Full Spectrum Camera vs IR Spectrum Camera

If you found this post, it means that you have some interest in infrared photography. So, I have put together a comprehensive guide on infrared and full-spectrum photography. Before starting, let me tell you that this article is going to be really long, so be with us. Full Spectrum vs IR Spectrum Camera Full-spectrum contains … Read more

How to Prevent Lazy Eye in Photos?

You can prevent lazy eye or Amblyopia in pictures by changing the focus of the subject, by changing you shooting angle, or by changing the body or head position of the person you are taking photos of. If the subject is a baby or infant, you can use a toy to catch attention and click … Read more

How Long Does a Canon Battery Takes To Charge

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6 Best Memory Cards for Canon t3i in 2021

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Best Flash For Sony A7III and A7RIII

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Camera Basics | Aperture | Shutter Speed | ISO | Focal Length (2021)

What are Camera Basics? Photography Basics or also known as Camera Basics are the fundamental settings of a camera that every photographer needs to master if he wants to become a professional. These Cameras Basics include Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. By mastering this trio, a photographer can control the exposure, motion, and shutter time … Read more

Ultimate Guide on ND Filter vs Lens Hood in 2021

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