How to Set up Zmodo Camera? (2022 Updated)

how to set up zmodo camera

Hey everybody! There had been many queries about Zmodo camera setup Here I am here to show you how to set up your Zmodo camera and how to connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Follow the steps carefully for understanding Zmodo camera set up in the best way.

What are Zmodo Cameras?

A Zmodo camera is an outdoor security camera that can be connected to Wi-Fi and then it will show you a live view of your outdoor area where you planted it. It also has better night vision which is being tested.

It is helpful as it will show you all of your outdoor surroundings if you are inside the house, so you dont have to worry about anyone jumping into your house or stealing something, or just doing anything!

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We have provided three types of processes to set up your Zmodo camera. One is the quick answer, the second is quick steps and the last is advanced steps of Zmodo Setup.

Zmodo Camera Set up

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How to Set Up Zmodo Cameras | Quick Steps

Here we are going to show you step by step instructions on how to set up Zmodo cameras. So, let the tutorial begin. And yeah dont worry if you dont understand, we have more detailed explanation below.

  1. First, connect your camera to electricity by joining the cable lead and the next thing you need to do is to connect your camera to your Wi-Fi. To connect your camera to your Wi-Fi network, you are going to need to Zmodo app.
  2. Now you need to do is to go to your Appstore or Play-store and download the Zmodo Camera app and create an account if you dont already have one.
  3. After launching the app, you will be taken to the screen where you need to click the little + icon at the top of the screen and we are going to look for the Zink Option.
  4. After it, you are going to click on Zink.
  5. Then it will prompt and ask you how many cameras you are trying to connect. If you are currently connecting one camera, so you will click 1 and then click the little blue checkmark.
  6. Now it is going to ask you to go to your Wi-Fi settings on your phone and connect and connect to the camera Wi-Fi.
  7. So, click the little blue tab which is going to take you to your Wi-Fi settings, and you are going to see your camera Wi-Fi up here which is going to be denoted as ZMD_SAP.
  8. Click on that to connect to your Camera Wi-Fi and then return to the Zmodo App.
  9. Once you return to the Zmodo App, its gonna ask you your SSID and Password. You are going to enter your credentials there and then click the little blue checkmark at the bottom.
  10. Now its gonna ask you to go back to your Wi-Fi settings and reconnect to your Camera Wi-Fi. Find the Wi-Fi network of your building and connect to your Wi-Fi and return to your Zmodo app.
  11. Now its going to search for the camera to connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  12. This may take a few minutes, so its a good time to read a novel or a book or just simply go to sleep.
  13. Once the connection process is finished you will be prompted to give your camera Name and Password.
  14. One thing to note, if for some reason the connection process is having issues, then you wanna move your camera nearer to your Wi-Fi router. That sometimes helps a little.
  15. Now name your camera as anything you want. Suppose you name it Camera1 and give its password.
  16. Then you are going to click done and then a little blue checkmark at the bottom of the screen.
  17. And then you can see your Zmodo camera will be up and running.
how to set up zmodo camera

Advanced Zmodo Setup (In case you did not understand the steps above)

Zmodo Camera Setup Using Zink

1) Install the app and make a free account.

Download and install the Zmodo App from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and register for a free Zmodo account. You can create an account using either an email or a cellphone number.

If you have already got one, then just log into it.

2) Before you begin

When you launch the app, you will be taken to the screen wherever you would like to click the tiny + icon at the upper portion of the screen, and then we will look for Zink Setup.

Make sure you know the minimum requirements for using your product. If youre connecting a Greet, Torch Pro, or Doorbell, you may require the full installation guide before configuring your product.

 3) Click the (+) Add Device menu and begin the ‘Zink’ Setup method.

Once youve got logged into your account, you may be taken to your Device List home screen. Click on the Add Device + menu on the top right corner and choose the Zink setup. If you are not having a Beam already, choose the Normal setup possibility.

4) Hook up with your phone to your wireless fidelity device’s wireless signal.

You are going to be prompted to attach to your devices wireless Wi-Fi signal. Press Tap here to select Wi-Fi to travel to your smartphones Wi-Fi settings page and choose your devices Wi-Fi connection. If you are connecting a Beam, hook up with the SSID referred to as AP_ZMD. If you are connecting the other Zink wireless fidelity device, hook up with the SSID referred to as ZMD_SAP.

5) Enter your Wi-Fi data into the corresponding fields.

Enter the Wi-Fi data (SSID and password) for your network that you just wish your device to attach to. Please note that you just would need a 2.4GHz WPA/WPA2 password-protected Wi-Fi, for which your network name (SSID) should NOT embody spaces, and it should NOT be hidden. as an example, My Connection wont work, however, My  Connection can work.

You can access your routers settings to configure your SSID.

Zink can find and connect to your device automatically. The app could prompt you to connect to your wireless network. If it does, please choose Tap here to pick Wi-Fi and connect your cellphone to your Wi-Fi network. Once connected, youll come back to the Zmodo app till your device is connected.

6) Name your device.

Once your Zmodo camera is connected successfully, you may be prompted to configure your device and set the time zone, etc. Youll choose a preferable name, otherwise, you will name it after location or operation. Its suggested that you just set a unique and tough to guess password for the security of your home.

After it, you will be asked whether or not you wish to share your device. Once these steps are completed, your Zmodo wireless device is going to be prepared for use!

Zmodo Camera Setup Using SmartLink:

1) Before you begin

Make sure youve got the list of the minimum requirements to use the item and have completed the installation portion of this support page successfully.

Connect your smartphone whether Android or IOS to the Wi-Fi network that you just wish to attach to your Zmodo wireless device. For this setup, you must have a 2.4GHz or higher for it to work.

2) Install the free app and build a free account.

Download and open the free Zmodo app from Google Play or the App Store and register for a free Zmodo account. In the same process, you can create an account via email or phone number. If you have already got a Zmodo account, please log in.

3) Choose the (+) Add Device possibility.

Once youve got logged into your account, you may be taken to your Device List home screen. choose the Add Device + possibility on the top-right corner. Several in-app directions can facilitate guide you to organize your Zmodo wireless device for network configuration.

4) Enter your wireless fidelity countersign.

Power on your device and choose the number of devices that you are going to set up. You will be prompted to enter the Wi-Fi password that your phone is connected to.

It is going to be the network that your Zmodo device will be connected to. For your convenience, please ensure that you just set your password a hard one and properly. Please enable a number of minutes for SmartLink to find and connect your device to the Wi-Fi automatically.

5) Name your device.

Once SmartLink has with success connected your Zmodo device, you may be prompted to call your device and set the time zone. Youll choose a name, otherwise, you will name it after location just like that for Zink.

Its suggested that you should set a tough password for security. Itll then ask you whether you wish to share your device. Once these steps are done, your Zmodo wireless device is going to be prepared for your use!

Troubleshooting Ideas

Please go through our steps below if your camera or other Zmodo device is not connecting to your Wi-Fi network. You might be encountering some issues which can be resolved by following the steps below:

    1. The first one is to re-enter your SSID and Password in case you have typed incorrectly.
    2. If it doesnt work, you probably need to reset the device and then try the setup process again once the device is back on and Green LED is blinking.
    3. Another issue that is encountered by most people is that their Wi-Fi signals are too weak. In order to make your device work, you need to improve your Wi-Fi signals.
    4. If you are still facing issues in setting up your connection, then you can freely ask for Zmodo help at


See thats simple it is to connect your Zmodo Camera app to your Wi-Fi and set up your Zmodo camera. If you have any issues you can ask us through our Contact Us Page.

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