Best Cheap Digital Camera under 50 Dollars | 7 Suggestions

best cheap digital camera under 50 dollars

Seems like you are fond of taking pictures and capturing life moments but don’t have unlimited supply of money. If this is your case, then you don’t have to worry because I brought a perfect inexpensive solution for you.

Here we have provided a list for you to choose the Best Cheap Digital Camera Under 50 Dollars for you. Using these cameras, you can capture anything you like in an appreciable way. On one hand they are cheaply priced and on the other hand they are compact, high quality digital cameras that can even fit in your pocket while travelling.


I would like you to go through the list of the best budget digital cameras under $50, I formulated for starter photographers like you. Before jumping into the list, let me tell you that these cameras are for kids or beginners or a hobby-person. So, Don’t Expect Results Like a $800 Camera 😊.

Best Cheap Digital Camera Under $50

S. No

Name of Camera

Image and Video Resolution


AUTPIRLF HD Digital Camera

36MP Images, 1080P Videos


Vivitar VS128 16.1 MP iTwist

16.1MP Images, 720P Videos


Vivitar Vivicam VF128-BLK 14.1MP Digital Camera

14.1MP Images, 720P Videos


Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ43-BK

16MP Images, 720P Videos


KODAK Printomatic Instant Print Digital Camera

5MP Images


Mixfeer Video Camera Camcorder Vlogging Camera

18MP Images, 1080P Videos


Cusimax CMOS SLR Camera and Camcorder

12MP Images, 1080P Videos

Best Cheap Digital Cameras under $50

1- AUTPIRLF HD Digital Camera 36MP


  • 36MP Camera Sensor
  • 1080 HD Video Resolution
  • 8x Digital Zoom
  • 7-inch IPS Display
  • Anti-shake, face detection, self-timer, Smile capture



If photography is your new hobby or your kid’s hobby, then you must try out this camera. This is the simplest, yet the most take an amazing picture. If you are a professional then, you need to spend hundreds of dollars for making a perfect setup. If not, then you don’t need a high-tech camera and this one can work best for you.

With this camera, you can capture all of your daily routine pics and other stuff without any problem. We have put this camera on the top of our list because it offers an 18MP sensor and 8x zoom and many new features and all under $50. If you ask me, this is the best cheap digital camera under $50 by the time of writing this article.

Its cost is low and yet it has excellent feedback and reviews. Besides this, I also like the design and shape of this camera. It is a very ergonomic 35mm compact camera, which you can carry in your pocket or a hand purse anywhere you like. It also supports memory cards up to 32 GB.


18 Megapixels Sensor

The AUTPIRLF presents an 18MP CMOS powerful sensor that can capture all of your sweetest moments beautifully. With such a sensor, you will get a sharper, crisper, and more detailed photo. With the 18MP sensor, not only you will get a clear photo but also you can zoom up to 8 times.

Along with this, you can also record high-definition videos with this camera. You can record videos in standard HD quality (720P or 1280 x 720). So, you can take awesome portraits and landscape pictures and at the same time, you can record in HD quality. That’s all one can expect from a digital camera!

2.7-inch Display

You get a 2.7-inch display to preview your images before and after capturing. You got a much clearer view of your photos while capturing them as you can clearly adjust the frame according to your need. Along with that, you can also easily navigate through the settings and watch videos, photos, and edit settings via the screen.

Creative Features

Even the 18MP sensor, 8x zoom and HD video isn’t all. You got plenty of features in this camera. With all the standard modes that come with a new camera, you get amazing new features like Anti-shake, auto-flash, red-eye reduction, face detection, smile capture, continuous shot, Photo Excess software, and much more. The AUTPIRLF camera also supports an external SD card of up to 32 GB.

2- Vivitar VS128 16.1 MP iTwist


  • 4-inch screen
  • 1 MP camera sensor
  • 720P Video Resolution
  • Sleek and Compact Design
  • Built-in Flash


Finally, the Vivitar has come up with its affordable flagship digital camera under $50. This is the new Vivicam S128 iTwist Digital camera. This is at the 2nd position of our list because it is both affordable and reliable and also the image quality is very amazing.

The S128 iTwist comes with a 16.1 MP digital sensor which lets us take clear and detailed pictures. The 2.4-inch swivel screen allows us to preview out photos before taking and also before saving. You can also review the photos and videos at any time you want.

Additionally, the camera also includes a built-in flash, so that you can enjoy night photography too. The S128 is powered by 3 AAA Batteries, which you have to purchase separately. This digital camera also supports SD cards up to 32 GB, so you can save your data to memory cards as soon as you take the photos.


16.1MP Camera Sensor

You can secure all of your little life moments with your Vivicam iTwist S128 digital cameras. The camera uses a 16.1 MP sensor which captures sharp and detailed images. The crispiness in the photos is unbelievable.

The 16-MP sensor ensures beauty in every moment. You can capture breathtaking sunsets and beautiful skyscrapers with this camera with a vibrant look. You can also take portraits with this camera and also zoom into the photos. You can digitally zoom up to 4x times with this camera.

2.4-inch Swivel Screen

With the 2.4-inch display, you can clearly see the subject and the field of view. This allows you to preview the pictures before taking them so that you can take the perfect shot. You can Align the subject with the background in the best way possible as you can clearly see in the preview. Moreover, you can also watch the pictures later and easily navigate into the settings.

Creative Features

With Vivicam S128 iTwist, you got different shooting modes and features to capture your shots. You got the red-eye detection, face detection, continuous shoot, auto flash, manual mode, etc. to take clear and luminous pictures.

You will also get free access to the Vivitar Experience Software CD which allows you to customize your photos according to your choice and to share the photos instantly to your social media account.

3- Vivitar Vivicam VF128-BLK 14.1MP Digital Camera


  • Compact Size
  • 1 MP Images
  • 720P Videos
  • Built-in Flash
  • 1 MP sensor
  • 4x Digital Zoom



The Vivitar is one of the leading International Consumer Electronics manufacturers. They have launched the Vivicam F128 which is a great photo device taking pictures via a 14.1 MP sensor. With the 2.7inch screen and the built-in flash, you can adjust and take amazing pictures with your F128.

 The high-definition photo quality the camera provides helps in securing all the little moments in life. Also, the camera is included with the Vivitar Experience Software CD. The software allows you to customize your photos according to your requirements.


14.1 MP Camera Sensor

This camera comes with a 14.1 MP sensor which lets you take photos in high definition and quality. The photos are sharper and more detailed and can be digitally zoomed 4x times.

2.7-inch Screen

With the 2.7-inch screen in the F128, you can adjust the object position and make sure to make your photo stand out from the rest of the cameras. With having a clear view of the field and subject, you can get the most out of your camera. Also, you can preview your pictures later if needed.

Creative Features

This camera provides unique features including auto flash, red-eye removal, face detection, and continuous shooting which makes the photo much better than the photo taken by the rest of the cheap cameras.

The Vivitar Experience CD Software allows you to customize your photos according to your will and to easily upload photos and videos to your social media accounts directly.

4- Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ43-BK


  • 4x Optical Zoom
  • 6x Digital Zoom
  • 16 MP sensor and 720P Video Resolution
  • 7-inch LCD screen
  • 27mm Wide-Angle Lens
  • Built-in Flash
  • Image-Stabilization



The Kodak Pixpro FZ43 is one of the best cheap digital cameras available in the market. If you want to take high-definition shots with high details, I will definitely suggest this camera. The only reason this camera is not on the top of our list is that it is a bit expensive.

Although this camera is a bit more expensive than the rest, still it is worth the extra cost. The Kodak Pixpro never disappoints its customers when it gets to quality. For starters or kids, this camera is more than enough. It has a wide-angle lens, 4x zoom, and a powerful 16MP sensor.

With high megapixels, you can zoom up to 6 times and still get clearer footage or photo. You have the option to use the camera in both auto and manual mode. The camera runs on rechargeable AA batteries and is compatible with a class 10 SD card.


16 Megapixels Sensor

With this 16 MP sensor, you can get plenty of details in the images. The plus point of having high megapixels is that you got a clear photo that you can zoom, edit and play with. On one hand, you don’t have to worry about the quality and details in your photo, and on the other hand, you can customize your images according to your choice. The powerful sensor also allows you to record in 720P.

2.7-inch LCD Display

The FZ43-BK comes with a 2.7-inch LCD display which plays a vital role to make sure, the photos you take come out much better. By having a clear view of the field and subject, you can adjust your photo according to your style. You can set the frame as suitable to you and click the photo.

Creative Features

You got amazing features and modes like other affordable flagship cameras. You got a lot of modes to play with. With the 27mm wide-angle lens, you don’t have to stand back to get a clearer shot of the whole view. This lens gives you enough space to work with your photos. You also get plenty of new features like face-detection, smile-detection, blink-detection too.

The digital camera supports both, 4x Optical Zoom and 6x Digital Zoom to assure you that you can capture all of the spectacular moments in your daily life. Apart from zooming, it also makes sure that details are present in the picture too as they are also important.

5- KODAK Printomatic Instant Print Digital Camera


  • Instant Print
  • 5MP f/2 powerful sensor
  • Built-in Flash
  • Wide-angle Lens


For the Kodak Printomatic camera, you get a 5MP powerful sensor along with a wide-angle f/2 lens. The camera instantly prints the photos you capture with vibrant colors. The camera is fast enough to take photos while printing the previous one.

The Printomatic comes with a light sensor that is responsible for auto flash, so you don’t have to worry about flash on/off. This camera captures a clearer picture and prints a 2 x 3 pic instantly. (Quality is Okay with regard to Price).


5 Megapixels Sensor

The 5MP sensor along with the lens captures a clear picture. Well, you are getting an instant print option, don’t expect 50MP in under the $50 price tag. It is an easy-to-use camera and prints good pictures.

One-Stop Printing

Just after you take a photo, you can print the photo instantly with one click. The camera uses Kodak Zink paper which is really amazing feature as you won’t need any external ink, toner, film, or cartridges to print a photo, the paper is enough. The Zink paper is water-resistant, stain-free, and much durable.

Creative Features

The most creative feature is instant print. Everyone wants a camera that prints the photos with friends instantly to be framed. If you purchase one, you will not regret it.

The camera supports an SD card of up to 32 GB. The comes with a charging cable and a sample paper to show you what to buy in the future. Alongside the instant print, the Printomatic has a very creative design. It has a compact sleek design and can easily fit in your pocket or purse and can be taken anywhere.

6- Mixfeer Video Camera Camcorder Vlogging Camera


  • 16MP sensor
  • 1080P Video Resolution
  • 16x Zoom
  • 7-inch 270 Degrees Rotatable LCD Screen
  • Electronic Image Stabilization


It is really a treat from Mixfeer to release a camcorder at this price, having such high specifications. You are having a 16 MP sensor with which you will get high-quality videos and images. With such specs at such a low price, the company did not disappoint its, customers.

You can capture more details with the powerful sensor. Also, the electronic stabilization assures that there is no shakiness in the videos. You can connect the camera to your PC via a cable and transfer all your files. Other than that, the camcorder also supports a memory card of up to 32GB.


Megapixels Sensor

You can record high-definition FHD 1080P videos with the powerful 16MP CMOS sensor. The videos are much clear, more detailed, and crisper. You can zoom up to 16 times which is really unlikely to expect at such a small price.

Apart from videos, you can also take high-quality pictures with this camcorder/camera. The pictures taken with this 16MP are much detailed and sharp and you can zoom them, edit them or upload them on your social media without worrying about the quality.

2.7-inch Display

You don’t just get a 2.7-inch display, but you get a 2700 Rotatable LCD Display which is another amazing feature of this camera. You can even turn the display to the subject to decide the photo. Moreover, you can adjust your settings and performance using the LCD display.

Creative Features

With all these amazing features you also get all the new features that one would expect from his one’s camera. You get face detection, face tracking, autofocus, redeye removal, and image stabilization to save all your unforgettable memories with yourself.

7- Cusimax CMOS SLR Camera and Camcorder


  • 12MP Image Sensor
  • 1080P Video Resolution
  • 16x Zoom
  • 4-inch TFT LCD display
  • Po-pup Flash
  • Infrared Lens


An SLR camera is one that uses a film mostly made of gelatin or plastic to reflect light and record the image. The Cusimax SRL camera is a very nice deal in this regard. You get a 12MP image sensor and 1080P resolution video for under $40. You can mount the camera on a tripod too. A strap is included in the package so you can carry it easily if you wanna go on vacation.

The photos you take with this camera have a totally different experience as you are using a CMOS sensor and can zoom up to 16 times. With such a powerful zoom, you can get closer to your objects. Additionally, the camera needs 4pcs of AA batteries to work. You can also use it as a webcam it can support up to 32GB SD card too.


12 Megapixels Sensor

With a 12MP sensor, you can get much clarity in your photos. You will get better details and crispiness in images taken with this camera. You can also connect additional lenses to the camera to enhance its performance. 1080P resolution is a pretty good deal with this price tag. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

2.4-inch Display

The 2.4-inch LCD display makes it easier for us to adjust the frame and subject and also to preview photos before capturing them. The LCD is a TFT 320 x 240 display which gives a very amazing experience.

Creative Features

It comes with new features like auto power-off, face detection, autofocus, and image stabilization. These features enhance your photography experience and take it to the next level.

Buying Guide for the Best Cheap Digital Camera Under 50 Dollars

Image Quality

The first thing you want from your digital camera is the quality of the images. Image quality is the most important factor which cannot be compromised. Before buying a digital camera, make sure that the camera sensor is at least 14 MP.

Bigger sensors make better images. The images will be sharper and will have more details. An ideal camera sensor is 20MP or more to capture clear and sharper images without any noise.

Battery Life

Another most important factor to decide the digital camera is the battery life. You don’t want to charge your battery just after a few clicks, do you? It’s boring to charge the camera every hour. That’s why you must look for a camera that has at least 60-80 minutes of battery life so that you can take it for trips and vacations.

Build Quality

The build quality or simply the quality of the materials used in the camera should not be ignored. Go for a camera that is more reliable and can cope with different environmental conditions. Nobody wants a camera that works only for a few days.

If the build quality is good, the camera will obviously last long and there will be fewer chances of damage if you take it on trips. Instead, if you go for a poor-quality camera, it won’t probably last longer than a month if you use it as a photographer.


Size is also one of the most important factors to consider before buying a digital camera. It’s better to have a compact camera that can offer all the necessary jobs. Who would want a camera having mediocre specifications and much bigger size?

Compact size is useful because you can take your camera on a trip. You can fit it easily in a bag or in your pocket or also even in a handheld bag. With having such a camera, you won’t miss the fun on your trips and vacations.


It is dependent on size and weight. Again, a small and compact camera is easier to carry in a bag or pocket. I personally like to keep a pocket camera that I can take out anywhere easily while on a trip.

This helps me to capture all the spectacular moments of life without any discomfort while taking the camera out of the bag and then putting it back after a few clicks.

This makes the small cameras ideal for capturing all the little moments with friends and family. That’s why I consider portability as one of the vital factors before buying a camera.

Technical Controls of Digital Cameras

There are some technical things which you should know about digital cameras. Some of them are given below:

Manual Controls

At first, focusing and aperture can seem overwhelming and it’s nice to learn about them, though. Once you learn how to use the manual controls, you’ll begin to understand, how the professionals capture photos with those details.

Taking a photo that stands out from the rest is the magic of manual controls. Although the auto mode is sufficient but is known that the auto mode can take professional photos like a professional photographer. To become a professional, you have to master basic manual controls like ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, and focus.

Image Sensors

An image sensor is a sensor or device in a camera that converts light (photons) into electric signals which can be then inferred by the camera to make an image.

Types of Image Sensors

There are 2 types of Image Sensors:

  • CMOS

A complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor or CMOS sensor is an electronic chip that converts the photons (light) into electrons to be processed digitally.

  • CCD

Charged Coupled Device or a CCD sensor also converts photons into electrons, but the difference is that it is an analog device, unlike a CMOS which is a digital chip.


A lens is a tool or accessory for a camera that brings the light to a specific focal point. The lens sends the light to the film or sensor to create an image. These lenses are of many types such as telephoto lens, zoom lens, wide-angle lens, prime lens, etc.


Now, I am going to conclude or detailed review of the best cheap digital cameras under 50 Dollars. I hope, now you can choose the best digital camera even if you don’t prefer our list because we have provided a detailed buying guide for you. If you have any questions, you can freely ask in the comments. See You Next Time.

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