Nikon Landscape and Macro Kit Lenses

Hey everybody and welcome to Camlense. Today we have got another Black Friday deal for you and this time it’s not a camera or a camcorder, it’s lenses. We’ve got these landscape and macro lenses available for Nikon DX cameras and this kit comes with the two lenses as well as a couple of online … Read more

Ultimate Guide on ND Filter vs Lens Hood in 2022

If photography is your hobby, then you must have heard the terms “Lens Hood” and “ND Filters”. These are two of the useful accessories of modern-day cameras. ND Filter vs Lens hood is what you might be hearing more often if you are a daylight photographer We have been asked about the uses and differences … Read more

Telephoto lens vs Zoom Lens And Their Basic Differences (2022)

Hey Welcome Back! Recently we are receiving so many questions regarding the differences between telephoto lens vs zoom lens. Therefore, today we are going to talk about the difference between telephoto and zoom lens in detail. We will be discussing if there is a difference? What is the difference? Telephoto Lens vs Zoom Lens | … Read more