Why Smartphone is the Future of Photography? (2023 Updated)

why smartphone is the future of photography

I will start the post with my own incredible quote, “Don’t let the Camera or Gear be in your way of Photography! If you are a Pro, you don’t need to keep yourself dependent on the camera.”

As a pro, it doesn’t matter that much if you shoot with a smartphone camera or a professional camera costing $900, or another professional camera costing $1300 and having a $2200 lens. You just know how to make the most of your skills. Now, why smartphone is the future of photography? Or why cellphone photography in the future of photography? Read the whole post know all about future photography.

Why Smartphone is the Future of Photography?

Smartphones are the future of photography because they offer more improvement in their cameras, Wi-Fi connectivity, and AI-based photography modes, more modes and filters to choose from, and most importantly, cellphones don’t have any issues with portability.

Smartphones aren’t just the future of photography, but also the present. More than 90% of the photos and videos every year around the world are taken on smartphones. Alright, so let me tell you, why smartphone photography is the future of photography and not the big bulky cameras. Let’s dive deeper into it.

What is Best About Smartphone Photography?

So? Are we really going to argue, what’s the best about the smartphone cameras? The phone cameras are improving at a rate far faster than other DSLRs or point and shoot cameras.

The reason is Canon, Nikon, Sony, their product pipeline. They sell their professional cameras every 3-5 years. So, they only increase the specs in small increments, but smartphones are the opposite. They wanna sell the new phone to people once a year which is their product pipeline.

Because of this rapid pipeline, you see these quick advancements in cellphone cameras. It’s because, for the camera, there is kind of no space where they can improve more.

On the other hand, let’s look at the new iPhone cameras. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is having three cameras. One lens is for normal shots, one is the ultra-wide lens and the one is for bokeh.

Smartphones are really defying the laws of photography. They are putting faster apertures, lenses with different focal lengths, and after a few years, you might see five or ten cameras with every little focal length, like from fisheye to 200mm.


How to Take Professional Pictures with Phone

Reasons Why Smartphone Photography is the Future

Portability: Camera vs Smartphone

One of the most incredible things about the smartphone is that you have got it with you all the time. Everyone hates carrying around a big, bulky, heavy camera around. It limits what one can do while carrying this bulky thing around.

Wi-Fi Connectivity and Transferring Files

Another most important factor which puts cellphones above the camera is the wi-fi and social connectivity. Meaning you can send your photos or videos to your social media or your editors right away. And the quality is almost the same now.

As a professional photographer, it’s not just you but a complete process. You can’t manage everything alone as a professional and gonna keep editors. It’s important, how fast you can deliver, how fast you can publish. You need to stay connected to your editors all the time.

Software and Apps for Smartphone Photography

The camera doesn’t allow you to write a program for it, but a smartphone does. For a cellphone, developers can write programs and you can have access to unlimited apps that can make the camera do things that you need it to do, and you can publish it right away or send it to your editors. You can also edit your own photos instantly.

You can find many apps online, which can make software changes to your camera and make the photos much better. For example, if you don’t know about Google-Cam, find out more because it’s way better than a stock camera.

AI-Based Photography in Phone

Most of the phones these days, are equipped with AI photography mode which intelligently adapts all the changes according to the subject or surrounding to make the photos better.

Why Professional Photographers Prefer Cameras Instead of Smartphone?

These were the reasons that are going to switch professional photographers from big cameras to smartphones. In the future, they are going to start using smartphones more and more. In fact, the only reason they don’t now is a shallow stereotype in my opinion.

I think, it’s the shape of the cameras that are symbolized as professional and it’s going to be hard to get that out of our culture and that’s why most photographers prefer cameras but in future major camera updates, these professionals will be convinced to switch to cellphones.

Okay! I get it, there are some things that you can do with bigger cameras like using a much bigger lens and other stuff, but you get a lot of other features on s smartphone. You get a lot of modes like panorama, slow-motion, portrait, time-lapse, photobooth, HDR, etc.

How AI is impacting the Future of Smartphone Photography?

AI Mode of Taking Different Kinds of Pictures

AI Mode of Taking Different Kinds of Pictures

The cameras nowadays can intelligently know what you are shooting and accordingly set different settings according to your subject. The camera will know to adjust the contrast, sharpness, and saturation so that the pictures and perfectly balanced.

For example, if you are shooting nature, then the cameras will identify it and increase the saturation a little to make the photo look more appealing. Similarly, it can switch to food, clouds, or rain, portrait, and many more.

why smartphone is the future of photography

As you can see in the red rectangle, the sign of AI has now converted into spoon and fork means that AI has found that we are capturing food and now it will optimize situation for food.

Beauty Effects in Cellphone Camera

That’s how the application of photography can be more profound. Today there is a lot of distortion introduced in smartphone photography because of the small size of the lens.

But the smartphone can use the software after taking the picture to correct the aspect ratio of the dimensions and proportions of the picture. The camera will fix the representation for you. The camera can fix your complexion, make you look a bit better.

Augmented Reality in Smartphone Camera

Future cameras have been thought of mainly for augmented reality. The idea is that they would overlay the scene and you would see if the monster or cartoon behind me and it’s kind of fun to see that on your smartphone screen. This actually does happen in Snapchat Filters.

Future of Phone Cameras

Without any doubt, there are going to be a whole bunch of camera systems that will be able to perceive the depth of the scene around us.

So, if you are taking a picture with the rear camera, someone on the street, or a building, the camera will use a special distance measure sending beams out and having account of how they bounce back to tell what’s the volume of the space around the subject and by doing.

So, the camera can then perform some calculations that can tell where objects can space.

You Should be Independent of Gear as a Photographer

As a professional photographer, you do need professional gear, but you should not be dependent on it. I guess, if you are an aspiring photographer, don’t let gear be the only reason you are not doing it. You can earn money with your phone.

The demand for photography is increasing nowadays because of social media and also every business these days need photographs. Most photographers are not capitalizing on mobile photography but there are a lot of advantages when shooting with your phone.

Do Professionals Use Cellphones for Photography Nowadays?

Indeed Yes! The majority of the professionals these days are running their social media accounts, and what do you think they shoot with? Obviously, they shoot with their phone. Most of those social media content creators these days, use their smartphones to take pictures and create their content too.


So, now you know, why smartphone photography is the future right? Sorry! Not future, it’s already happening. Cellphones are the present and future of photography. Yeah, those pros are obsessed with those big bulky things but it’s all coming together. So, if you want to improve your mobile photography, you can visit our professional post here.

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