Macro Lens Vs Wide-Angle Lens

Hi! I am Mehmood from Camlense and in this post, I will compare Macro Lens vs Wide-Angle Lens. We will talk about the benefits of both of the lenses and at the end decide which one is better. We will see how different types of lenses give you different results.

Macro Lens Vs Wide-Angle Lens

In a comparison of macro lens vs wide-angle lens, I would suggest that it depends on the type of photography. If you are doing close-up photography, you should choose a macro lens and if you’re doing landscape photography, then the wide-angle lens is for you.

Comparison Between Wide-Angle and a Macro Lens

Wide-Angle Lens

Cameras normally come with the standard kit lens which zooms from a wide-angle getting lots in the shot up to roundabout a portrait distance. But what happens when we don’t have much room to maneuver ourselves? Or what happens when we want even more in the shot?

That’s when wide-angle lenses come to play. So, if I want to take a picture covering up a really wide area with a standard kit lens, I will have to zoom it out to a wide-angle and see what I get.


Now we will take the same shot with a wide-angle lens. You can see the left image taken with a normal kit lens zoomed out to its widest angle and it has done quite a good job. We managed to get the whole of the castle in the pic.

But with the wide-angle lens on the right, you can see that we got even more in the shot. So, we can get not only the castle but all of this flower arrangement in the foreground. On top of that, you get a much greater sense of depth that’s only possible with wide-angle lenses.

Macro Lens

Now after talking about the wide-angle lenses, we are going to talk about close-up photography. Of course, the standard kit lens has certain capabilities when it comes to taking pictures of fine details but there are dedicated macro lenses that are specifically designed for this purpose.

We are going to try a macro lens on some beautiful subjects such as insects and flowers and then we will see the results taken with a standard kit lens and a dedicated macro lens.

This pic is shot with a standard kit lens. We have been able to get relatively close to our subject but have not been able to get extremely close seeing very fine details.

Using a dedicated macro lens, you can get much more close to your subject enabling you to see amazing details such as the hair on the bee’s leg. So, as you can see macro lenses can produce really stunning effects and are definitely worth it.

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