6 Best Memory Cards for Canon t3i in 2023

best memory cards for canon 3ti

Quite for some time, the popularity of Canon T3I is increasing expressively and has become the attention of the crowd lately because of its improved specifications. These include JPEG and resolution options, a rotating screen, and picture style mode.

No doubt, you must be looking for the Best Memory Cards for Canon T3I if you are a T3I user. Let me tell you that the Canon T3I has one SD Card slot which is compatible with the SDHC and SDXC types.

Best Memory Cards for Canon t3i Comparison

CardSizeWrite SpeedRead Speed
SanDisk Extreme Pro64,128 GB90 MB/s170 MB/s
Micro Center64,128 GB30 MB/s60 MB/s
Lexar64,128 GB60 MB/s95 MB/s
SanDisk Extreme64,128 GB90 MB/s160 MB/s
PNY Elite64,128 GB35 MB/s90 MB/s
Transcend64,128 GB45 MB/s90 MB/s

The UHS-1 SD cards may also work for your Canon T3I and you won’t find much difference between them unless you are shifting to high-speed SD cards.

Memory Cards are very important for increasing the speed and processing of images which is why we categorically consider using the best SD cards for Canon t3i and not any ordinary one. Like every time, we have done our homework and reviewed a lot of memory cards so that you don’t have to.

Best Memory Cards for Canon t3i

We have provided a list of the 6 best SD cards for your Canon Rebel t3i below. Consider this list for sure.

SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO

If you are shooting at 4k, you need memory cards that are fast enough. That’s why ordinary memory cards won’t work there, which is why you might need special fast SD cards for burst shooting and high-resolution videos.

In our review, the SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB is the Best Memory Card for your Canon t3i camera. It is a UHS-U3 type card having 170 MB/s speed. We have compared it with many SD cards, and it is cut above the list having better performance and a cheaper price.

The SanDisk provides 64 GB and 128 GB cards. These cards have a v30 classification, which makes them perfect for shooting in 4K UHD videos. Now even with 4K, there are things like what kind of bit rates you’re shooting. So, as long as they’re shooting 100 MBs, these cards should be faster enough to make sure your footage record without any problem.

The SanDisk also provides a key for SanDisk’s Rescue Pro software, which they bundle for free with every high-end memory card you buy. It will allow you to recover your data in case you accidently deleted them or formatted your SD card.

The SanDisk claims that it can go to 170MB/s. However, I have seen many owner reviews and they say that it goes to 100MB/s easily but couldn’t reach 170. Yeah! PCs also play a role in it.

Therefore, we recommend this product as it is the most trusted and reliable and is #1 on the list according to owner reviews on Amazon.

Micro Center 64GB SDXC

The second one on our list is the Micro Center SDXC card. We have listed it on the 2nd number because it is the most affordable on one hand and provides better performance on the other hand.

The Micro Center SDXC delivers a class 10, and the maximum read speed goes up to 60MB/s, which is really good for 4k recording. Another thing about the Micro Center is that they deliver a pack of 2 cards in one box.

Additionally, you the SanDisk and Lexar, the Micro Center also provides the Image Security Software, which helps to recover the lost data via a code printed on the back of the card. Like any other SD card, this one also comes in multiple variants like 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

It might not be the 2nd best performance card available on our list, but we considered it because of its price. With the cost of one SanDisk SD card, you can buy a pack of 2 Micro Center SD cards even though you can get decent numbers of speed.

Lexar Professional 633x 64GB SDXC

Now the next one we got to look for is the Lexar 633x. SDXC cards. This is a slow card in Lexar’s current SDXC lineup, but that also means that it’s the cheapest one and is still advertised as being suitable for recording 4k Videos.

The 633x is a UHS-1 card, and Lexar advertises maximum read speed up to 95MB/s, and more importantly for recording 4k videos, the max write speed is 45 MB/s. When I checked it, the write speed went up to 43 MB/s before dropping down to 31MB/s while the read speed went up to 92MB/s.

Therefore, there’s no point in spending $200 on amazon for Lexar’s most expensive 2000x card when a $25 card can do exactly the same job. The 4K video recorded on this card is going to be identical to the video recorded on Lexar’s top-of-the-line card.

The performance of the Lexar Professional 633x SDXC is very decent on the canon t3i, as shots can be captured without any issue with higher speed. As previously said, the 633x leverages USH-1 technology, which can go up to 95MBPS read speed and 45 MBPS write speed.

Hence taking high-quality photos and recording in higher resolution will not make any problem. The Lexar provides different kinds of sizes in this SD card which range from 32GB to 1TB. For a beginner, we would recommend the 64GB.

Like the SanDisk, the Lexar also provides a security code for the Image Rescue Software on the back of the card, so that you can recover your data if you have unintentionally deleted your files.

SanDisk Extreme U3 UHS-I

The next one on our list is the SanDisk Extreme U3, which is also a wonderful SD card for your Canon t3i. If you are interested in videos or vlogging, then I should let you know that the SanDisk Extreme is mostly focused on video recording.

These SD cards have high speed as compared to SanDisk Ultra. The Extreme U3 SDXC is a class 10 UHS-1 micro card providing 160MB/s read speed and 90MB/s write speed which is appreciable for 4k recording.

The SanDisk Extreme U3 is waterproof, dustproof, temperature proof, shockproof, and also X-Ray proof. So, you don’t have to worry about its reliability. The build quality is as good as the performance too.

With the SD card, you also get an SD card adapter. The company does guarantee that it’s waterproof or anything proof, so you should look out for this. Furthermore, if you are using the Canon 3ti, then technically this card is going to be compatible with your device.

The latest model U3 is faster even than what number the camera support and it is also competitively priced. This card is available in many variants such as 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

PNY Elite Performance V30 UHS-I

The PNY has just released their PNY Elite Performance V30 UHS1 SD Card. This is a class 10 card that can record and store videos, audio, photos, and other files.

The U3 ratings provide a read speed of up to 95MB/s and a write speed of about 35MB/s. This speed is enough for 4k recording and burst shooting.  Furthermore, along with Canon t3i, this card is also compatible with point and shoot cameras, DSLRs, and more.

The PNY Elite cards are reliable and have a decent build quality. The cards are waterproof, shockproof, magnet proof, and also temperature proof. Therefore, you can use them in every situation you like.

Although the PNY brand is not renowned like the previous ones, they also compensate in price. The price of this card is very low as compared to SanDisk and Lexar.

Transcend V30 UHS-I

Now at the last, I am going to review the Transcend V30 SD card. It is a class 10 UHS-1 SDXC card providing high read and write speed. Unlike Lexar and SanDisk, Transcend is not a popular and renowned brand, but as much as I know, they do make reliable products.

If you are looking for a card for your Canon t3i, then the specs of this card are more than what your camera can support for 4k recording. You can record in 4k or take burst images with no issues.

The Transcend has promised a maximum write speed of 45MB/s and a read speed of 90MB/s. The card is also available in many variants or sizes which include all sizes from 64GB to 256GB.

Buying Guide for the Best SD Cards for Canon T3I

Speed SD Card

Before buying a memory card, the most important factor to analyze is the read and write speed of the memory card. If you are recording in 4k or taking burst images, you are continuously writing to your SD card at a high speed. Therefore, high write speed is essential for saving the data on your memory card.

With having a high write speed, you can record your videos smoothly in 4k resolution. I will recommend buying a class 10 SD U3 card so that it may be compatible with multiple devices and allow high speeds. The single slot of the Canon T3I is compatible with both SDHC and SDXC.

The write speed determines the time required to save or write footage from the device to the card. During recording 4k, look for U3 and v30 to get the best performance without any issues like dropping frames, recording error, and added noise.

The read speed indicates, how long will it take to transfer your footage from your micro-SD card to your pc. When you are transferring your footage to your computer, you will be able to grade your videos faster using high speeds cards.

The capacity of the Card

The next thing which affects the usage of your card is the capacity or size of the card. SDXC cards are available ranging from 2GB to 1 TB and you need to choose one according to your need and use.

While recording in 4k, your footage takes a lot of space and if you are going to record for hours, you need a high capacity SDXC card. It depends on your situation, but I will recommend you to not buy a card having a capacity of less than 64GB.

The Standard SD cards are up to 2GB, the SDHC cards are up to 32Gb, and beyond 32GB cards are called SDXC. This capacity type does not influence the performance of the card.

Brand Name

Another important thing is that your card mustn’t be fake. Before purchasing, be sure that the seller trades real cards. Next, you should find out the recommendations of the device manufacturer. The memory cards we have mentioned above produce reliable and high-performance cards.

What are UHS SD Cards And What Does Class Means?

UHS stands for “Ultra High Speed”. The UHS cards can be used for different kinds of purposes, including recording 4k video, but they can also be somehow confusing because they are currently available with two different speed classes as well as two different connection interfaces.

All the cards are labeled as one or 2-speed classes, each of which indicates a minimum data write performance. Traditional SD speed classes are classes 2, class 4, class 6, or class 10 which a numbering appearing in the letter C.

The UHS cards are additionally labeled with an entirely separate UHS speed class of either 1 or 3 inside a letter U. The traditional speed class 10 and UHS speed class 1 are actually the same as they both guarantee a write speed of at least 10 megabytes per second.

In addition to speed labels, the UHS SD cards come with two alternative bus interfaces. These are known as UHS-1 and UHS-2 and are indicated with a Roman numeral. The Bus interface determines the speed of the electronics used to transfer data and is, therefore, distinct from the minimum write speed class.

Until the arrival of the UHS-2 Bus, all SD cards had the same connection pins and looked physically identical. However, spin around UHS-1 and UHS-2 cards, and you will see that the UHS-2 cards have the 2nd row on pins. These are used for faster data transfers and increased read speed.

How I Selected this list above?

As a practiced photographer and expert, I have used many SD cards and cameras and know well how a card works and what its requirements should be. All I know about the Canon Rebel T3i is that it supports SDCX, U3, V30, and even class 10 cards with a UHS-1 interface.

Keeping in mind the above specifications, I went through different memory cards, reviewed their specs, and formulated a list of the best SD cards for your Canon t3i. By using these cards, you will be able to record smoothly in 4k and take burst images without any issues.

There are more Faster Memory Cards available in the market, but here we are reviewing cards just for canon t3i. The cards we have provided are enough for your camera. There is no point in buying more expensive SD cards as they would not be compatible with the camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to note before buying a card for canon t3i?

When you are buying a Micro-SD card, you should, first of all, consider the purpose for which you need it. For me, it’s for capturing burst images and 4k recordings, so write speed and high capacity are important because cameras write into the card.

If the card can keep up with the camera, the recording will stop. So, we don’t want a card that can make issues for us while recordings. We want one which writes and stores the data into the card.

What size of memory card should you get?

You should choose the size of the card according to the need of your professional work. The memory cards are available in a range of 2GB to 256 GB or even 1 TB, but it depends on your need.

If you are taking pictures only, then I guess a 32 GB memory card can also work, but if you are recording in 4K, then you should have at least a 64GB card. If you are a videographer and your job is to record in 4K for hours, then you need to keep multiple cards in handy.

What Brands are the Best for memory cards?

The most popular brand we would recommend is SanDisk which makes reliable and high-speed SDXC cards.  The Lexar also makes faster and reliable cards but is a bit expensive.

The Micro-Center cards are best for prices since the micro center is a popular company and still has lower prices than many others. The PNY and Transcend are also recommendable brands, but they are not so popular.

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So, this was all about the best memory cards for canon t3i. I hope you liked our review and will recommend it to your friends which are interested in cameras and accessories.

If you want to know more about SD cards or have a recommendation for us, then we would be very happy if you share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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