Kodak Pixpro AZ528 vs Kodak Pixpro Az252 | Ultimate Comparison in 2023

Welcome back to another post. Today, I will be talking about an important matter. Recently we received an email to do a comparison of Kodak Pixpro AZ528 vs Kodak Pixpro Az252 to show which one is better. Therefore, we decided to make a complete a review post on it and also present the important features of both of these cameras.

Kodak Pixpro AZ528 vs Kodak Pixpro Az252

In short, the Pixpro az528 is better than the Pixpro az252 with its 52x zoom as compared to the 25x zoom of the az252 and also, you can record at 1080p resolution on the az528 as compared to the 720P resolution of the az252.

AZ528 vs AZ252

There are few reasons which can be noted to decide which of the bridge camera is better. Let’s discuss these few factors.

Image Sensors

The az528 comes with a 16MP CMOS sensor while the az252 comes with a 15MP CCD sensor. Now, both have their advantages but at least on paper, the CMOS sensor is better than the CCD. The CMOS is faster and is therefore, better for high quality video recording. So, here the az528 gets an edge over the 252.

Zooming Power

The Pixpro az528 can zoom 52x times into the subject while the az252 has only 25x zoom. So, here as well the Kodak az528 takes an edge. Although, the resolution is a little bit degraded at that high zoom but I think its worth it.

Lens Type

Both of these cameras come with 24mm wide-angle zoom lenses. Both have the same lens type and is therefore a draw between the two. So, the points remain the same.

Video Quality

The az58 again stands out with its high-quality video resolution. The Pixpro 528 records in 1080P resolution while the Pixpro 252 recorded in 720P HD resolution. The video quality gives a helping hand to the az528 when recording, so, if you are a fan of video recording, az528 will be a better option for you.

Optical Image Stabilization

Both of these cameras come with built-in optical image stabilization. Image stabilization is a very important factor nowadays when it comes to choose a camera. OIS is better for both videos and photography. This removes the shakiness of the hand and let the footage be smooth and blur-free.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Here is again where the az528 takes the lead. The az252 does not come with built-in wi-fi and therefore, it cannot be remotely controlled via wi-fi or Bluetooth. The kodak 528 has a wi-fi and is that’s why helpful to transfer files directly to your smart device.


The Kodak Pixpro az528 comes in an amazing midnight blue color while the az252 comes in three colours, red, pink, and white. So, if you are a fond of colors, then you are going to like the az252. The midnight blue is also a nice color.

Hot Flash

Unfortunately, both of these cameras lack hot shoe, so you cannot install an additional flash. But the good news is that both of these cameras have built-in pop-up flash which will do the necessary work for you.

Price Difference

One of the most important factors when it comes to buy any device is its price. The Pixpro az528 is indeed a better camera with its features but is expensive as compared to the az252. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget and wish to save some money, then the az252 is a way out for you.

Which Camera Would I Prefer?

Both the az528 and az252 are entry level bridge cameras from the Kodak Pixpro and offer performance between DSLR and point and shoot. Both of them are good cameras and should be worth trying. But when it comes to choose one, I would personally choose the Pixpro AZ528.

Now the reason about my choice is simple. I go for features. Although, the az528 is a bit expensive, but if a few dollars price is not a big deal for me, then I will choose the 528 for its features. It comes with a powerful sensor, having 52x zoom, high video quality, built-in wi-fi and much more.

These features are missing in the az252 but in return is a bit affordable. Therefore, if the above-mentioned points are not important enough for me, or I have some budget issues, then I will go do the AZ252, but if not, then my decision in obvious.

Why should You Buy the Pixpro AZ528?

  1. The az528 is best for all types of photography and videography like night photography, portraits, zoom and landscape shots along with high-definition video recording.
  2. It’s a zoom lens providing you with a 52x stable optical zoom. What else do you need then?
  3. Both are bridge cameras, so you won’t be missing out between the DSLR and point and shoot.
  4. The customer service of Kodak is better and also the camera is easier to use.
  5. This camera use LB-060 Li-Ion Batteries instead of cheap AA Batteries.


So, that was it. Here, we are going to conclude our review post by saying that although the Pixpro az528 is a bit expensive but it has got more specs than the az252 and that is why it wins this competition.

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