Understanding Zmodo Cameras and Why They Go Offline

Zmodo camera offline is one of the most widely encountered issues by Zmodo camera users. If you ever see your camera disconnected from the internet or offline, you don’t have to panic at all. This is quite common with any home security camera or smart home device. Moreover, this does not mean that your camera is any less worthy or useful. 

Zmodo camera offline issues can occur due to multiple reasons and these reasons are mostly unidentified by new users. The old Zmodo camera users get to identify this issue instantly and perform the right troubleshooting steps. 

Today, we are going to discuss why Zmodo cameras go offline and the steps to fix this issue without any hassle. So we will start this post by discussing the causes of the offline issues on your Zmodo camera.

Why is my Zmodo camera offline?

There could be multiple reasons for your Zmodo camera to go offline every now and again. In this section, we will walk you through some of the most common causes of your Zmodo camera offline. 

  • Weak WiFi connectivity

This is one of the major causes of offline issues on your Zmodo home security camera. If the camera is not within the range of your WiFi network, weak connectivity will make the camera go offline.

  • Outdated Zmodo camera firmware

In case the firmware of your Zmodo camera is outdated, the camera won’t be able to work properly. As a result, the camera will go offline or in an idle state. 

  • Lost internet connection on the network

Sometimes, the issue occurs due to a server outage or internet downtime at the service provider’s end. The internet connection on your network can go off as a result of a temporary outage due to server updates.

  • Zmodo camera is out of battery

If your Zmodo camera’s battery is not charged or has drained out, the camera won’t be able to work. As a result, you will see your Zmodo camera offline. 

  • Modifications on your wireless network 

If there have been some recent modifications on your network, then you are sure to face this issue. In case you changed the WiFi password, SSID, or some other configuration, the camera will get disconnected from the internet. 

  • MAC or IP filtration service active on the network

The MAC or IP filtration is a service on your router that helps you restrict any unknown device to connect to the network. In that case, you have to manually enter each device’s IP or MAC address in the router’s system. The Zmodo camera offline issue will occur if you forget to add your camera’s MAC address to the router’s system.

  • Zmodo app outdated 

If the Zmodo camera app is outdated or downloaded from any untrusted sources, you won’t be able to get your device online. The app will show the camera status as offline.

Steps to fix the Zmodo camera offline issue

Now, we will walk you through the tips and tricks to fix the Zmodo camera offline issue;

  1. Reboot your camera and the router

Firstly, you must reboot your camera and the router. Turn Off the camera and the router. Wait for a few seconds and then restore the power supply to both devices. 

  1. Check your WiFi network

Now, you need to examine your wireless network. Look out for possible modifications and active MAC or IP filtration service. Moreover, make sure you check whether the VPN is enabled or disabled. The VPN and MAC filtration services should be disabled. 

  1. Contact your service provider

If you still see the offline issue on your home security camera, you must get in touch with your internet service provider. You can ask your service provider for possible outages or temporary shutdowns of the internet services. 

  1. Charge your camera

It is important that you fully charge your camera’s battery. Detach the camera from its mounting and connect it to the power cable. Let your camera remain on charge for 4 or 5 hours. After that, go to the next step. 

  1. Update the Zmodo app and camera

Uninstall the Zmodo app and then reinstall it on the same device. Once you login to the camera, make sure you look for the latest firmware update. If the update is available, kindly go through it. 

Finally, the Zmodo camera offline issue will go off. The camera will be back online and you will be able to control or manage its settings. 

How to get the Zmodo camera back online?

To bring your Zmodo camera online, you first need to follow the troubleshooting steps that are given above. If you are still unable to resolve the Zmodo camera offline issue, make sure you reset your device to the factory default settings. After the reset, reconfigure your camera and then connect it to a WiFi network. Finally, the issue will be resolved.

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