Is a Camera Lens Protector Worth It?

Hey, Welcome to Camlense. Today we are talking about a matter which is essential for some people but extremely unimportant for others. So, Is a Camera Lens Protector Worth it?

So, you are a smartphone user and enjoying the top-shelf photography experience and now you are concerned about the safety of your camera lenses. First, tell me what you think, then I’ll answer. Okay, let’s dive into the details.

Is a Camera Lens Protector Worth It?

From my point of view, a camera lens protector is not worth it because the camera lens glass is a special type of durable and scratch-free glass which do not need protectors, but if you are a really rough user, you may need a lens protector.

Generally, when people buy a phone, they buy a screen protector at the same time to protect the new cellphone’s screen from scratches and getting damaged. But what about the lens glass?

So, the short and simple answer to this is that now, there are new technologies introduced in the field of screen durability such as gorilla glass, etc. With the help of these technologies, the glass made is reliable and scratch-proof.

Now in terms of lens glass, the same durable and scratch-free glass is there too and it’s also small in size which makes it less prone to damage. And therefore, there is no need to apply a lens protector to it.

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