Evolution of Human-Computer Interaction

The first gen computer had no usual human interaction. The ENIAC had no mouse or keyboard or screen. It was used by specific scientists, and they used to pass values by using switches. Later in the late 1970s, HCI emerged as an area in computer science and since then it’s expanding rapidly attracting professionals from … Read more

Human Computer Interaction

Here We will discuss Vacuum Cleaners. If an electrical device is used to clean or remove dirt using high-power suction. Good Things Vacuum Cleaner saves energy Saves Time if one is a busy person Vacuum Cleaner is very easy to use as compared to brooming or mopping the floor Storage area to store the dust … Read more

Best External Mic for ZV1 And ZV-E10

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Can a Camera lens be Damaged in Cold Weather?

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Can iPhone Camera Lens Get Scratches? (2022 Updated)

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How Long Does a 500mm Lens Reach?

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Do Zmodo Cameras Have Audio?

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How Does Zmodo Camera Work?

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Jintu 420-800mm Telephoto Lens review

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