Can You Shoot Far Away with a Macro Lens?

can you shoot far away with a macro lens

Hey, it’s Mehmood from Camlense and today I am going to talk about macro lens. Macro lenses are gaining popularity day by day and hence every new photographer is asking about them. So, can you shoot far away with a macro lens? Let’s find out.

Before getting into details let me tell you that we have in-detail explained macro lenses, use of macro lenses and their advantages as well as disadvantages. You can these articles HERE.

Can you Shoot Far Away with a Macro Lens?

Usually, Macro Lenses are used for close-ups or macro photography and capturing small objects, but yes, you can shoot far away objects with a macro lens as it will work like a fixed Zoom lens.

Shooting Far Away Objects with a Macro Lens

Some people might be surprised to hear that a macro lens isn’t really something out of the world but is a normal lens having a bigger focal length and close focusing power. Therefore, you can also capture far-away objects like sceneries and landscapes with this lens.

The result will be like a zoom lens as the scene would be magnified depending upon the power of the macro lens. With a macro lens, you get a 1:1 magnification or 1:x magnification. Let’s talk with an example.

advantages and disadvantages of a macro lens

On the left side of the picture, you can see the scene which is captured by a normal lens. Now, look at the right half of the picture which is captured by a macro zoom lens. You can see how the zoom lens captures far-away objects and bring them closer to you just like it does in macro photography.

Are Macro Lenses Telephoto?

Yes, Macro lenses are short telephoto lenses with the capability to focus very closely on very tiny objects that a normal lens can’t. It is the main reason to go for a macro lens instead of a normal telephoto lens.

If you are not bound to macro photography, you can buy a simple zoom or telephoto lens. Also, if you are out of pocket, you can also look at these extension tubes for macro photography which are affordable and provide awesome results.

Do I Recommend Macro Lenses for Distant Photos?

Well, Yes and maybe No, depending on who’s asking. If you the person who is asking is a hobbyist and let’s say fond of macro photography and sometimes need a lens to capture faraway objects, then Yes, you can go for a zoom lens.

But if you are professional or don’t have that kind of interaction with macro photography, then I don’t think it will be a good idea to buy a macro lens just for distant or landscape photography. You should probably go for a telephoto zoom lens to get the required high-quality results for your photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a macro lens as a telephoto?

Yes! A macro lens can be used as a Telephoto lens as it is a lens of a fixed larger focal length. The difference between a macro and telephoto lens is that the macro lens can focus on the extreme close-up level but for far objects, both can work the same.

Can a Macro Lens be used for Landscape Photography?

Yes, a macro lens can be used for landscape photography. You will get awesome results like a telephoto zoom lens as the macro lens has a fixed greater than 100mm focal length.

Is it Worth Buying a Macro Lens?

If you are trying to be a professional macro photographer and can afford one, then it is truly worth it to purchase a macro lens. It is a great gadget to complete your camera gear and help you get amazing close-up results.


So, can you shoot far subjects with a macro lens? To conclude Yes! You can capture distant subjects and sceneries with a macro lens just like you would capture with any telephoto lens. So, if you want to be a macro photographer and need a primary zoom lens sometimes, then go for a Macro Lens, and don’t worry you don’t need to spend extra on another lens.

I hope you got your answer. Furthermore, if you have any queries, feel free to ask me in the comments, and thank you if you are here reading till the end. Good day!

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