Complete Guide on Why Camera Flips Image? (2023)

why camera flips image

Recently, we have been receiving comments about flipping imaging of cameras that how it works, and why it happens. Today I am going to show you how to flip your selfie on your phone and camera.

As I said before that one of the popular questions in the comments was why camera flips an image or how to flip a selfie. So, I am gonna answer the first question first and then we are going to go through the process of how to flip an image whilst you are taking a photo if you prefer that option.

The camera flips the image back to a real-world view before saving. Cameras are trying to emulate the experience of looking in a mirror which is what we’re all used to when we are looking at ourselves in real life.

If you are looking in a mirror, everything is flipped. For example, if your shirt has a logo or something, you’ll notice that the font or the typography is flipped and is illegible, so the mirror is not representing what people see.

Certain cameras like iPhone cameras provide this experience of viewing in a mirror, so they are flipping in the preview mode and when it comes to saving it down, they will flip it back to true view mode, which is the way people would see you or the way a photographer would take a photo of you.

Why Does iPhone Camera Flip the Picture

An iPhone camera flips the picture to prevent mirror effect in your photos as the front camera be default shows mirror image of the surroundings. Therefore, the iPhone camera flips the photo to make it real.

Do I Look Like the Mirror or Camera?

In reality you don’t look like the mirror because the mirror image is flipped and that’s why, the camera flips the image to give us the real experience of looking to.

Also if your camera is having some beauty effects, then you don’t look real in camera either. What you can do is to remove all the beauty filters on your camera and then take a selfie.

Advantage of Flipping Images

So, the fact that actually flipping the photo is to your advantage because it is representing reality, so if you are wearing any clothing with typography, it will maintain its real-world perspective andwon’t be flipped and appear incorrect. So that is why cameras actually do it.

Though there are still some people who want to flip it back to the mirror view that you are accustomed to seeing yourselves, so if you wanna do that it’s actually quite simple. Just tape on the edit option once the photo has been taken.

If you are someone trying to get likes and followers on social media like Instagram and Snapchat, then you may want to use these mirror modes. It’s because looks are very important in these cases and you need a mirrored preview to give a proper pose.

Selfie cameras flip the image, so the cerebrums of our brains decipher the picture as a mirror one. In a back camera, the picture isn’t flipped.  By the way, you are confronting the camera from the opposite direction, which makes you think of it as a mirror photo.

When you’re snapping the photo, things move in the manner in which you anticipate that they should because you are fully used to this view. In case, the preview didn’t flip the front camera, you’ll have a lot harder time moving the camera or yourself into the position you need.

How to Flip a Camera Image on iPhone?

Tap on the crop tool and then tap on the first icon on the top left corner of the screen and that will flip your photo horizontally and give you the same view that you saw in the preview window.

How to Flip a Camera Image on Android?

Tap the Tools at the lower corner of the screen, at that point select Rotate from the menu that shows up. At the lower part of the showcase, you’ll see a symbol that has two arrows pointing at one another, with a spotted vertical line between them. Tap this and you should see your picture flipped back to a typical direction. Now I am supposing that you know why camera flips image.

Automatic Flipping of Images

Now for those of you who want to flip it automatically, for this purpose you can download a third-party app called Mirror. You can take your photo through this app and it will not flip the selfie back to a real-world view. This way know how to avoid mirror images in selfies.

It will keep images in the real world if you use this app but keep in mind that it does have some annoying ads on it if you go for the free version. If you want, you can unlock the full potential of the app, and also you will get the ad-free version of the app. It might cost about $4 depending on which region you live in.

Video About Flipping Images

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Why Does Camera Flip Image?

The camera flips the images to give us the real experience of looking to ourselves in a mirror as a mirror image is also flipped and we are used to it.

Do We Look the Same in the Mirror?

No, we do not look the same in the mirror. We don’t see our real selves like others would see us in the mirror but actually, we see our flipped versions in the mirror.

We are used to looking at ourselves in the mirror daily, therefore we see our true self in a photo but we might not like it.

Why do I Look so Bad When Camera Flips the Image?

We look bad when the camera flips the image because in actuality we are not used to seeing ourselves in real and are used to seeing mirror versions of ourselves. We do not look bad in actual It’s just what we think, for others, we are the same.

How do I Stop My Front Camera from Flipping?

Here we are going to guide your step by step on how to stop your front camera from flipping images. Remember you can do this setting if it is allowed by the manufacturer company’s settings or you have to make manual changes to your phone.

If Setting is Available

  1. Launch your camera app.
  2. Tap on the Setting icon at the top of the screen.
  3. Find the setting “flip”, “mirror”, or “picture as previewed” and turn the setting off.
  4. If your camera has “save options”, then go check there.
  5. It’s done. Go back to your camera and try some selfies.

If Settings are not available

Then there are two options. Either you can root your phone to a custom UI and make changes of your own wish or just simply download an app that can do that for you. I would recommend Mirror App.

Why People Don’t Like Flipping Images

Normally people are accustomed to how they see themselves every morning in a mirror. In fact, people don’t like their view from another’s perspective because they are used to seeing themselves in a mirror view. Don’t know about you but I am definitely one of them.

Therefore, developers have created mirror modes or features in new cameras which flip the image in order to increase user comfort and preference. This feature helps you to see yourself like the mirror version even after you click the picture.


So here we conclude our post. Hope we answered your question thoroughly and efficiently. Hopefully, now you know why camera flips image and how to stop it?

If you liked our response post and enjoyed it, tell us in the comments if you want to see more like this. And also, if any of your friends are having a problem with flipping images, you can probably share our blog with them. That’s all for today, take care and have a nice day.

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