How Much Does a Backdrop Cost in 2023?

After starting your professional career as a photographer, you will soon be looking into backdrops. It’s fun, taking pictures here and there but, you do need to start formal photography too like official portraits and commercial photography to increase your brand value.

For this purpose, you will need a backdrop, or I say a variety of backdrops. So, how many backdrops should you buy and how many types are there? Also How Much Does a Backdrop Cost? These are the questions we are going to answer today.

How Much Does a Backdrop Cost?

At an average, a backdrop cost around $15 to $1200 depending upon the material, size and quality. You can easily find the Canvas backdrop, the most used backdrop ranging about $30 and $1200. The expensive ones include large canvas, velvet or muslin. Printed Paper backdrops are also available which costs around $12.

Today we are going to talk about backdrops. Most people do two types of photography. One is that they cater with commercial clients where they do ads campaigns and editorial stuff like that and then they cater to consumers which includes portraits, family portraits, headshots, senior photography and all that fun stuff.

The portrait clients always have the question and that is, what type of backdrops do you guys have. Simply if people are focused on the backdrop I your photo, it means they are not focused on you and I didn’t do my job as a photographer.

A good backdrop should enhance your photo and not take away from the subject that you are trying to photograph. It is almost like a frame on a photo. People walk up and they go wow! That’s an amazing frame and they don’t complement the photo. Trust me it means, they photo sucks.

Today I want to talk about backdrops in general and the system that we use as photographers to hand backdrops.

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