Telephoto Lens vs Standard Lens

In this post, we will be talking about the uses of a telephoto lens and a standard lens, or you can say wide-angle lens and will compare their uses and features to make a complete in-depth review post on telephoto lens vs standard lens. You might have some questions in your mind, and I will … Read more

Do most Photographers use Continuous Source Lighting?

Welcome to Camlense. In today’s post, we will examine, why you should and why you shouldn’t use continuous lighting source. First of all, we will discuss, what continuous lighting sources are and how they are not comparable to flash. Do Most Photographers use Continuous Source Lighting? No, most photographers don’t use Continuous Source Lighting because … Read more

Do You Need Autofocus for Macro Photography?

I welcome you to another Camlense Macro Photography Tutorial. After receiving the question so many times, the Camlense Team decided to write on whether you need autofocus for macro photography or not. It’s a complicated question and can be answered differently for different users. So, let’s get into it. Do You Need Autofocus for Macro … Read more

Why Camera Lenses are Round but Pictures Square? (2022 Updated)

Photography is something that is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, besides knowing this fact, everyone loves to capture photos. But you must have noticed that why camera lenses are round but pictures square? Yeah, it’s true that camera lenses are cylindrical and have round circumference but the shape of the photos that we generally … Read more