Socio-Economic Problems Related to the Agricultural Sector


Pakistan is an agricultural country and since its inception Pakistan has been dependent on the field of agriculture because of the injustice in the division of assets as India got most of the assets and industries and Pakistan was left with few industries and that’s why we had to rely on our agriculture sector for our economic rise.

Problems Faced By Pakistan in Agricultural Field

Following problems are faced by Pakistan in the Agricultural field since the day of independence:

  1. Climate and Weather Problems
  2. Scarcity of Water
  3. Water Logging and Salinity
  4. Deforestation
  5. Over Population
  6. Natural Hazards
  7. Techno-Economic Problems
  8. Financial Problems
  9. Socio-Economic Problems

Here I will be talking about socio-economic problems in Pakistan’s Agriculture.

Socio-Economic Problems Faced by Pakistan in Agriculture

Agitation and Land Mafia

Farmers are mostly seen in courts of fighting each other for lands as one called a piece of land his property and the other one called it his property and different big problems are created due to this as farmer lose much of their income in courts and if not the results are even worse. There is often bloodshed for farming lands among the farms.

Different Social Issue

Most of the farmers are illiterate and don’t know how to keep a record of their income and expense. If there income increase, they also increase their expenses instead of spending the extra income on the land for the betterment of farms. Also there are different ceremonies and events like birth, marriage and death events which eat a lot of saving of the farmers and that’s why they can’t afford new methodologies for modern farming.

Family Systems in Rural Areas of Pakistan

In the rural areas of Pakistan where there is most of the agriculture investment, there are joint family systems. A poor farmer has to feed a huge family. There are siblings which rely upon the elders and don’t work for themselves and a poor elder has to feed all of them instead of saving money for modern experiments.


Almost all of the farmers of Pakistan are illiterate and have to start earning for their families right from the childhood and are deprived from the blessings of education. Due to their illiteracy, they are unaware of the modern techniques and equipment and therefore results in loss of cultivations.


Health sector in rural areas is also not appreciated, they farmers are not provided with basic facilities of life and that’s why they become ill and most of their income is spent on health.

Dirty Politics

Right from the start out political system is not stable and that’s why it is causing a lot of problems for Pakistan to promote our agriculture field. This condition has caused people to hesitate in investing is agriculture.


Pakistan has to work on different solutions to solve these problems and increase our agricultural output. The government should start awareness schemes for farmers regarding the use of modern machinery in farming to increase the yields and provide subsidies to the farmers so they can work with the core of their heart.

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