strength. It likewise accompanies a divider stay tie to join the feline tree to the divider for additional solidness.

The two extend out stages can be turned and set to any course as indicated by the position of the feline tree. Other than that, these two stages can be deftly acclimated to their sequential situations to meet your different needs.


57.5 inch Height

23.8 x 19.9 x 57.5 inches Dimensions



Petsafe is a top American company that designs one of the most beautiful and reliable pet furniture. These top-notch PetSafe pet step trees are gladly made for cat lovers.

There are steps in this cat home for the convenience of your feline friend. She will use the steps to climb up on her sofa or bed all by herself to improve quality time together.

It is super solid furniture which can take up to 150 pounds of weight. These are made from wood and covered with a beautiful cover which greatly enhances the beauty of the room.

Shape and Design

Nonskid feet, texture-track covers, and side-rails shield your kitty from falling and from sliding when using it to jump on and off of furniture.

Another best thing about this cat home is that it is foldable and can easily be stored under the bed if not needed. This Petsafe cat tree is available in two colors which are tan and grey.


24 x 16 x 20 inches in L x W x H



Finally, a hanging cat tree is in the market which can be hanged literally from any door. It is a five-story cat house consisting of 7 peep-holes for kitties to view the area around.

Each of the 5 levels can hold up to 20 pounds weighted cat which makes it even suitable for bigger cats. If you are living in a condo then, this cat tree seems to be the best of option for you as it doesn’t acquire any floor space and can be folded for storing or traveling.

Structure and Design

The K&H has assured the use of high-quality materials for this cat tree. According to the brand this cat tree is made of 600 Denier waterproof fabrics which assure strength and beauty

Also, it is foldable. This feature makes it more amazing since you can fold it and keep it under your bed or sofa or in a store or you can fold it and put in in the trunk if you want to travel.


It’s available in two sizes; For small cats and Bigger Cats:

Small: 16″ x 16″ x 65″

Large: 23″ x 16″ x 65″

CatastrophiCreations Wall Mounted Cat Tree Shelves


This unique cat tree is providing us so many benefits, it just seems crazy as it looks absolutely awesome and strong. This is a cat tree not only your cat but also you will love to keep in your room due to its beautiful and attractive nature. It’s also a piece of decoration.

It is so unique in shape that it will empress all of your guests who come to your house which makes it worth buying. Its sophisticated look gives a better view of both big and small rooms. It is the best space saver if you live in a small apartment and want to provide your cat with her basic necessities.

You will get required pots of planting your favorite indoor plants by the company. This will make it much easier for planting your favorite plants right away. Also if you want your cat to eat on its cat tree then you can also replace the plant pots with feeding pots for your home—hygiene.

Structure and Design

The design of this cat tree is so cautiously made that the racks seem as they are floating in the air. The mounting framework is exceptionally created by this brand and anticipates patent. Essentially this implies that the mounting equipment is non-visible which empowers a smooth look.

The cat tree is made of bamboo which is a standout in the race of strength amongst other structure materials on the planet. Above everything, it is a natural material which implies that it is truly tough and solid. It is additionally water-resistant so you can even fix it outside if you wish.

It is an all-in-one cat tree providing all the necessities to your cat. Also, the fabric or cloth between the plot shelves is removable and can be washed and then re-installed. The different parts are separate means that you can adjust them according to your choice which suits them best.


Adjustable according to your choice

Trixie Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower


Trixie Miguel Fold cat tree is a wonderful and adorable cat tree. What exactly isn’t enough to be cherished about this amazing cat tree? It looks nice, it spares space and gives your cat partner some happiness. We would rate this cat tree – 10 out of 10 – which is basically ideal for small spaces!

Another amazing thing about this cat tree is that it’s foldable and can be stored when not in need. Suppose some guests of you are paying a visit and there isn’t a lot of space in your condo, then this foldable cat tree got your back. You can fold it and store it for some time.

Not every cat lover has bigger houses. If you live in a small place but you still want to give your kitty a better home then we provide you with a perfect solution to this problem in the form of this cat tree.

The manufacturers of this cat tree have tried their best to provide your cat with the best home for her living. The upper hammock will give your cat a bed to sleep, the base will give her a protected place to have some rest, and also there are scratching posts for her to fulfill her scratching needs. Also, two balls are hanging to entertain the kitty.

The hammock bed is made of soft material and the inside cloth of the cat tree is removable, so you can take them out in case you want to wash them or replace them with new.


20.25-in x 13.75-in x 25.5-in

Why is a cat tree needed?

Cats belong to a family which is called natural climbers. This need for a cat can be fulfilled by a cat tree. Also scratching posts are necessary for a cat. Apart from that, you will provide your baby cat a place to live.

Being a cat owner it falls on our shoulders to provide our cat with a deserving home where can enjoy herself and which can fulfill her basic needs. Everyone knows that even cats need some space to relax around their environment.

A fitting cat tree can likewise assist you with restraining some of your cat’s damaging propensities i.e. scratching your furniture. So regardless of whether you live in a small, squeezed condo with a big mansion, you need a cat tree.

With the most appropriate cat tree, your kitten will get plenty of exercise and entertainment, as there will be a cozy spot for her to enjoy some personal time.

So read the blog thoroughly and click on any item to visit and buy it from Amazon.com.

best cat trees for small apartment


I hope that you found your required cat tree after going through our detailed list. We have many more topics you can find them is the Recent Posts Portion. Also we will make another review on cat trees for small apartment which would be more detailed one. Stay Tuned.

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