Best Flash For Sony A7III and A7RIII

best flash for sony a7iii and a7riii

Wondering if you are here, then you must be a Sony A7III or a7RIII owner or maybe a future owner. I understand you might be hesitating to invest in a brand-new camera flash for your Sony camera due to an unlimited number of choices available in the market.

Well if that’s the case, then you don’t have to worry because we have done our homework and will present before you the Best Flash for Sony A7III and A7RIII


In this review post, we have provided an unbiased guide, showing you the best flash for your Sony A7III and A7RIII. However, we have not personally used all of the gadgets ourselves, but we have watched and read specifications and reviews of these products. The list is given below:

S. NoProduct NamePower SourceWireless Functionality
1Sony HVL-F45RM4 x AA BatteriesYes
2EACHSHOT GODOX TT350S 2.4G HSS2 x AA Ni MH BatteriesYes
3SONY HVL-F60RM4 x Alkaline BatteriesYes
4NEEWER HSS TTL NW880S4 x Ni MH BatteriesYes
5GODOX V1-S FLASHProprietary Rechargeable BatteryYes

We have also shown the features and specs as well as the pros and cons of the spotlights we are going to review for the Sony Alpha cameras. Also, we have shared our useful tips regarding the best use of the devices according to our experience and learning.


Below we have mentioned 5 of the best flashes available for the Sony Alpha camera which is suited best according to our knowledge. You should consider the following while deciding for your favorite one.



  • Exposure Control: Both Auto and Manual
  • Power Source: 4 x AA Batteries or Ni-MH batteries
  • External Connection: Sync Terminal
  • Wireless Functionality: Master, Slave


The Sony HVL-F45RM is a fast, compact, and strong flash for the Sony A7iii and A7Riii. The HVL-F45RM applies to all professional photography applications due to Multi-Flash shooting and wireless communication. In short, the Sony torch can be regarded as a compact lighthouse.

The Sony HVL has an automatic white balance adjustment and HSS allowing higher f stops or aperture at the same time maintaining perfect exposure. It means that this flash can amazingly enhance the image quality of your photos with natural illumination.

The Sony F45RM can work in synchronize with 15 units and up to 5 groups just in case you need more creativity in your lighting setup. This flash can act as a receiver and a transmitter both at the same time and up to 30 meters.

Wrapping it up, the camera flash is small-sized /compact and best in performance. Therefore, we are regarding it as one of the best flashes for Sony A7iii and A7Riii.

Another interesting thing about this flash is that it can be used both in a studio and in outdoor photography situations. You will also get a small stand and connector protector in the box from the company.


  • Dust + Water Resistant
  • Fully Rotatable Head
  • Improved Navigation
  • Strong, Compact & Customizable


  • A Bit Pricey
  • Lack of IR Focus

EACHSHOT GODOX TT350S 2.4G HSS - Best Budget Flash


  • Exposure Control: Both Auto and Manual
  • Power Source: 2 AA Ni-MH Batteries or 2 x LR6 Alkaline Batteries (Optional)
  • External Connector: 3.5 mm Flash Sync
  • Wireless Functions: Master or Slave


The Godox TT350S flash is an implausible product for your Sony A7iii, Sony A7R iii, or any other TTL Sony camera. It has earned the place to be in our review due to its powerful flashing and compact size along with high compatibility.

Now let’s talk about Eachshot GODOX TT350S. So, guess it, is this flash good? Alright, so when you unbox this flash, you will get 4 items in the box, the flash unit, diffuser, hot room mounting plate, and a carry bag.

One of the reasons I am going to burn with this flash is because of the size. I think the size compliments the Sony Alpha series bodies very well especially for Sony A7iii and A7Riii. I have checked it on the Sony A7III, and it works the best.

So, you got 3 modes in this flash, manual mode, multi-mode, and TTL mode. You do have your high-speed sync and also to set it up at the slave, you have a flash bounce card.

This flash is not as powerful as the baby units, but it does pack power. It doesn’t have a rotating head which is a plus one. One of the downsides of the TT version is that it does take AA batteries and is dependent on the batteries that you put, reflects the recycle time.

So, power it on, you are gonna hold for 2 sec and power it off by pressing a button. So, you guys got an idea of what the recycle time is on AA Batteries. If I have it at full power and I am gonna test it, then it can have a recycle time making an issue.

The plus point of AA batteries is that it makes the flashlight and thus help in stabilizing the camera and the flash while shooting. Another feature of this flash is that it has to overheat protection in case you want to shoot for long in hot summer.

In our unbiased review, I would recommend that this flash if you need a little flash. It surely provides outstanding performance and high image quality, even better than more expensive products.


  • Amazing value for money
  • Front/Rear Sync
  • Light Weight (Weighs 200g only with batteries removed)
  • 1-2.2 Second Recycle Time depending on batteries


  • Misfiring reported from a user
  • Sleep Function tiring



  • Exposure: Automatic and Manual
  • Power Source: 4 x Alkaline Batteries or NiMH Batteries
  • Wireless Functions: Master or Slave
  • External Connector: Sync Terminals


In 2017, Sony announced the radio-controlled, high-speed sync and TTL capable 45 RM flash. Here we will introduce you to the features and specs of Sony’s latest flash the HVL F60RM which is a flagship flash by one of the biggest camera manufacturing companies.

This new flash works with Sony’s multi-interface hot shoe which you will find on their latest a6000A7 and A9 series of cameras. If you place this flash on your camera’s hot shoe, it can also function as a radio commander for your other Sony flashes like the 45 RM.

At first glance, it looks similar to its predecessor, the 60M which was an optically controlled flash. It offers high-speed sync and TTL functionality, a guide number of 60, and best of all it has radio control capabilities when paired with Sony’s wireless flash commander.

With the high-speed sync function, you get to use fast shutter speeds and a shallow depth of field at the same time in any lighting conditions.

If you’ve ever seen the 60M flash, it had a cool feature that I am happy to see here in this new model which is the ability to tilt the flash head 180 degrees to either side, thus providing flexibility in many scenarios.

This especially comes in handy when shooting in a portrait orientation especially when you compare it to standard hot shoe flashes that flash the flash head far away from the lens.

Now if you have seen the HVL F60RM, it works with 4 AA batteries and was comparable with the new FA-EBA1 batteries pack. It has a micro-USB port on the side, a flash sink port, and a port to plug in the EBA 1 battery pack.

On the front of the flash, you will find 3 LED lights that you can use for shooting stills or videos with the ability to have the intensity dialed up or down in the menu. The flash head can zoom anywhere from 20 to 200 millimeters and like most other flashes it has a built-in diffuser and bounce card.

The buttons have been simplified compared to its former model. On the back of the flash, you will find level “-“ and “+ keys ” which can be used to dial in the power of your flash, when shooting manually.

The FN or function key allows you to quickly access your flash, recall wireless and zoom modes as well as adjust your flash output levels. The F60RM can handle 15 units in 5 groups just the previous model.

No question, it is the best flash for Sony A7III and A7RIII but there is one downside of this flash. It is a plastic shoe mount. Even if you purchase the most expensive model, still you have to worry about the plastic shoe mount which is likely to break according to some owner reviews.

So, you need to be too careful about it as it is also expensive to repair. However, you can use Gaffa, Alfie, or any contact glue to save the day and keep the flash in working condition.

The Sony flash unit works with many cameras along with the Sony A7III and A7RIII, but the wireless flash functionality is allowed for syncing to only one master which can be a hitch for some and a gift for some others.


  • High Power Output
  • The Fa-EBA1 batteries offer a 0.6s recycle time
  • 6 s Recycle Time with FA-EBA1 (optional)
  • Reliable & Flexible


  • Plastic Hot Shoe
  • Wireless is limited to only a single Master
  • Expensive



  • Exposure: TTL Auto and Manual Flash
  • Power Source: 4 x Ni MH
  • External Connector: Sync Terminal
  • Wireless Functions: Master and Slave


The Neewer has changed the game of external flashed with its Neewer HSS TTL NW880S which provides a max blinding output of GN60 modified in eight steps.

Surely, this Neewer flash is having all the bells and whistles a photographer would ever expect from an external flash. It has master/slave mode, TTL mode, multi-mode, and flash exposure recompense.

This HSS TLL NE88oS can control other flash units up to 4 groups and offer 32 channels to pick from. The flash has a feature of Hyper Speed Sync enabling the cameras to use wide-open aperture even with the flash on.

The HSS TLL requires 4AA batteries providing up to 230 flashes at optimum power. The recycle time of this flash is between 0.1 to 2.6 seconds which is reasonable as it is having AA batteries.

I once met a pro-Sony Camera photographer and learned a tip which you can use to improve your photography and the tip is to practice a lot. Yeah! For becoming a professional, you should know your equipment very well. You should know the techniques using which you can enhance your levels of photography.

For example, you can capture the encompassing light by slowing the shutter speed significantly which results in a totally different image. You should learn to play with these settings using flash to become a pro.

Although this flash is the best in our review there is one downside. This battery doesn’t come with high-quality batteries in the box, so you have to purchase from a third-party shop, or else this flash is thirsty for charge and would drain your notorious batteries in no time.


  • Comes with a Softbox
  • A good value for the Money
  • GN60 is sufficient Power
  • Multipurpose package for Creative Use


  • Few Power Steps
  • Instructions are hard to understand
  • Expensive Batteries are required for best performance



  • Exposure: Auto and Manual
  • Power Source: Proprietary Rechargeable Battery
  • External Connector:5mm sync port
  • Wireless Functions: Master, Slave


Now we are finalizing our list of best flash for Sony A7RIII and A7III with the Godox V1-S. Let’s have a closure look at it. The Godox V1 is different from the standard traditional Speedlight. It is obvious with its round-head flash shape compared to a standard traditional flash.

The round-flash head offers a round catch light which means more even distribution of light which helps in making softer images when you are using the flash.

It also features a knob, which is a slide-and-lock locking knob compared to the turning-style locking knob which reduces the risk of damaging the hot shoe and other mounting points.

There is also a battery size increase. As it is a stronger flash, therefore you only get 480 full power output shots.

Did you know that the Godox V1 features a modeling lamp that’s built into the flash head? This is not usually available in traditional Speedlight flashes. To turn this on, simply press the little bulb icon on the right side of the scroll wheel. Press down once and then press the sensor button.

That turns on the modeling lamp and you can step through 10 different levels of intensity for the IR system. The modeling lamp helps to focus in low-light conditions. Another good thing about the Godox V1 is that it has a very short recycle time and solid build quality.

The V1 has an in-built receiver that supports 2.4 gigahertz X-Wireless System by Godox. So, that means that it supports the X1, X1, and X-Pro triggers. All you need to do is set your channeling group and pair it up with the trigger you wanna use and you should be able to control is wireless.

The Godox V1 is a Round-Head flash that features a magnetic mounting point to support the AK-R1 accessory kit which includes a bunch of different lighting modifiers.

You can add a diffuser from the kit to the front of the flash to get a different result. The AK-R1 box includes a collapsible snoot, honeycomb grids, barn doors, a balance card, and color temperature inserts that cover your color temperature, which might be warm or cool all the way up.

The S means that is only compatible with Sony cameras but don’t that’s not an issue as you are looking for a flash for your Sony cameras here. Even if you are a Canon or a Nikon or Fujifilm user, still you don’t have to worry as this flash is also available for your camera too named V1-C, V1-N, or V1-F respectively.


  • Robust and solid Build Quality
  • Ridiculously Short Recycle Time
  • Up to 480 Full-Power Flashes when fully charged
  • Infra-red AF Modeling Lamp Assist


  • Heavy at 530g incl. the 100g Battery
  • Lack dust and water resistance
  • Plastic Hot Shoe
  • Receiving the Wrong Version reported by some users

Buying Guide for the Best Flash for Sony A7iii and A7Riii

Flash is very important for professional photography as it can make a big difference in your indoor and low light photos and make your customers happier by taking wonderful portraits. With such brilliant photos, you can demand better pricing and become more professional.

That’s why you should look deep into the factors which are important for deciding the most suited flash for your camera. Some of the most important factors are discussed below. Take a look at them before purchasing flash for you.


If you’re a professional, then you must be doing wedding photography and concert photography which require a strong flashlight. That is why you should look for a flash that is suitable for your type of photography so that the light from the flash is enough for lowlight conditions.

Recycle Time

Recycle time is one of the most important factors to be looked into before buying a flash for your Sony camera. Recycle time is defined as the amount of time required to charge up the capacitor of the flash to the required limit to set the flash ready for the next fire.

If you are doing rapid shots, then you must go for a flash having a smaller recycle time, or else it will take your time for the flash to get ready for the next shot.


Before buying a flash, you should look into it to make sure that it is worth the amount you are paying. Like any other accessory, the budget factor is as much important in flash-purchase too.

Build Quality and Durability

You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a device that would last for just a few days. Therefore, you should look for a flash that is solid and robust and have high build quality.

It is important because you might need any kind of photography. If you are shooting in a dusty or moist area, then you have to make sure that your flash is dust and water-resistant and is reliable to bear those environmental effects.

However, if you need a flash just for a studio, then the resistance would not matter much but the build quality still does. Nobody wants a product that is broken within days. Therefore, durability requires special attention too.

Adjustable Color Temperature

Color temperature is also important in photography. You want a flash that can match the color temperature you want in a specific condition. Whether you want your photo to appear cool or warm, your flash needs to have control.

Post-processing can be a mess sometimes if the color temperature is not consistent with your camera which is why adjustable color temperature is one of the most vital features to look for while buying a new flash for your Sony A7III or A7RIII.

New vs. Used

Another important factor to be kept in mind is whether you are purchasing a brand-new flash or a preowned one. There are pros as well as cons to purchasing a used flash. For example, you will get the product for a smaller price as compared to a new one but there is a chance of fraud.

On the other hand, for a news flash, you will have to pay more but at the same time, you will get a warranty as well. A new product is better as you won’t cause any deception or scam. Used products might also have a shorter lifetime as it is used before too.

User Reviews

Before purchasing a product, we highly recommend reading the owner’s reviews to make sure you want the product or not. By reading those reviews, you will be aware of the flaws of the product you are buying and also the ratings whether it is 5-star or 1-star depending upon the quality of the product.

There might be some hidden truth about the product which is not discussed by the manufacturer and can be revealed by the users. Therefore, we always recommend considering user reviews before purchasing a flash for your Sony A7III or A7RIII, or any other camera.

More Basic and Advanced Features

You should study whether all the basic and advanced features which are required for a flash are available in your preferred model or not. These include power steps, adjustable temperature, and tilting angles.

You should look for a flash that can sync to one or more masters. Sometimes you need a flash that can sync to more than one master and thus if your flash can sync only to one master, it can have a negative effect.

FAQ About the Best Camera Flash For Sony A7III and A7RIII

Why should I Use an External Flash for Sony A7iii Camera?

You should use a flash to improve your image quality in low light and indoor conditions. If you are a photographer, then you must know the difference that proper light makes in photos which is why you must need an external flash.

Even if you are having an expensive camera and lens but the light conditions are not decent, then you will never get your required result in your photos. An external flash for your Sony camera can result in better exposure and return better image quality.

Additionally, it produces softer images and gives more details in the image as compared to one which is taken without a flash. A well-known flash having automatic functionality can control lots of features without depending on the camera.

What is a Speedlite Flash Used For?

A Speedlite or a Speedlight flash is an essential accessory for professional photographers. The flash provides superfluous light in lowlight and indoor conditions so that you can take smooth pictures comfortably.

A better flash provides more flexibility regarding aperture and shutter speed and eventually gives more control over all options. Depends upon your photography, your will need to find a flash that works the best for your conditions.

For example, if you are taking pictures at sunset, then you will need a less powerful flash but if you are taking pictures underwater, then you probably need a powerful and at the same time waterproof flash

How do You Correctly Position and Hold a Flash?

Honestly, it depends on the scene and kind of photography, and the subject. If you want to take an image having a sharp, distinctive, and bright photo, then you might need to fix the flash straight at the highest power.

In order to become a professional, you need to keep practicing to fully understand how aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, and varying Light affect the photo so that you can deal with reflection, shadows, moving subjects, and low light conditions effectively. Try backlighting too as it makes a melodramatic pleasing background.


External Flash or Speedlite is like a business investment in photography as you would get better professional results in your images which would likewise justify your increasing pricing and expertise. Therefore, as a photographer, we have to spend on accessories such as lenses, lens hoods, flash, etc.

I hope that this review post helped you enough to have an idea about the factors affecting flashes and how to choose the best flash for your Sony A7III and A7RIII or any other Sony Alpha camera.

One thing to remember is that different models of flashes are available, most of which are compatible with Sony alpha cameras, Nikon cameras, and Fujifilm camera but before purchasing you must check whether it is compatible with your flash or not.

That’s how you can know more about your flash and get the most of it. Now if you have any doubts, you can ask us in the comments below. Thank You.


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