Jintu 420-800mm Telephoto Lens review

Welcome to Camlense. Today I will be talking about the Jintu 420-800mm Telephoto Lens which I call the beast. We have been receiving comments related to this camera, so we decided to review it on a detailed basis. So, if you are interested in it, continue reading.

Jintu 420-800mm Telephoto Lens Review (Unbiased)

The Jintu 420-800mm Telephoto Lens is a pretty decent quality, solid-build manual-focus super telephoto lens providing a surprisingly much better image quality and video resolution like those expensive lenses on a very small price.

Jintu Telephoto Lens Specifications and Features

Super Zoom

As this Jintu Lens can shoot in 800mm, therefore, you can get a very zoomed in photo, much likely like super-zoom. The zoom quality is much better from expectations.

Here I will show pictures taken with the stock lens (15-50mm) and the super telephoto lens. The picture on the left is taken with the stock lens, completely zoomed out. The picture after it is taken with the same stock lens but fully zoomed in.


Now, you can see the pictures taken with the Jintu 420-800mm. The picture on the left is completely zoomed out and is taken with 420mm focal length. The one on the right is completely zoomed-in, taken with 800mm.


Another example of the super telephoto zoom is this bird on the tree. Here you can see in the picture on the left, that there is a tree, but you can’t see the bird. With the super zoom, you will see the bird on the right side of the pic.


Manual Focus

This can be sometimes a plus point and sometimes a downside depending on your need. Professionals and those who want to be professionals, tend to use manual focus and overall manual settings as they want to take the grip on their camera. So, they see it as a plus point.

On the other hand, hobbyist photographers which are not much familiar with photography and cannot do much in manual settings, then it’s bad news for them. Yeah! I know it’s easier to learn manual focusing but it’s missing. So, I am pointing it out.

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