Nikon Landscape and Macro Kit Lenses Review in 2023

nikon landscape and macro kit lenses

Hey everybody and welcome to Camlense. We have found that most beginner photographers and intermediate photographers are looking for honest reviews about the Nikon Landscape and Macro Lens kit. Therefore, today we decided to provide you, with an honest and detailed Nikon Landscape and Macro Lens Kit Review.

Nikon Landscape and Macro Kit Lenses Review

The Nikon Landscape and Macro Lens Kit is a great value for money. It comes with two lenses, a landscape lens, and a macro lens along with online classes to help you get amazing results and all at a very affordable price.

Value To Money

If you are buying these separately, you must spend more. So, by availing of the kit, you will get two of these sorts of indispensable lenses at a really fair price.

I think when you start with photography, you will want to upgrade to newer lenses, telephoto lenses, standard lenses, etc., and then gear acquisition syndrome is going to kick in and you are just going to get more lenses. So, why not start with a wide-angle and a macro lens?

Use of this Nikon Kit

Nikon Landscape Lens

So, what would you use these lenses for? First, we will talk about the 10-20 VR wide-angle landscape lens. If you are going to the city, it will be great for capturing all the buildings, architecture, if you are going to fit the entire family into a holiday photo, this can do it.

You know, you might warp Aunt Fran a little bit if she’s standing at the edge and she might create a mess. If you zoom a little bit like up to 35mm on a wide-angle, you won’t get distortion for sure, which is your street photography focal length.

If you want things to get realistic on a DX camera, for that you got the 35mm. And know that we have mentioned street photography, this lens has image stabilization, has VR. So, if you have your lens zoomed in to about 20mm and go around with your camera handheld, you don’t have to worry about blurry shots because you got image stabilization built into the lens.

Also, if you are doing video work and don’t have a fisheye, this gives you that cool thing that looks really similar to the fisheye. If you like skateboarding kind of videos, also gives you that – the ultra-wide angle of view.

Nikon Macro Lens

So, you got your 10-20mm, but you also got a 40mm 2.8. So, this one is not only a macro lens that can really take you up close to your subject and still autofocus works properly. It also gives you an amazing shallow depth of field at the maximum aperture of f/2.8.

It lets in lots of light, and it also allows you to get nice blurry backgrounds along with those nice bokeh effects. So, this is a nice all-around lens that allows you to get nice portraits as well as very nice macro shots.

If you are chasing after insects or if you do product photography, this lens is for you. Yeah, Product photography, we use this lens for product photography all the time. It’s great because you can get right nice up-close.

If you’re selling things online and you want good shots of your smaller things like jewelry, coins, and other things of that nature, this is an indispensable lens to have. It works a lot better than your smartphone camera or a point-and-shoot camera.

Using this lens isn’t just switching your camera over to macro mode, this is an actual dedicated macro lens, and you are going to get much better results from macro shots. You are going to get more sharpness, much better close-focusing distance and it’s not going to be a phony-baloney macro, it’s a real deal.

Nikon Online Classes

These lenses also come with online classes. So, if you bought these lenses and you don’t know how to use them. For that purpose, you can watch these videos and learn to master these lenses.

You are going to Nikon School which is their online course. You can learn about macro photography and landscape photography. So, you can learn all the stuff, and then, you can put your lenses to good use.

Compatible Cameras with Nikon Landscape and Macro Lens Kit?

If any of you got a Nikon D-3400, D-5600, D-7200, or any of those that are in that line of cameras, having APS-C crop sensor cameras, these lenses are compatible with those cameras. They are going to make great stocking stuffers for those photographers.

Almost all the Nikon cameras with APS-C will be compatible with the Nikon kit and will provide the best details at an affordable price.

For More Info, Watch the Video here.


So, there you have it. This is the deal of Nikon Landscape and Macro Lens Kit. Tell me in the comments what you think about it. Are you going to buy it or not? I wanna know. Thank You for staying. Good day!

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