Tamron 35-150 F2-2.8 Review

tamron 35-150 f2-2.8 review

For Sony shooters, Tamron 35-150 f2-2.8 has been a great option if you are looking for cheaper alternatives to the native Sony glass and that’s great. But with the Tamron 35-150mm f/2-2.8, Tamron has done something really special, and I think a lot of people are very excited about it.

Tamron 35-150 F2-2.8 Review

Tamron has definitely done something different with this lens than what we’ve seen in some of their other lenses. This lens doesn’t feel like a cheap or a budget option but feels premium instead. It is meant to stand up against the Sony G Master or Sigma Art lenses in my opinion.

The materials Tamron has used, actually remind me a lot of the Sigma 24-70mm F/2.8 Art lens. It’s less plastic-y than other Tamron lenses and the zoom and focus ring has a much nicer feel to them. They are smooth and responsive yet there’s still a nice amount of tension and physical feedback from the rings themselves.

Extra Options in Tamron 35-150 F/2-2.5 Lens

We have got some other options that you see on some other premium lenses like a lock so that your barrel doesn’t creep on you. You’ve got a manual focus toggle switch and three custom buttons. On top of that, you’ve got a new three-way custom switch that changes what the custom buttons do and a USB C input that allows you to do some really cool things.

Weather Sealing

This lens is also weather-sealed with a gasket on the back as well as weather sealing on several other points including USB type-C which a lot of people ask about in the last post. So, for those shooting in hard weather, you should be well covered.

Now with a premium feel, wide zoom range and impressive aperture show that this lens is fairly large and heavy. It’s definitely bigger than the 24-70 and quite a bit heavier too. The barrel does extend when you zoom and we’ve got an 82mm filter thread, so it’s quite a bit wider than the typical 67mm thread that we’ve been seeing on other Tamron lenses.


When I was out shooting with it, the size and weight was definitely something that I couldn’t ignore, but it didn’t feel unbalanced or burdened necessarily. For long shoots and long walk-around days, I think it is a bit tiring and it definitely isn’t compact or inconspicuous by any means.


From my point of view, I think this is a good lens and is worth a try. What do you say? Tell me in the comments. You can watch more reviews about it freely on YouTube.

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