How Far can you Shoot with a 600mm Lens?

how far can you shoot with a 600mm lens

Just thinking, if you are here, then you are kind of a big fan of bigger lenses. If that’s so, you must be wondering, how far would a 600m lens reach? Or How Far Can You Shoot with a 600mm Lens? Don’t worry I am going to show each and everything about the reaching power of the 600mm lens.

Technically, very few people would have used such a heavy and big lens with much of a zoom. So, in this post, we are going to talk about the mileage, the 600mm lens would reach and why you would want this lens to be yours.

How Far Can You Shoot with a 600mm Lens?

On a Simple note, you can see from a few meters to infinity depending upon the size of the subject. You can easily reach up to 12 times closer to your subject using a 600mm lens on a full-frame lens. You can reach as far as our Solar System and look at Jupiter and Saturn too.

how far can you shoot with a 600mm lens

Mathematical Calculation of 600mm Lens Range

600mm/50mm = 12

So, you will get a 12 times closer look with a 600mm lens. Though you can zoom into the photo and get an even closer look at your subject too. We have divided the number by 50 because 50mm is the closest lens to the human eye.

Minimum Focusing Distance of a 600mm Lens

Are you asking the minimum focusing distance of that 600mm lens? If so, the answer is about 15ft. If you mean how far away can it shoot distant objects, then that depends on how big they are and how big you want them to be in the final image. It also depends on whether you are using a Full Frame or APS-C camera. 28

The question of how far can a 600mm lens reach should be how much you can zoom with a 600mm lens because all lenses can see far away like up to infinity. It all depends upon the distance and size of the subject.

If the subject is big enough, you can capture it from miles away even with a smaller lens but if the subject is smaller, then it is difficult to capture even with such a bigger lens. Though you will be comparatively better results with a 600mm lens as compared to other smaller ones because it can zoom in more.

How many times magnification is a 600mm lens?

With a 600mm lens, you can get a magnification of 12x in your subjects. Trust me that’s simple mathematics. With a 50mm lens, you get the same field of view as an eye, so 600/50, you’ll get 12, and it’s the times you can zoom into the subject. There is one drawback to it as less light will reach the image sensor because of the smaller effective aperture.

Why Would You Use a 600mm Super-Telephoto Lens?

The super-telephoto lenses are there to shoot very distant objects like the Moon or birds flying high in the sky etc. This very expensive 600mm lens is mostly used by people who have kind of unlimited resources of money and keep spending money for pleasure.

So, these lenses are mostly used by rich people for enjoyment purposes, and therefore, pictures like faraway islands and lighthouses can be taken easily from miles away. You can also zoom into the Moon or Jupiter and see how it looks. In the picture below, you can see the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter caught with the help of a 600mm lens.

Furthermore, we also brought another example of what you can shoot with the 600mm beast. See the photo below you will see two birds in the air. One is the hummingbird and the other one looks like an owl or some kind of eagle, I don’t know. You can tell me in the comments if you know.

humming bird and owl

So, you can see the picture of the hummingbird is taken from 75 meters away and the picture of the owl is taken from 100 meters away and you can still see all the details in these photos.

In the next photo, you will see eagles fighting. This photo is shot from about 50 meters far. Still, you can see each and every detail of these eagles, and moreover, this is not even a complete zoom.

eagles fighting


So, again the 600mm lens goes see very far up to infinity and has a zoom of about 12 times of our normal vision and can go up to 30x. Generally, it is a rich-people thing and if you are one and want to give it a try, I’ll say do it.

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