Can iPhone Camera Lens Get Scratches? (2023 Updated)

iPhone is getting popular and popular nowadays in almost every country. iPhone users are increasing because of their durability and performance. iPhone is known for its powerful processor and its camera results.

There are a few questions related to the camera of the iPhone that we decided to answer. Most consumers are worried about the durability of their phones and that’s why people ask if the Can iPhone Camera Lens Get Scratches or if it’s scratchproof.

Can iPhone Camera Lens Get Scratches?

Theoretically, like any other lens, the iPhone camera lens can also get scratched, but generally, these lenses are scratch resistant and don’t get scratched easily unless hard substances like sand particles or keys come in contact with them.

Why is the iPhone Camera Lens Unlikely to Get Scratches?

So, as we talked about above, it is technically possible for a lens to get scratched, but it is highly unlikely due to a few reasons. The first reason is that nowadays tempered glass technologies like Gorilla Glass are available in the market which makes the glass stronger and less prone to scratches and makes it durable.

Another reason is the design. The cameras are bulked outside, so if there is something like keys in the pocket, precisely, they won’t come in contact with the lenses because they will stick to the non-bulky back unless you have a big pocket.

Also, there are back-covers available which will save them in case the phone slips your hand somehow. Therefore, the iPhone camera lenses don’t get scratched very often.

How to Prevent iPhone Camera Lens from Getting Scratches?

Being a phone owner, you always have to think about the protection of your display screen and camera lens screen. Most of the new phones come with tempered glass and are highly durable.

Though there are some ways that can further enhance the safety and durability of your camera lens or screen. We will discuss safety measures of the camera lenses here only.

Phone Case / Back Cover

The first and easiest way to protect your camera lens from damage is to buy a phone case that has raised edges around the lens. So, if in case your phone falls from your hand, the bulky edges will absorb most of the pressure, saving the lens glass.

Lens Protectors

Just like screen protectors, there are dedicated protectors for camera lenses that protect them from damage or even scratching. These protectors can be fixed on camera lenses which provide extra safety to your phone in case you are really sensitive about your phone cameras.

Does a Little Lens Scratch Really Matter?

If there are minor scratches on an iPhone camera lens, they don’t even matter. These small scratches can’t be seen in pictures. Sometimes, even if the glass is removed, the still camera works properly.

Therefore, up to my knowledge, the camera lens protectors and not much of a use. Also. If they have scratches, they are easily visible. Therefore, I would personally not use a protector because these small scratches don’t matter much, and normally, iPhone lenses are very less likely to get scratched.


So, in this post, we answered one of the queries about the iPhone camera whether iPhone camera lenses get scratches normally or not and if they do, what is the solution for it? Also, we discussed if these scratches really matter or not. If you have any further queries, feel free to ask in the comments. Good day.

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