Best Godox Flash for Sony (2023 Updated)

Best Godox Flash for Sony

Hey, welcome to another post on Camlense. Today, we are discussing an important factor of photography which is flash. Lately, we have been receiving questions regarding the best flash for Sony or explicitly speaking, the best Godox flash for Sony cameras.

Therefore, we have researched a lot and finally formulated a list of the best Godox Flashes that you can use with your cameras or specifically, Sony cameras. We have researched on lots of platforms and filtered some of the products which you think can be really useful for you.

Best Godox Flash for Sony

Godox V860II-S


The Godox V860II-S is the most advanced and premium flash from the Godox company and provides the best results and a premium and professional flash experience that every photographer wants.

The V860II-S is going to help you in your photography career in a lot of ways. The photos you take with this flash are next level. It is the best available Godox Flash at an affordable price. Considering the features, reliability, and price, it is indeed the Best Godox Flash for Sony Cameras.

This flash has a built-in wireless transmission which allows you to control the flash from a distance. The battery is 2000mAH which is enough for 650+ flashes and enhances your experience. You also get TTL functionalities to get the most from your flash.

Battery Power

The V860II-s comes with a powerful 11.1 volt, 2000mAH lithium-ion battery. With a full charge, this battery can provide up to 650+ full-power flashes and have a lower recycle time of only 1.5 seconds which is very helpful when shooting fast objects. The battery comes with a power-saving technology that turns the flash off if not used for 90 seconds.

Wireless Transmission

The flash also comes with a 2.4GHz wireless transmission which means that you will be able to turn on the flash over a distance of 100 meters which is long indeed. You can also use the flash will multiple flashes just the way you can use any normal flashes together.

High-speed Sync

Another important feature of the flash is its high-speed synchronization. It helps you get a fast shutter and increases the efficiency of your camera. You can easily record longer footage with this flash.


  • High-speed sync
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Transmission
  • Flash exposure compensation
  • More than 650 per charge


  • With an A-mount transmitter, you can’t get ATF AF Assist beam

Godox TT685S


The Godox TT685S is also a good choice and a better alternative to V860II-S. It is a professional camera flash that is compatible with Sony cameras out of the box. It is easy to use, and a self-explanatory user manual makes it more easier.

The only spot where this flash lacks behind our prior flash is battery life. The V860II-S has a comparably better battery life which is why we selected it as our top priority. It is powered by 4 x AA batteries which are separately placed.

This flash is TTL-compatible which makes your shooting experience just amazing. This Godox flash is fully compatible with almost all Sony cameras and Sony wireless lighting systems. Apart from that you can also use this flash as an optical wireless master. The flash duration can be 1/300 to 1/20000 of a second.

Light Coverage

The light coverage of this flash is from 20 millimeters to up to 200 millimeters. You can also reduce it to 14mm by stretching the lower point. Almost all types of photography fit into this range.

Adjustable Angle

Another best thing about this flash is that it is adjustable. You can tilt the flash according to your need. The flash can be adjusted anywhere from 0 degrees to 360 degrees.

You can also vertically rotate the flash up to 90 degrees and horizontally 270 degrees. So, you can adjust the flash just as you want to make your experience more easier and perfect.

LCD Display

It is another benefit of this flash that it comes with an LED dot matrix LCD display. The display is intuitive and easy to use. You can view all the flash information in realtime. Also, this flash has an amazingly designed control panel having perfectly distributed keys and functions.


  • Wireless X system
  • Can also be used as an Optical Wireless Master
  • Comes with High-speed synchronization
  • Include TTL and FEC features
  • The power management system is simple


  • Noisy zoom drive
  • AA batteries are not the best



The Eachshot Godox TT350S is an affordable flash from Godox that has both master and slave technology which makes you make a lot better use of light with this great flexibility. The flash is also compact-sized and convenient to carry along with you. Apart from that, this flash allows horizontal and vertical rotation to let you achieve any angle you want.

As stated above, the TT350S is a remarkable flash for an affordable price which is a great deal for its price when you consider the features and specs. Other flashes with these features are much more expensive than this lens.

Compact Sized

One of the features of this flash is that it is compact-sized. It is so compact that it will easily fit right in your hand without any problem which is why it is easier to carry if you like to travel. It will occupy much little space in your bag. You can easily move this lens with you if you wanna go hiking a long walk etc.

TTL Functionality

The Godox Eachshot TT350S will allow you to have full access to all TTL functions when you want. Though the flash is compactly sized still you won’t have to sacrifice any of your favorite features.

With TTL functionality, you will experience better flash intensity. Also, this flash comes with FEC, multi-flash, manual flash front and rear curtains sync, and many more features.

Convenient LED Panel

This ultimate flash also comes with an LCD panel. The panel has a red background due to which it is visible in both highlight and lowlight conditions. The LCD panel has evenly distributed 4 function buttons. The plus point of the red LCD panel is that you can easily read and switch controls even in complete darkness.

  • Pros
  • Heat resistant
  • Numerous adjustable angles
  • TTL compatibility
  • Can be used as a master or slave


  • Comparatively, this flash has a shorter battery life



When it comes to shooting in dynamically changing environments, the GODOX AD200Pro emerges as a remarkable choice. Equipped with essential advantages, it ensures success regardless of the setting’s challenges, making it a reliable companion for every shoot.

Versatile Flash

The GODOX AD200Pro redefines versatility, offering a comprehensive range of features tailored to any environment. Its interchangeable flash head options include the round head, fresnel head, Speedlite head, and bare-bulb head. Each head produces distinct light qualities, enabling creative and diverse shot possibilities.

High-Capacity Battery

Featuring a removable lithium-ion battery, the AD200Pro delivers exceptional performance. With a single charge, you can achieve up to 500 full-power flashes. The flash power can be precisely adjusted across nine steps, ranging from 1/1 to 1/256, allowing for accurate control over flash intensity.

Lightweight and Portable

Weighing merely around 5 lbs, the AD200Pro is designed with portability in mind. Its compact and lightweight construction makes it a reliable companion for travel photography. The ease of transport, thanks to its portable design, ensures seamless adaptability across various shooting environments.


  • Remarkably large AV panel
  • Consistent color temperature stability
  • Versatility with TTL, manual, and multi-flash modes
  • Ample capacity battery for prolonged shoots


  • Exercise caution regarding sharp components

Buying Guide For The Best Godox Flash For Sony?

Guide Number

In the realm of flash photography, the guide number holds significance as it determines the reach of light when the camera is optimally set. A higher guide number implies a greater light coverage. Consider your shooting requirements and budget while selecting a flash with an appropriate guide number.

TTL (Through the Lens)

TTL, or “through the lens,” refers to a feature where infrared light is emitted before the actual flash to optimize lighting conditions. This pre-flash enables accurate calculations for optimal flash output, resulting in well-lit images. Look for TTL functionality to ensure precise lighting control.

Recycling Rate

The recycling rate denotes the time required for a flash to recharge between shots. For fast-paced environments, a quick recycling rate is essential. However, portrait photographers may not find it as critical. Evaluate your shooting style to determine the importance of a faster recycling rate.

Wireless Transmission

Experience the next level of convenience by opting for a flash with wireless transmission capabilities. Liberating yourself from cumbersome wires while setting up the flash enhances your shooting experience. Ensure compatibility with your camera, especially if it is an older model.

Master & Slave

Flash units are often categorized as master or slave. A slave flash relies on another device to trigger it, while a master flash can be commanded directly from the camera to trigger other flashes. Consider your desired flash setup and shooting style to determine the importance of master and slave functionality.

Sync Speed

Sync speed refers to the maximum shutter speed at which the flash can synchronize effectively. Mismatched sync speeds may lead to subpar photos due to insufficient light capture. Ensure compatibility between the flash and your camera’s sync speed for optimal results.

Battery Power

For continuous shooting or extended trips, battery power is crucial. General flash units offer approximately 300-500 photos on a fully charged set of batteries. If you require prolonged power, consider investing in additional rechargeable batteries for uninterrupted shooting.

Swivel & Tilt

Often overlooked but essential, the flash’s swivel and tilt capabilities provide flexibility in setting up the flash according to your preferences. Opt for a flash that offers maximum swivel and tilt range, reducing your workload and streamlining the setup process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Godox flashes good?

Godox flashes are not just good, they surpass many others in terms of performance and have earned an excellent reputation for their exceptional service.

Which Godox flash is best?

Determining the best Godox flash solely based on specifications can be challenging. The best Godox flash is the one that perfectly suits your specific requirements. I find the Godox V860II-S to be the top choice.

How long does a Godox flash last?

With proper care and maintenance, Godox flashes can last for more than three years, providing reliable performance throughout their lifespan.

Is Flashpoint the same as Godox?

Yes, Flashpoint and Godox are identical. Flashpoint is a rebranding of Godox products and offers the same quality and features under a different name.

Is Godox a reputable brand?

Godox is widely regarded as a reputable brand due to its impressive features, attractive pricing, flexibility, and affordability. Their range of products meets the needs of photographers with great value for money.

What is TTL flash?

TTL (Through The Lens) flash technology involves the emission of infrared flash bursts before the actual flash is fired. This pre-flash provides information to the camera, allowing it to make adjustments to achieve optimal flash output and accurate exposure.


Sony cameras are compatible with a wide variety of flashes. However, very few products can compare to the Godox flashes in terms of both quality and cost. The items on the list have all been tried and true.
You can choose whatever one best fits your setting. If you’re still unsure, I’d suggest the Godox V860II-S because it has all the functionality you need.

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