Best Cheap PS4 Accessories Under $30

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I will be presenting a few of the best cheap PS4 accessories under $30. There are links to all products, in case you wish to purchase any of them for yourself.

As an Amazon Affiliate, on All Qualified Purchases, I receive commission

Wireless Mini Keyboard

First of all, we have a micro wireless keyboard for PS4. This is something, I think you can just plug straight into your controller. You also get a micro-USB cable to charge the keyboard.

Cool Charging Stands

Next, I have some cool charging stands for your PS4 controllers. These are better to use as you can easily fix or mount both of the controllers here instead of manually kind of plugging them in with a cable etc. I found two of the coolest stands which you always want of your Gaming Setup.

The controllers actually have a dedicated spot, so when not using them, you can have them on the stand.

Two Types of Chargers

Controller Charging Stand

Functionally, this charger works as good, I just like the other one. It’s kind of easy to plug the controller in without any problem and overall seems a good product. Well, I prefer, they made this thing like a matte finish, instead of a glassy finish.

Twin Docking System

Personally, I am going to be leaning toward this kind of design instead of the other because this one seems a bit cleaner and more premium. Also, this is also easier to charge and take out the controllers. Really, it’s just personal preferences. Maybe, you like the other one.

PS4 Icons

This is the thing, I guess will look better in any gaming room. These are icons but they all light up when connected to the power supply. It has RGB and I think, it should be pretty cool. You got a Green, Red, Blue and like a Pink color icon as well. You have a button to change the lighting modes

PS4 Cool Fan

The next thing I want to show you is the cool PS4 fan. Not sure how much exactly you need it but is too cool to have with your PS4. Also, if you are used to playing too many games on your PlayStation, you do need to cool it down.

Premium Storage Tower for PS4

The next thing we have is the storage for PS4 games. You can store all of your game’s disks. If you have a PS4 gaming setup, you can probably benefit from one of these if you have tons of games and they are just kind of just lying around.

Gaming Headphones for You PS4

We have tested a few gaming headphones for your PS4 and picked up some for you. With these professional Gaming Headphones, you can enhance you gaming experience and have fun while playing. Also, your gaming setup will appear more cool.