Guest Posting

Write a guest post and get a free Do-Follow backlink?

Hey there! Do you want to write a guest post? Here we are now officially accepting guest posts and you can get a chance to write one and get a free backlink. You can create a free account and submit your article by yourself or you can send us the article you wrote and we will upload it and link to your URL.

Requirements of the Post

We have certain requirements for the post you are writing which are given below:

  • The post should not be related to something illegal
  • The URL of the post should not be the same as one we already added
  • We need high quality unique content (not spun content)
  • You can write on any keyword of your choice

Length of Post

The length of the article or pot should be in the range of 750 – 2500 words. Less than 750 will not be accepted. Greater than 2500 words can be accepted depending upon the quality of the post.

Make  a Free Account

You can make a free contributor account by click on the sign in/up button in the menu or by simply clicking here.


If your topic is related to cameras or their accessories, then we will upload your guest post for free but if not, then we will charge $30 per post.

Or Send to Us

You can send us the keywords via form below. We will check if the keywords are available for you or not and will respond to you ASAP.

Thank You