How to Clean Headphone Pads (2023 Updated)

how to clean headphone pads

Hey Guys! Welcome back. Today I am going to show how to clean headphone pads of your gaming headset or ordinary handphone pads. I recently came to know that it is a big thing for a lot of people, so I am gonna step through this process and also do some experiments.

How to Clean Headphone Pads (Short Answer)

To clean Headphone Pads, take alcohol prep pads dissolved in water or just warm soup water and clean your headphone with with a piece of cloth dipped in that solvent. You can also you advanced method like JODI-VAC vacuum cleaner too.

3 Methods to Clean Headphone Pads

1- Alcohol Prep Pads Cleaning Method

One thing I would want you to buy is the little alcohol prep pad or swab. I got one with my camera lens and I am going to this and show you right here how to use it.

Find yourself a little microfiber cloth or a little rag. Put it in the water you mixed the alcohol pads into and just wipe the headphone pads with this cloth. You don’t have to do this after every session but once in a week.

After you play don’t store the headphone away as it creates humidity so just wipe them down every time when you finish playing games or listening to music. Also, another thing is that put it on the corner of the table just like in the picture below.

Also, you can use the alcohol pads only on the black headphone pads. In case of colorless pads these alcohol pads are fine but if you are using headphones with colored pads, then don’t use alcohol pads as it will wipe off the color from the pads.

Yeah you can use one which have low alcohol concentration to prevent striping off of colors. You must try the alcohol preps method if you wanna know how to clean your headphone pads.

2- Soap and Warm water Cleaning Method

By using this method, you have to clean your headphone with warm soupy water. First thing you need to do is to get a cup of water, warm it up and add some soup or washing powder to it.

After it, mix the solution efficiently. Then take a brush or a piece of cloth and start cleaning your headphone pads with it.

3- Advanced Cleaning Method

Okay in case you are looking for an advanced gadget the can clean your headphone just like it came from the factory, then we can recommend you a hearing-aid vacuum cleaner.


Though we have not personally used this Jodi-Vac hearing aid vacuum cleaner, but we have done some research on it and that’s why we feel necessary to recommend it.

As implied by the name, the Hearing-Aid Vacuum System works on the principle of using small vacuum pumps that impressively extract earwax and dirt particles which are stuck in the earpads. This is an expert way to clean your Headphone Pads

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Storing in a case

After cleaning, we have to mention that you need to store your headphones in a case. Don’t just throw it in your bag or shove them in a somewhere. This minimizes exposure to bacteria, humidity, and dirt.

Wash daily

It’s important to clean your headphones daily. At the end of the day, when your use is over, take a few minutes to clean your headphone pads. You can use a cloth dampened in warm or soapy water and wipe down your headphone pads with it.

Wipe down before and after using

Even when stored in a case, it’s a good idea to do a quick wipe down using a special cloth just for that purpose before putting them in your ears. Do the same right after taking them out. Even if you do this, you still want to do the daily washing at the end of the day.

Peroxide cleanse

By using a sanitizer or a similar antibacterial product, residue will be left on your headphone pads which is not a good idea. Therefore, you probably don’t want to use it.

Instead you can use diluted hydrogen peroxide to gently wipe the dirt and humidity off your headphone pads. This is not  a daily-to-do formula. Do this just once a week or so.

Our Experiment to Clean Headphone Pads

I have two different ear pads right now. One is HyperX synthetic leather and the other is the vailler Ear pads that are bought from wood cushions. So I’ll show you that process.

So, Lets go into it. I am going to show you how to clean my HyperX headphone pads which I will provide in a picture below. Almost all air pads are going to be synthetic leather.

If you notice if you have some of these really old ear pads and headsets, you are gonna see that the ear pads start cracking and I will tell you why.

The headphone pads crack because of sweat and humidity so, I will show it to you right now how to prevent it. Every time you finish playing session, you need to clear the sweat off of these earpads.

So every time you finish playing and put it down, just wipe the sweat off before it with your shirt or keep a small cloth for it. Just wipe the headphone pads once and just put them on the table to get dry and to prevent humidity.

One thing to remember! Don’t put the headphone in a box, cupboard or somewhere that’s gonna create humidity because humidity and sweat is going to have these ear pads crack up and is gonna ruin them. So that’s the tip, keep them humidity free and you will keep them working for years.

It doesn’t matter which type of headphone you are using. If you take of them and know how to clean you, headphone pads, then they will obviously last longer.


As from the above 3 methods, it is clear that it is quite easy to clean a headphone or its pads. This just takes a few minutes but can possibly add years to your headphone life and is also good for your personal hygiene.

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