Best Conductors of Electricity (2021 Updated)

Electrical conductivity is a process in which a material allows current and heat to flow through them. So simply we can say that electrical conductance is the flow of current in a conductor or is the amount of current generated when electrons from one metal transfer to another. Now we will discuss further about the Best Conductors of Electricity.

Pure silver is the answer. Pure Silver conducts electricity the best but the issue with silver other than the high price is that it tarnishes or gets rusted. This can cause problems in high-frequency currents. It’s very expensive than copper and even though it is a bit better conductor however it’s not worth the huge price. That’s why copper is used more in electrical conductivity.

International Annealed Copper Standard (IACS)

This system was announced by the Department of Commerce of the United States of America. In this system, the conductivity of all the metals is compared with copper as a standard due to its perfection in electrical use.

Best Conductors of Electricity

S. No.


% Conductivity*


Pure Silver






Pure Gold















Pure Iron






Phosphor Bronze



Stainless Steel



Pure Lead


Which is the Best Conductor Of Electricity?

In short, Silver is the best conductor of electricity followed by copper, aluminum and gold but copper is used most in electric appliances because it is cheaper in price.

Have a look to out list of best conductors of electricity.

Metals are conductors and allow current to flow through them. Although all metals are good conductors, yet some metals conduct more efficiently than others. It means that some metals are highly conductive due to which they are commonly used in electrical working in the houses.

For example, copper has better conductivity than brass and is used in most electrical appliances and wiring. In brass is an alloy many elements have been mixed with copper which reduces its conductivity. Some sensitive appliances which need very low current can use brass wiring. 

Best Conductors of Electricity


Pure Silver is the best and most efficient conductor of electricity than any other conductor. Even having the best conductivity, it is not the most commonly used metal in electrical equipment.

Using silver has a few drawbacks. The first is that it’s expensive. Aluminum and copper are cheaper than silver which is also the best conductor of electricity. The second is that it can get rusted which is problematic for skin effect in high-frequency currents.

best conductors of electricity
best conductors of electricity


Copper is the second one of the best conductors of electricity. Copper is the most commonly used metal in electrical wiring and electrical equipment. Copper is cheaper and is easy to wrap and solder which makes it ideal for electrical usage.

Copper’s basic electrical capacity is identified with the transmission of power and electrical generation. Copper is used in many engines, motors, generators, transformers, electrical devices, and bush bars. When appropriately used, it is the most secure and most proficient metal to create conduct current.

Copper is regularly utilized as a viable channel in daily life appliances and generally in all electrical hardware. Due to its cheap prices and easy availability, most wires are copper-plated. Generally, the electromagnet is also wrapped up with copper wire. Copper is likewise used in many electric circuits, micro-electronic transmitters, and microchips on account of its high conductivity and less effecting tendency from the joule effect. It is additionally somehow used in cell phones, TVs and Laptops/Computers.

best conductors of electricity
best conductors of electricity


Another metal that is known for its electrical conductance is aluminum. This metal is a good conductor of current and by weight, it is 40% efficient than copper. It means that 1 pound of aluminum can carry a current equal to the almost double of copper by weight. This makes it a very cost-friendly material, and also, it has progressively replaced copper in some electrical applications.

Aluminum is utilized in significant distance electrical cables, high voltage electrical transmission and dispersion on the utility network; and, in the administration drop, administration passageway and building wire feeders. Its thickness and extraordinarily cheaper settle on it an exceptionally savvy decision for some huge scope electrical applications like electric cables, electrical-power connectors, and even electrical circuit breakers. The satellite dish is made particularly by the use of aluminum in it.


Gold is likewise known for its high conductivity, but since its cost is much high than any other metal, its use is very limited. CPUs may have gold wires for associations and, where applications require high protection from oxidation/rusting and also require high conductivity, then a thing gold plating is can help.

best conductors of electricity


We can improve the physical properties of a metal by adding certain impurities to it. This mixed form of metal is called an alloy. Alloy is better than the original metals in certain properties such as quality, solidness/strength, durability, environmental conditions bearing, etc.


Brass is an alloy of copper which is used also used to conduct electricity. Brass is manufactured by mixing around 30% of zinc with pure copper. Even though it is electrical and heat conductivity is just 28% of that of copper yet the non-attractive properties of brass make it ideal for electrical appliances and electronic terminals and cables.

best conductors of electricity
best conductors of electricity

Stainless Steel

Although stainless steel is not regarded as a good conductor of electricity, yet various evaluations of stainless steel have significant electrical applications.

The Type 304 and Type 316 of the stainless steel are the most widely recognized evaluations which are often used in the electrical applications for its high resistance to erosion and rust. Electrical enclosure fence in areas for divider mounts, floor mounts, and unattached junction boxes are made with stainless steel.

best conductors of electricity
best conductors of electricity

Don’t be surprised to hear that copper is not the most efficient conductor on the planet; the silver is the most efficient conductor on earth followed by copper and gold. Although silver is very limited in electrical work.

So if you are asking that is silver a better conductor than copper? Then yes, the conductivity of silver is high than any metal on earth. Although there are some myths that gold is the best conductor which is false, it lies below that copper. Copper is a better conductor than gold.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Why is copper used in electrical wirings?

Copper is used in electrical wiring because of its good conductivity and cheap prices. Even though it’s a little less conductive than silver but due to the cheap price it preferred to use copper.

Gold is also used in some sensitive accessories such as micro-chips and giant electrical breakers due to its low corrosion property.

As should be obvious the distinctions in electrical conductivity shift impressively relying upon the metal. As referenced, Brass has a low conductivity rating regardless of containing copper, so, significantly, suppositions are not made on the electrical conductivity of a material. Continuously do however much research as could be expected!

What Is Copper Used For?

Because Copper is the best electrical conductor, therefore a large portion of its regular uses are for electrical purposes. Numerous basic applications additionally depend on at least one useful property, for example, the way that it is a decent warm conductor or has low reactivity (response with water and acids).

A portion of some of the uses of copper includes:

Pins in a 13A Attachment

Copper is used because it’s electrical conductance and low reactivity and is solid

Water pipes

Used because it is bendable and turned into any shape and is yet intense and solid. It additionally has the additional advantage of being anti-bacterial and has low reactivity.

Pan base

Used because it is a decent conductor of heat with low reactivity and is solid.

Electric Wires and Cables

Used because it is the best electrical conductor and is bendable/ductile and solid. This includes electrical wiring for gadgets, for example, TV hardware and its accessories and also in fans and motors.

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