Kodak Pixpro AZ652 Review

If there is a digital camera that is bound to impress you, it is indeed the Kodak Pixpro AZ652. This time we are looking for a camera, a digital camera that is not a DSLR, just a digital camera. It doesn’t have interchangeable lenses but the lens it comes with is a crazy zoom lens. It goes from 24mm to 1560mm. That’s a lot so now, let’s see what that looks like.

The first shot is of a mountain in Colorado at the widest possible setting. Now without moving at all, I am going to zoom in as much as I possibly can and take another photo which is actually at full 1560mm. As you can see in the photo below, that is a whole lot of zooms, you got to admit.

Features of Kodak Pixpro AZ652

Powerful Zoom

On the top of the lens, there are markings that give you a sense of the focal length when you zoom in or out. This works because there is a 65x optical zoom and a 4x digital zoom, so together they combine to give you 260x zoom, which is pretty crazy.

Electronic Viewfinder

The Kodak AZ652 has a 3-inch LCD screen on the back and that’s very nice but if you want to shoot old style and bring the camera close to your eye, you do have a tiny screen inside the viewfinder that gives you all the same information and it makes it really easy for you to work with and focus as you want.

The LCD Screen has more tricks up its sleeve too because you can flip it out and you could even turn it around which is very lovely and very easy at the same time.

Camera Sensor

The Pixpro AZ652 comes with a 20 Megapixel BSI CMOS Sensor. It gives us a huge color range and it gives you a lot of bright vivid colors.

Shooting Modes

You can shoot in JPEG and RAW modes. If you prefer to use RAW and prefer to work in photoshop, this camera got you covered. I actually prefer shooting in JPEG, so you set what you like, and you are good to go.

Standard Options

If you look at the top you can see that you have the standard set of options including manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, program, and fully automatic. I often shoot in full automatic. If you prefer to do your own focusing, on the side you can switch between a fully automatic zoom autofocus or what they call Smart focus or a fully manual focus.

Scene Selection Modes

The AZ652 also has a lot of seen selection modes. It has presets for macro and for flowers and for sunsets and for soft portraits and stuff. It’s pretty fun to play with those and see how they work but honestly, you can leave it in fully automatic mode, and you are good to go.

Video Mode

Now when you switch to video mode, you can get 1080P full HD video but only at 30fps, so it’s not 60fps. If you want 60 frames per second, you got to jump down to 720P, and still, it’s going to look really gorgeous on your television

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