How Long Does a 500mm Lens Reach?

Assuming that you are a fan of bigger lenses and want to know how far can you shoot with a 500mm lens or simply How Long Does a 500mm Lens Reach? Here, I will answer your query and explain everything about the 500mm lens in detail.

These huge lenses are generally very expensive. Therefore, there are only a few who can actually afford these lenses. So, without any further due, let’s talk amount the reach of the 500mm lens.

How Far Can You Shoot with a 500mm Lens?

Simply put, a 500mm lens can reach as far as you want and lets you get 10 times closer to your subject as compared to a standard lens. With a 500mm lens, you can even capture the Moon and planets too.

Mathematical Calculation of 500mm Lens Range

500mm/50mm = 10

So, according to the above calculation, you can get a 10 times closer view while using a 500mm lens. Here in our calculation, we have divided the total focal length by 50 because 50mm is the standard focal length that is closest to the human eye. You can see a detailed post about the closest lens to the human eye Here.

Minimum Focusing Distance of a 500mm Lens

So, what is meant by minimum focusing distance? It is the minimum distance from which you can get a better focus on your subject. If this is what you are looking for, then the minimum focusing distance of the 500mm lens is about 3 meters.


So, the 500mm lens sees very far up to infinity and has a zoom of about 12 times of a normal standard lens, and can go up to 30x. Now, do I recommend it? So, if you are a casual photographer having no use for such a big lens, then you don’t need to spend a huge sum of money on this lens.

However, if you can afford these lenses and wanna give them a try, then you should do it. Personally, I can’t afford these big lenses and I am not using them.

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