How Far can you Shoot with a 600mm Lens?

Just thinking, if you are here, then you are kind of a big fan of bigger lenses. If that’s so, you if must be wondering, how far would a 600m lens reach? Don’t worry I am going to show each and everything about the reaching power of the 600mm lens.

Technically, very few people would have used such a heavy and big lens with much of a zoom. So, in this post, we are going to talk about the mileage, the 600mm lens would reach and why you would want this lens to be yours.

How far Does a 600mm Lens Reach?

On a Simple note, you can see from a few meters to infinity depending upon the size of the subject. You can easily reach up to 30 times closer to your subject using a 600mm lens. You can reach as far as our Solar System and look at Jupiter and Saturn too.

Mathematical Calculation of 600mm Lens Range

400mm/50mm = 8.

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