Most Expensive DSLR Lens in the World

Photography as a hobby is increasing day by day and, nevertheless, it will get expensive soon as usual. Several newcomers into this field are not aware of the good-bargains out there which are postponed by the high value of lenses and equipment.

We planned to pin the sticker shock to the next level and make a listing of the Top 3 Most Expensive DSLR Lenses in the World ever sold. Don’t worry concerning the effort to buy these as your credit card might not allow you to afford these killer lenses. Of course, this can be a good blog to send to purchasers after they rise why you won’t shoot a marriage for $200.

Most Expensive DSLR Lens in the World

1. Leica 1600mm f/5.6 camera lens

Leica manufactured this masterpiece lens for the Sheik Saud Bin Mahound Al-Thani of Qatar, at a value simply topping $2 million. Nobody knows what in world did the Prince needed this lens for or why he would order a 1600mm DSLR lens?

The weight of this lens is 132lb, it’s no surprise the owner additionally bought a custom Mercedes to carry it around. Al-Thani, unquestionably the foremost extreme gear addict of all time, sadly never shared any sample pictures taken by that DSLR lens.

By writing this post, we tend to still have neither any technical info on the Leica lens, nor any plan wherever it’s currently.

Price: $2 million (via Apotelyt)

2. Nikon 6mm f/2.8 wide-angle lens

This lens is Nikon most expensive lens and was introduced at Photokina in 1970. This prime, designed for special scientific and industrial applications, is really able to see behind itself! A series of filters are literally engineered into the lens since you clearly can’t match any on the front.

Nikon started updating their version and UI version within the Eighties, however smart luck finding one anyplace. One Nikon 6mm recently sold at auction for £100,000 ($160,000). You can review this article and reply us by Contact Us form. 

Price: $160,000

3. Canon 1200mm– “The Mother of all Telephotos”

This is the most important Canon lens ever created and which only exists in a few numbers is B&H Ikon. B&H ikon dubs it, “It is The Father of all Telephotos lenses,” however this factor appearance a lot of sort of a monster than a mother to America. It’s over capable of taking clear pictures of scenery miles away. B&H features a more commonly used model priced at $120,000, however purportedly Canon has been custom building new ones since 1993.

Minimum focusing distance: 46-ft.

Price: $120,000 at

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