Best Hiking Backpack With Camera Compartment (2023 Updated)

If you are here then it means that you are a fan of hiking and trips to hills an enjoying life. Undoubtedly hiking is one the awesome thing to do in life but it becomes difficult if you are taking along a lot of gear like camera accessories with you and not having a required hiking backpack with camera compartment.

Regardless of whether you are a professional hiker who hikes a lot or if you are simply new into this hobby, in both cases you need the best hiking camera backpack to keep your important gears and equipment safe. The best hiking camera backpacks are the ones that are responsible for keeping your required equipment and so you can give you all concentration to hiking and not worrying about the gears in your backpack.

hiking backpack with camera compartment

1- Lowepro ProTactic 450AW Backpack


The Lowepro ProTactic 450AW is a camera backpack especially for experts for hiking that is made for better use and is appropriate for Pro DSLRs and compact drone cameras. This is our best hiking backpack with camera compartment.

This backpack can undoubtedly fit 1-2 professional DSLR Cameras in itself. There is also a lot of space even for 8 lenses. This backpack has some dedicated space laptop of 15inch size. Its system is slip-lock supported, so you can attach extra weight if you need to.

This best climbing camera backpack guarantees fine ventilation the ActiveZone bridle and is a lot more comfortable than other bags while moving because of its soft comfortable material in the required areas. This best hiking bag can hold up to 2 DSLR cameras, drones action cameras, and also a laptop in case of need.

This backpack accompanies five accessories which include, an extra case, a tripod stand, a water bottle pocket, and two snap lashes and each one of them is compatible with slip lock design.


With the assistance of various interior and exterior pockets, you can keep and organize all of your important accessories and your clothes very easily.

There is a dedicated system to attach the tripod to this backpack. An additional advantage to this backpack is that this is weather-proof and can resist rain, dust, and sun radiations.


  • 5 modular accessories from the company
  • Multiple pockets
  • Ventilation and extra comfort
  • The interior is fully customizable
  • Accessible from every direction; Right, Left, Top back


  • A little bit expensive due to its brand
hiking backpack with camera compartment

2- Lowepro Flipside 400 AW II


The Lowepro Flipside 400 AW II is a unique backpack which is having a dynamic storage framework and is the best choice for high capacity backpack lovers.

Now days being weather-proof is a very much important factor for a backpack if it contains expensive gear. It accompanies an all-climate (AW) spread-cover which shields this backpack from sorts of weather changes, for example, rain dust, etc.


The design of this backpack is a “flipside” design which makes it effective for providing more safety to the owner and also makes the backpack easily accessible from all sides for the owner. A 15 inches laptop can undoubtedly fit in this bag and a tablet up to 10 inches also. You can arrange and keep everything in this backpack due to its high limit dynamic storage framework.


  • Higher Storage System
  • Flip-Side Design for simple use
  • Dedicated Tripod Attachment


  • Not everyone like flip-side design

3- TARION Pro Large Camera Backpack


TARION Pro is one of the huge backpacks in the market and offers an incredible space with two-partitions for the cameras. The upper compartment is capable to hold one DSLR camera with five extra lenses while the lower compartment is can hold the second camera and about four extra lenses.


The chest portion and shoulder lashes are amazingly soft and give an extra advantage of comfort with an adjustable or variable strap having slip-locks. This backpack has a  zipper at the side for a which can hold a laptop of 15.6 inches easily.


  • Large backpack with 2 DSLR camera compartments
  • Tripod and bottle holder on both sides
  • Waterproof


  • The backpack is a bit heavier but is bigger and better for more gear

4- Case Logic SLRC-206


Case Logic SLRC-206 backpack is a lightweight and professionally designed backpack especially for professionals who have a hobby of traveling and hiking. This backpack has a waterproof base, so you don’t have to worry to lay the bag down anywhere and can withstand the natural phenomena like rain or dust very well.


Its base is designed in such a way that it can remain standing on the ground on its own so you don’t have to worry about handy fragile gear in your bag.

This backpack has a separate compartment for a laptop of about a 15.4-inch display. This backpack is also having foam protection to protect delicate LCD or LED screen. This backpack has a pocket at one side which makes it easy to carry a tripod in case you are a photography lover.


  • Dedicated laptop compartment
  • Foam material on backpack sides
  • Waterproof


  • Lacks a tripod or bottle holder

5- Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II


This carefully made elegant designed backpack is truly outstanding in the mid-run arrangement. It has three essential storing portions which make it helpful to sort out all of your accessories. There is a dedicated open zone at the head of this backpack which has numerous pockets for your little devices, for example, cell phones,  pens, keys, cables, and other different things.


It has a cushioned waistbelt that is removable and gives additional comfort during the journey starting with one spot then onto the next. It has an implicit all-climate (AW) sheet which guarantees the protection of the gear in the backpack from all kinds of weather phenomena. There is a pocket at the side that can hold a water bottle of random size or a tripod stand used for photography.

This backpack can a dedicated portion of a 15inch laptop and a 10-inch tablet or other useful accessories. This backpack is perfectly designed for hiking if you are having a DSLR with many lenses and a laptop and some other related accessories. This backpack assures the safety of your accessories throughout the whole trip.


  • Dedicated separate laptop compartment
  • Three primary storage zones
  • Fully customizable interior


  • Separate compartment for Camera and Gears(Not a big issue)

6- Evecase Extra Large Professional


If your need to carry a lot of gear accessories on your journey, then you might need an extra-large professional backpack for hikers that can carry all of your accessories and still give you some room for other things.

In this case, Evecase Extra-Large Backpack is a wise decision. This enormous backpack includes a double compartment structure that is capable to carry DSLR cameras and can hold up to two DSLR cameras effectively with lenses.


This large backpack is made up of a premium high-quality Nylon which provides extra comfort and protection to the gear inside the bag.

The shoulder straps of this backpack are soft cushioned and are adjustable according to one’s choice and the chest area is also made soft which will give you extra comfort even while you are carrying a lot of ear in your backpack. It also has a zipper compartment that is capable to carry a 15.6inces laptop.


  • Multiple pockets for accessories
  • Can be converted into School or Travel Backpack
  • Tripod and bottle holder pocket on the side
  • Affordable


  • Heavy but very little

7- Case Logic KDB-101


Some travelers need a small and compact and beautifully designed backpack. For those customers, the Case-Logic KDC-101 is a perfect item which is having a top-load compartment for the DSLR camera and two top adornments for the camera like the lens, etc. with extra quick-access pockets to put useful accessories like SD cards and filters

KDB-101 backpack has water-proof base protection from water and dirt and stability to stand on the ground. There is also a separate compartment that fits up a 15inch laptop with a tablet up to 10.1 inches in itself.


This backpack has stretching or elastic pockets on either of the two sides with pressure straps to accommodate your tripod or water bottle on any side of the backpack. The back of the backpack is cushioned and carefully designed to give the most extreme comfort. The shoulder straps are adjustable so one needs to adjust them according to one’s need


  • Having an adjustable internal storage system
  • The extra protective camera compartment
  • Separate and Dedicated compartment for laptop
  • Side elastic pockets on both sides


  • A bit small in size

8- YuHan Multi-function Backpack


YuHan is a world-known backpack manufacturing company. This company has presented a Multi-work backpack that is an acceptable incentive for the cash for it; it is made of top-notch waterproof Nylon material which is truly tough and solid. It has a separate compartment for DSLR cameras and its components with an opening from the back. Another thing is that the cushioned dividers are adjustable and the customer can organize them according to their will.


This backpack is having a large pocket at the front of the backpack which allows the customer to keep the tablet and other small accessories for the laptop. It has an inner bigger separate compartment that can hold up to 15 inches Laptop effectively along with numerous little pockets for SD cards and cables etc.

There are elastic pockets on the sides that can be used to hold either a water bottle or a tripod. This backpack comes with extra straps that can be fixed at the base of this backpack to hold a tripod.


  • Comfort and durable
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Waterproof


  • The base is a bit odd place for a tripod

9- Thule Enroute Camera Backpack


Thule Enroute is a champion of all the backpacks in its race which is manufactured using the best Nylon that makes it water-proof and gives it strength. The back and the outfits of this backpack are certainly padded or you may say cushioned to give ventilation and extra comfort while carrying it.


This is a lightweight backpack with a small size and despite its small size. A laptop up to 15.6 inches can be fitted in with no issue. There is a dedicated padded compartment which gives extra protection to your camera and its other fragile accessories, and it also has various pockets with zippers to keep important but things.

This backpack has a zipper pocket that can securely hold your water bottle or a tripod. There is an alternate padded compartment for laptops and tablets with simple and easy access features.


  • Have many compartments for camera and other accessories
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful and comfortable design
  • Water-resistant


  • Compact backpack

10- AmazonBasics DSLR Camera and Laptop Backpack


If you are searching for a backpack which is a genuine incentive for cash and not for just a showoff and which also comparatively gives you better features as compared to a costly backpack, then simply check out the AmazonBasic DSLR backpack which is probably the most perfect decision. This backpack is intended to hold 2 DSLR camera and up to 4 lenses.

While going on a journey you can take your required apparatus with you in this best hiking backpack with a camera compartment in specific. The interior of this backpack is a completely adjustable separate compartment for a laptop that is padded with cotton and is capable to carry a 17inch laptop.


The interior of this backpack is completely removable, so you don’t have to stress over your gear that you have to fit in this backpack. Essentially you can modify the cushioning according to your requirement. This backpack is intensely cushioned with cotton to give you more comfort.


  • Good quality
  • Affordable Price
  • Tripod or bottle holder on the side
  • Water-resistant cover


  • Not 100% waterproof
hiking backpack with camera compartment

Buyer’s Exclusive Guide

Following are the factors that a person needs to keep in mind while buying a hiking backpack with a camera compartment:

Water-Resistant Material

In today’s world, even gadgets are turning into the water-proof design, in this situation who would want to purchase a backpack that would allow rain or water into it and would harm other important accessories.

Although you need a backpack that is water-resistant but frankly speaking, it doesn’t need to be fully water-proof because you are not going to jump into the river with it. All you need is a backpack which is water-resistant to some extent and which can prevent rainwater form from going in, in case you are welcomed by rain while hiking.

For this purpose, we would suggest Nylon fiber which is thick and also lightweight. Test it. Pour a cup of water over it, you will see that the water can’t pass the fiber.

In case you are caught by a river then if your backpack is water-resistant hopefully your clothes and other important gear won’t be affected by the rain-water.

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Lockable Zippers

A single zipper generally cannot be locked. But if there are two zippers then the compartment can be locked by combining the zippers then interlocking them. Therefore make sure that the backpack you are going to buy has two zippers, so that you may lock them in case of need.

When you are traveling then it is really important to lock your bag. Stealing clothes is not an issue when you are at home or hostel but it is an issue if you are traveling somewhere. What if someone put something in your bag? Or if someone steals something in a hotel or a camp when you are sleeping?

We suggest the TSA-Friendly locks for backpacks. Make sure to search for them as well when you are going to buy a backpack. These TSA locks have a dedicated release valve that allows the TSA to open the look without the fear of breaking it. The TSA locks can be purchased at any retail store like Roggers, Walmart, or Amazon.

Multiple Compartments

If you are going on a long trip, you to take clothes, a camera, a laptop, a charger, and other things which are important for daily use. That’s why if you have a different variety of things, then you must need a backpack that has a lot of compartments/pockets so you can keep easy access to all the stuff in your backpack.

For example, you have one dedicated compartment for a laptop, the main compartment for clothes, and the secondary compartment for the camera and its accessories. Umbrella, tripod, or water-bottle has a side elastic pocket so one can grab them easily.

Internal Frame

In the modern world, everything is changing. The changing framework of backpacks is not a big deal. Most of the backpacks today are having internal-frame packs. A complete solid frame of rods is there which is hidden in the cloth of the bag. So it is hidden but provides strength to the backpack if you are carrying heavy gear with you.

Although there are some backpacks with external-frame packs which you can see in old movies in the 1970s. We suggest you stay away from that kind of backpacks and stick to the internal frame bags. The External Frame backpack has a weird metal framing that is visible. The rods in these backpacks are not joined to a single pack and just stick out. Looks weird in this modern world!

The internal frame designed backpacks give nice look and the rods won’t mess up being caught by something and also the bag will seem slim as compared to the bigger outer-frame backpack. Additionally, the carbon fiber rods or touch plastic rods in the internal frame structure make the hiking backpack more durable.

Padded Back Panel and Shoulder Straps

Almost all of the weight of the backpack lies on your shoulders if you are carrying it. Therefore you need a backpack having padded or cushioned or shoulder straps. Simple in shoulder straps there is a foam type material which prevents the shoulders from getting hurt while carrying a heavy load and also provide comfort to the user.

Also if the bag is too heavy and you are hiking then you also need a belt strap which should also be padded with foam. SO you will get support in carrying the weight a bit more comfortably. The belt helps in dividing the weight evenly on the back as well as the shoulders preventing strain.

Also, the back panel of your hiking backpack shoulder should be padded. On one hand, it will provide comfort to your back and on the other hand, it will protect your laptop from being harmed as the dedicated laptop portion is mostly at the back.

Front Loading

A backpack that can be unzipped from the front is called a front-loading backpack. You can zip or unzip the bag from the front face to access your necessary gear.

The other type of bag is a top-loading bag. This type of backpack is more common but it’s difficult to pick your important stuff especially from the bottom. The front-loading bag makes it easy to be accessed. That’s why we suggest to you to go for a Front-Loading Backpack.

hiking backpack with camera compartment

Best Hiking Camera Backpack Price

The most important factors on which the price of the backpack depends are the fabric of the backpack, its size, and the brand which owns it. Generally, the cost of the best hiking backpack with a camera compartment is between $99 – $299 USD.

The local brands or simply saying the store brands are much cheaper than the bigger brands. Yup brands’ quality is better to some extent though but the price difference is also high. Depends on You!

You can buy a medium-sized local branded backpack for about $199 rather than buying a USD 400 branded backpack. We have provided here the items which are affordable and also durable simultaneously.

The backpack that worth more than $400 is what I call showoff. You can get the best hiking backpack with a camera compartment on this site for $150 – $250 which will suit you in the best possible way.

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Here we are concluding our review of the best hiking backpacks with camera compartment and hope that you have found your desired bag for you. Personally my favorite one is the L0wepro Pro Tactic, the No.1 on the list. Choose your favorite one and let us know.

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