Camera Basics | Focal Length

What is Focal Length? Another question which is heard most of the times from new photographers is about focal length. Focal length is a basic description of a photographic lens. After giving a read to our detailed information, you would know 100% about the focal length. Focal Length Focal length is the measurement of the … Read more

Camera Basics | Aperture

What is Aperture? Simply aperture is the hole in the lens through which light travels into the camera body and onto the camera sensor. The Aperture of the camera is like the pupil of the eye. Aperture is perhaps the most influential parameter of photography. Aperture plays an important role in composition and setting up … Read more

Ultimate Guide on ND Filter vs Lens Hood in 2021

If photography is your hobby, then you must have heard the terms “Lens Hood” and “ND Filters”. These are two of the useful accessories of modern-day cameras. ND Filter vs Lens hood is what you might be hearing more often if you are a daylight photographer We have been asked about the uses and differences … Read more

How to Print a Portrait Photo in Landscape in 2021

Portrait Orientation Landscape Orientation So, yesterday I bought a frame for a picture just to know that it won’t fit in the frame due to the portrait orientation of the picture and landscape orientation of the picture frame. Before I was going to return the frame, I realized why not print the picture in Landscape. … Read more

Telephoto lens vs Zoom Lens And Their Basic Differences (2021)

Hey guys! We have been receiving so many questions regarding the differences between telephoto lens vs zoom lens. Today we are going to talk about the difference between telephoto and zoom lens. We will be discussing if there is a difference? What is the difference? Basic Differences Between Telephoto And Zoom Lens The basic difference … Read more

Why Camera Lenses Are Round But The Pictures Are Square? 2021

Photography is something that is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, besides knowing this fact, everyone loves to capture photos. But you must have noticed that why camera lenses are round but the pictures are square? Yeah, it’s true that camera lenses are cylindrical and have round circumference but the shape of the photos that … Read more

Can I Leave My Camera Battery Charging Overnight?(2021)

Hey there! We have been asked several times that is can I leave my camera battery charging overnight? or is it bad to leave your camera battery charging overnight? Many people today are using cameras and phones more often and wish to know about the effect of charging batteries overnight. After all the research we reached … Read more