8 Best Cheap Lenses for Canon

If somebody energetic and passionate about professional photography, regardless of whether you’re a professional or a random person who has a hobby of photography, you need to put your resources into the correct camera for you and extra hardware to improve the quality of the pictures. Camera gear can be very expensive, however that doesn’t need to be the case every time.

At the point when you know a place where you can buy your accessories at reasonable price, then your problem is solved. Thus, in case you’re searching for a reasonable lens for your Canon, then you should look at this article to know more about the  best cheap lenses for canon.

1- Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM (Overall Winner)

The Canon EF 50mm lens is a sensible decision in case you are searching for flexibility in portrait pictures. Also this cannon lens is needed to be mentioned as it has tons of positive reviews, which is consistently something worth being thankful for, obviously. Compared with a standard 50mm lenses, the wide f/1.8 aperture allows 8 times more of light into the lens. Therefore, you get sharp and clear pictures with even in dim/low light conditions rather than blurry pictures.

Action picture takers will love to have this lens since it includes near-silent STM (Stepping Motor) innovation which fucus the object very quickly while you a taking a shot. That’s way, you can respond abruptly and catch lovely photographs in any case, when you need to do it overly quick. The Canon EF 50mm lens is smaller and lightweight, other than action and picture, it is also best for low-light photography. On head of that, this lens costs only $125, which is amazingly low as compared to other of its rage.

best walk around lenses for canon

2- Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM

In case you’re searching for a cannon lens after which you would barely need to add anything to the camera, then at that point, you need to look forward to the Canon EF 40mm due to its 22.8mm depth-sensor. 

It is not only the most reasonable lens created by Canon, but on the other hand, it is extraordinarily adaptable, making it helpful for those individuals who want to purchase quality and affordable accessories for their camera.

The lens is viable with Canon’s full-casing and APS-C DSLR cameras. The f/2.8 opening of the lens is wide enough for shallow profundity of field on both camera designs. Because of STM innovation, it permits you to encounter smooth and calm focus while shooting a pic. 

The serious lens arrangement, including an a spherical component and enhanced coatings for least ghosting and flare, conveys pictures of remarkable quality. Reduced, adaptable, and moderate, this Canon lens has everything you need at a price of only $179.

best walk around lenses for canon

3- Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM (Best Budget)

Here’s another small-sized hotcake lens that doesn’t add an excess of weight to your camera. Its little size is ideal for individuals who travel a lot and don’t have any desire to carry with themselves a big and heavy gear from one location to another. The Canon EF-S 24mm costs $120 and can be mounted to APS-C Canon DSLR cameras and gives a similar view as a 38mm on a full-outline camera.  

It offers a similar field of view as the natural eye, so this canon lens is ideal for movement and road photography. In addition to the fact that it is lightweight the lens is quick and flexible with unrivaled optics and advanced self-adjust or auto-focus. The seven-edge round opening gives splendid details of out-of-focus area with excellent color balance. The expansion of STM innovation takes into account smooth and quiet focusing.

best walk around lenses for canon

4- Altura Photo 8mm f/3 Professional Wide Angle Aspherical Fisheye

On the off chance that you have a Canon camera and need another lens, you don’t need to search for lenses in just a single specific manufacturing company. There are numerous different brands available whose lenses are totally viable with Canon cameras, and you can use it according to your potential.

Altura’s 8mm f/3 wide angle aspherical fisheye lens is easily compatible with Canon APS-C cameras, and the most recent model accompanies improved optics and fabricate quality for astounding pictures. The price of this lens is estimated at approximately $199.99. This lens includes a removable hood that takes into consideration a staggering 180-degree view.

Altura’s lens likewise accompanies a hand crafted defensive lens-case for safe keeping. Because of the crossover, aspherical component and multi-layer lens covering, the Altura lens will give you sharp and clear photos. Because of limited erupting and ghosting, the Altura 8mm f/3 wide point aspherical fisheye lens is especially helpful for road and travel photography.

best cheap lenses for canon

5- Canon EF-S 55–250mm f/4–5.6 IS II Telephoto Zoom

Searching for a long-range lens that isn’t just adaptable also affordable? At that point, you might need to consider the Canon EF-S 55–250mm f/4–5.6. This lens costs only $128, and comes with Canon’s optical picture stabilizer innovation. On the head of that, it is smaller and lightweight for incredibly better usability.

The high zoom proportion is identical to the central length of 88–400mm, while the picture stabilizer impact is equal to a screen speed four stops quicker than the lens of similar size yet without the stabilizer. With the EF-S 55–250mm, you can catch significant distance and low light shots with astounding quality. This lens is one the best cheap lenses for canon which is also canon branded.

In case you’re an energetic photographer, this lens is an incredible arrangement; however, it likewise permits you to take superb portrait pictures with amazing depth feature. So, this specific lens serves numerous applications including easy use, and is unquestionably the best lens available in the market.

best cheap lenses for canon

6- Samyang SYHD8M-C 8mm f/3.5 HD

Samyang’s 8mm fisheye is a great top-notch lens for Canon that additionally turns out to be accessible at a much lower price compared to its partners. You can get it for $179.99. The lens is fit for delivering photographs with amazing sharpness, and the build quality is extraordinary, and the additional flexibility is given to the lens along with the removable hood. Thus, you can utilize this lens on your full-frame camera and also on APS-C sensors.

In contrast to a portion of its rivals, this model doesn’t have autofocus; however, it shouldn’t dishearten you from getting it. The camera can figure the presentation, which implies the pictures delivered by the Samyang 8mm fisheye are of incredible quality all things considered.

Numerous clients who have never tested the manual lens were astonished to understand that it is anything but difficult to use and move and furthermore it has an incredible depth of field.

Setting something physically can just train you to turn out to be surprisingly better as you realize what works for you and your photographs and what doesn’t. And also the pro photographers use manual focus and also other manual settings for their photography, the auto-focus is for unprofessional, frankly speaking.

7- Huge Mike’s High-Power 500mm/1000mm f/8 Manual Telephoto

Here’s one more reasonable lens for your Canon that isn’t created by the mainstream canon brand. The high-power 500mm/1000mm f/8 fax camera lens is viable/compatible with Canon Digital EOS camera reach, and it is similarly used by both pro and beginners.

The incredible Huge Mike’s telephoto zooming lens joined with Canon T-mount connector provides pictures of excellent quality with all the details and sharp accuracy fundamental for extraordinary photos. High file, low-scattering multi-covered optical glass diminishes flare while the built-in tripod helps to improves lens balance. 

On the off chance that you need to take your photography aptitudes to an unheard of level, you might need to buy this lens keeping in mind that it’s available for just $119.99. Yes it’s true; the lens is actually this much affordable. Go Check.

10- Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM

If you want to get into the frame as much as possible, then the Canon EF-S 10 is a noticeable choice. This light-in-weight wide-angle lens gives an amazing focal length of around 16-29mm on the APS-C bodies for which this lens is designed, providing better landscape pictures, design, and interior among different subjects.

The way that it’s planned explicitly for APS-C bodies permits it to be generally minimal and lightweight, and as a moderately ongoing expansion to Canon’s line-up, it profits by the organization’s STM innovation for quick focus and quite recording. According to many professionals it is also one of the best cheap lenses for canon.

It’s not true that only expensive accessories are the best and the cheaper ones are not good but somehow the higher price provides something extra than the ordinary ones. The price of the Canon EF-S 18mm lens is $269. It is an ideal model that reasonableness can accompany extraordinary quality. This lens gives cutting-edge quality by combining optical brilliance. This lens gives you an ultra-wide view although it’s of smaller size. The lens is appropriate for EOS cameras with an APS-C sensor.

Because of the four-group, optical zoom framework, and different components, the EF-S 10–18mm provides high-resolution and high-quality pictures with negligible blur and glare. Because of the adaptability of highlights, the lens is ideal for regular photography, travel, static photography, and even video recording. While a few lenses are more appropriate for static or action and travel photographs, this lens permits you to take astonishing photographs regardless of the situation and time.

The four-stop image stabilization technology assists in catching pictures handheld at more slower shutter speed, while a 22cm least centering separation implies you can draw near up to subjects and still keep up a wide-point field of view. In the event that you needn’t lens that is likewise compatible with full-frame cameras, then this wide-angle zooming lens is worth adding to your list.

The Canon EF-S 10-18mm f4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens conveys a least focal distance of 0.22m; considering overstated points of view as you draw nearer to the subject. The lens is fitted with a 4-stop optical image stabilization technology. This recognizes and remedies camera shake, encouraging extraordinary picture quality in any event, and when shooting handheld pics in low-light conditions.

best walk around lenses for canon

Final Verdict

In case you’re searching for a lens for your Canon, we’ve reviewed some stunning items here in this review, which you might need to consider. It’s totally conceivable to get excellent lenses without spending a fortune. Here we end our review of “Best Cheap Lenses for Canon”.

When purchasing camera lenses, you have to set aside some effort to consider your requirements and inclinations. More over the sorts of photographs you generally take, conditions where you take those photographs, and different boundaries so as to get the lens that will give you the best an incentive for your cash.

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