Best External Mic for ZV1 And ZV-E10

Hey welcome, back to Camlense. Today we are going to talk about another important accessory for ZV1 and ZV-E10. We will review the Best External Mic for ZV1 and ZV-E10 today and will also provide you will a complete buying guide in case you want to buy a product somewhere else.

If you are talking to audience, then choosing a good quality external mic is very important to keep your audience engaged. Low quality microphones are not suitable for talking to an audience. To attract the genuine audience you need video and audio both to be of high quality.

Having a high-quality video but low-quality audio is detrimental for your views and audience engagement. Therefore, we brought this review to show you the best and high-quality microphones for you ZV1 and ZV-E10, so that you can record clear audio and counteract unnecessary noises.

Best External Mic for ZV1 and ZV-E10

1. Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone


The Rode Video-Micro external Microphone is an amazing option for you if you are switching form a built-in microphone to an external one. It transmits high-quality sound and reduces noise to a greater extent. It runs on plug-in power instead of external power.

The Rode VideoMicro compact mic is a compact and sleek designed durable microphone. It has a lot of new features that are very appealing for youtubers and other influencers. It is also ideal for journalists. It is compatible with Sony ZV1 and will work best.

Design And Reliability

The Rode VideoMicro compact mic has a compact and sleek design. It is about 3-inch long and weights around 1.5 ounce which makes it easier to carry with you wherever you want.

Along with its compact design and easier potability, this mic is also reliable and is made up of aluminum which helps in rejection of RF. This mic is also coated with ceramic which eliminates any chances of glare which can damage the mic or the audio.

Front-Directional Sound Picking

The Rode microphone comes with an interesting feature that picks up the sound from only the front direction and ignores the sound from backside. The mic comes with a cardioid polar pattern which help to pick up the sound from just one direction. That’s how you will get a clear audio without any disturbance.

Removable Shock-Mount

The Rode microphones use a special kind of rough layer suspension-style shock-mount to minimize or eliminate the vibrations form the camera. Along with the shock-mount, there is a shoe mount at the bottom of it for easy attachment and detachment of the camera.


  • Durable/Reliable
  • Runs on Plug-in Power
  • Fury windshield eliminates wind noise
  • Shock-mount eliminates Vibrations while moving the camera
  • Allows one-directional sound pick-up.
  • Easy to mound and dismount to camera.


  • Works in close range. Doesn’t work at a much bigger distance
  • Records sound from maximum 3-4 feet distance.

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