How Much Does a Small Camper Weigh (2023 Updated)

how much does a small trailer weigh

If you are here then it means that you are looking for a small sized camper  and average small camper weight for your camping and recreational trips? Then you might be wondering that how much does a small camper weigh?

Camper trailers are very amazing vehicles for camping and other stuff. So here you are going to have a complete answer about a small camper weight and recommend some camper trailers for you too.

How Much Does a Small Camper Weigh?

In short,  a small camper weighs Around 500-3000 Pounds (226-1360 kilos), when its tanks are empty. You can expect to add 500 -1000 pounds of gear or water to the camper.

Generally, the average weight of the teardrop camper is in the Range of 500 and 3,200 Pounds. 

That’s a huge range, but you can expect that most teardrop campers will weigh somewhere around 1000 lbs.

Trailers above 3000 pounds are regarded as the “heavy campers” which are generally double-deckers with bunches of conveniences.

Travelling is more than just a hobby these days, it is a lifestyle and travel trailers are insanely popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts because of their customizing utility features, hull capacity and many more things between.

They offer a multitude of comfort and functionality and there are number of choices to consider from but depending on the size, length, weight and other amenities.

What Effect The Weight of a Camper

So, after knowing how much does a small camper weigh, you might be curious about the factors that increase the weigh of the trailer. Following are a few factors which effect the weight of the camper:

Load or Gear in a Camper

Weight is a camper trailer is dramatically affected by the load or weight you put in it. If you are taking a lot of gear with you, then obviously your camper is going to be heavy. But if you take moderate amount of stuff with you then, your camper weight won’t be enough.

Weight of Your Camper Due to Slides

Keep in mind! If your camper or trailer has slides, it will definitely increase the weight of the camper. Generally, one slide-out weighs about 800lbs. and add dramatically to your camper weight.

In case your camper is having “pop outs” instead, which are the canvas tent-material that jumps out, it will not actually add any huge measure of weight. This is just the mechanized slide outs that I’m talking about here.

Construction Material

Basically, there are two types of camper trailers.

  • Fiberglass Made
  • Aluminum Made

Fiberglass Made Camper/Trailer

One of the materials to construct a camper trailer is fiberglass. This type of camper trailer is made of smooth fiberglass-made exterior walls. These kinds of campers are generally manufactured with a few shaped bits of fiberglass that make the shell of the camper.

They share a greater number of commonalities with a Boston Whaler boat than a conventional RV. The fiberglass constructed campers are more water-resistant, gives more classical look, require less wood and is lightweight.

Aluminum Made Camper/Trailer

The second type of camper construction is the aluminum construction. This type of trailer is made of corrugated aluminum on the outer sides. They have the knocks along the whole outside of the trailer.

Since you’re adding the heaviness of an enormous heap of wood, these trailers are typically around 900 pounds heavier if all else is equivalent.

Do You Need a Truck to Carry Your Camper?

It Depends on your Camper Size. First of all, let me tell you that there is every type of camper, for every type of vehicles. There are camper trailers which can be towed to a car like the lighter teardrop and there are the ones which are heavy, and you might need a truck or SUVs to pull them.

Be aware of the marketing strategies. Make sure you check the actual numbers instead of the media-vines. Don’t go for “lightweight”, “featherlight”, “superlight” words if you are looking for light weight trailer. Go for the actual weight instead of falling for these scams.

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Best 5 Lightweight Small Campers

We have made a review about drive lightweight small travel trailers so that you can choose one for yourself. So without wasting anymore time, lets get started.

Airstream Basecamp Aluminum Travel Trailer

Specially built for adventure, the Airstream Basecamp Aluminum Travel Trailer is a small travel trailer that is tough and light weighted enough to go anywhere your wanderlust takes you to.

This trailer has a net weight of 850 pounds and it can be towed with most of the cars so you can easily haul it with your vehicle. With four different customizable floor plans, it has a sleeping capacity for up to four people. It has a large lunch area tat turns into a bed to make your journey more comfortable.

It has a fully featured bathroom, a kitchen with two burner stoves and a deep bowl sink. It is packed with a 21-gallon fresh water 24-gallon grey and black water combo tank, so you will never run out of water on your outdoor trip.

This Airstream basecamp has a 9200 BTU AC in order to keep you cool in a hot summer day and also a 16000 BTU furnace to keep you warm in cold winters.

No matter wherever you set up your trailer whether in the woods or river camp, the Airstream trailer is packed with a bunch of essential features to make your outdoor trips more enjoyable.

small trailer weigh

Happier Camper HC1

Delivering groundbreaking flexibility in an ultralight package the Happier Camper HC1 is the result of the lifetime of enthusiasm and years of careful design.

The HC1 offers the most flexible towing facility and weighs around 1100 pounds, so that you can tow this trailer with your favorite car with ease.

Inside the trailer, it has a fully featured kitchen with a beautiful sink, adjustable fac, ac and many more features to make your rounded trip comfortable and relaxing.

Moreover, it has tailor finished cushion mats which provide amazing comfort for up to five people. It is ideal and perfect for camping, hauling and guest quarters because it’s flexible adaptable modular interior system will allow you to customize your trailer on the move according to your need.

To keep you hydrated, this trailer has a 5 gallon freshwater tank, so that you can refresh yourself anytime and there is also a disposable tank to store all the waste without any problem.

As it is an ultralight trailer that offers ample living space for the whole family without compromising comfort, you can go wherever you want with your Happier Camper HC1.

small trailer weigh

Dub Box Camper

With the nostalgic good looks of a Volkswagen, the dinky Dub Box Camper Trailer is a retro way to make your road trip more enjoyable and at the same time luxurious.

You can tow this pretty cute looking camper trailer with most of the cars pretty easily. It has a very starty build and offers adequate protection for yourself, your companions, and your belongings.

This trailer has the most beautiful interior where it features a kitchen a gas stove, stainless steel sink and many more features to make your outdoor trip more enjoyable.

It has a table where your and your loved ones can enjoy the meal, but its dining table can be converted into queen sized bits where four people easily feed on it without compromising the comfort.

It weighs only 1320 pounds and has 330 pounds of hull capacity, so roam freely with all your gears without any worry. Make your outdoor adventure secure and comfortable with the Dub Box Camper, an amazing trailer that provides the luxurious feel for your outdoor trip.

small trailer weigh

TAXA Outdoor Cricket Camper

With the perfect blend of sophisticated design and easy towing facility, Taxa outdoor cricket camper is a lightweight and rugged trailer which is ideal for your outdoor trip.

This trailer has a net weight of 1753 pounds and can be towed with most of the cars, so you can easily drag it with a vehicle to make a remarkable outdoor trip.

This lightweight trailer has a portable bathroom, a kitchen with two burner stoves, a sink and a trauma furnace with a water heater, so that you can take a quick shower to stay warm and cozy.

It comes with a 15-gallon freshwater tank and a 16-gallon grey water tank. Its NASA inspired design features a full bed with ample under bit storage that transforms into a dinette for comfortable launching in a secure interior space.

Also, it has a 5000 BTU Air Conditioner which ensures your comfort during any weather condition. If you are looking for a light radiate rugged trailer, then the Taxa outdoor cricket camper will be a great choice for you.

small trailer weigh

Forest River RP 180

Now it’s the time to introduce you to the No. 1 trailer on our list which is Forest River RP 180. This is a trailer which is packed with a bunch of amazing functionality features to make your outdoor trip more enjoyable.

It weighs around 3000 pounds and offers 882 pounds cargo capacity, so bring all of your gear and essential things to make a comfortable and remarkable trip.

It has a fully features kitchen with a two burner stoves, a sink and a dining space, so that you can cook and eat a perfect meal every time. The RP 180 offers more than four different customizable floor plans and has up to four people sleeping capacity so that no one will miss the fun outdoor trips.

It is packed with a 30-gallon fresh water tank, two separate grey and black water 30-gallon tanks, so that you will never run out of water on your camping trip.

Moreover it has excellent safety features including smoke detectors, Ip detector, safety chain and many more. No matter where ever your journey make take you with the Forest River RP 180, you can always experience a wonderful outdoor trip with the loved ones.

small trailer weight

Final Verdict on Small Camper Weight

Finally we are concluding out post here and we come to a result that an average small camper weight is around 500-3000lbs. Weight of camper is dependent on the built material, and size of the campers.

So, that was all about the five best lightweight travel trailers just for you. Thanks for giving your time.

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