How to Disable a Security Camera | 4 Methods

Security cameras are there to help you and your family feel safer whether you are at home or away. But there is a twist in this. If you are having a security system that can be easily disabled, then it is of no good.

Although it’s not okay to show you how to disable a security camera but, in order to understand how to secure your security camera from being hacked or disabled, you need to know how it works.

How to Disable a Security Camera

You can blind disable a security camera in dark by using an LED, an infrared laser at either day or night, or by covering the lens of the camera by any means.

Although blinding a security camera can obscure one’s identity but not his presence. If a person is watching through the cameras, he will be able to tell that someone is there but won’t be able to see what you are doing.

Methods to Disable a Security Camera

1- Using LED

You can blind a security camera by shining a powerful LED (Light Emitting Diode) directly into the camera lens. For this purpose, you need a very powerful flashlight.

Remember, this method works only in the dark or in closed spaces. Block your face with the light and figure out where exactly the camera is and then shine the light directly into the lens.  If this technique is properly executed, it should create a lens flare that makes it impossible to tell what you look like.

Be warned that the flashlight method is not subtle. The sudden flash will alert any vigilant guard to your presence. However, you will be able to use the bright light to obscure your face at least.

This method is a bit risky as you don’t want to drop the light beam from the camera lens, lest you reveal your face. Make sure not to shine the light onto your face. This method only works if one is quick and precise. Attach Infrared Lights to your Clothing

For a quick fix, superglue a string of bright lights to a hat or headband. If you get more involved, you can craft an “LED mask” that even more heavily obscures your face.

Make sure that the lights are bright enough to blot out your face from the camera’s view, (not so bright that they blind you). This is one of the method of how to disable a security camera.

2- Using an Infrared Laser

The more subtle method than shining a bright light around is to point an infrared laser directly into the lens of the camera. The thing is that this method also required that you are much more precise.

If the laser-point slips away from the lens for even an instant, the camera will catch your face. You have to act quickly and efficiently to avoid detection. This method should work day or night, though it may be somewhat more effective in the dark.

You can use any standard laser here but in general, the stronger the laser, the more powerful the blinding effect.

Before going for this method, be aware of the shortcomings. The camera can see you until you get the laser aimed correctly. Anything that comes between the laser and the camera will instantly unblind the camera.

Also, the effectiveness of this method is hard to gauge. From your end of the camera, you can surely tell that you aimed correctly. Also do not point the laser to your eye or you might blind yourself.

 You can consider wearing dark glasses to protect your vision but don’t expect them to keep you completely safe.

The second thing is to look out for other cameras. Remember that you can blind only one camera with a single laser. The laser is more subtle than LEDs or a flashlight, but the effect is limited. If you need to blind multiple cameras at once, then you will need as many lasers as the cameras.

3- Covering the Camera Lens

Another method to blind or disable a security camera is to cover the camera lens. There are many ways to cover the lens. You can smear jelly onto the lens. Rub Vaseline or Petroleum jelly or another viscous substance onto the lens of the camera to make the picture come out blurry.

In a pinch, try using sticky but spreadable foodstuff such as butter, jam, jelly, and peanut butter, etc. Be careful to coat the entire surface of the lens. Make sure that you aren’t caught on camera as you approach the lens.

Also, you have to be careful not to leave your fingerprints on the camera. You might not be visually detected but people can identify you based on other evidence that you leave behind, and you might end up getting yourself caught.

You can also your duct tape, masking tape, or anything opaque. Be sure to cover up the entire recording area. Hide your face as you approach the camera cover up the entire lens.

If you are able to manage it, you can simply block the view of the recording device with a larger object. You can try taping or tying a bag or a piece of fabric over the lens.

Obstruct the camera’s line of sight by putting a screen, a board, or a piece of furniture in the way. You can also cover up the camera lens with a shirt or a scarf in a pinch. But remember if you keep your clothing on the device make sure that it can’t be traced back to you.

4- Digital versus Hard-wired

Then a small amount of advanced electronic tech knowledge will help a crook shut down a camera before they even enter your property line in cases where a camera is set up for a digital feed. Some crooks will purchase what exactly is called a jammer. This will cause the camera to go offline and stop recording for a set timeframe of time.

Of program, you can find a few old-school approaches to disable a camera too — and even the most crook that is inexperienced figure this one out. Cameras only work once they have access to energy. Disable the charged power source and you disable the camera. This may mean needing to get up close for one minute or two to find away if it is battery or operate that is the power cord. When you determine this, then a digital camera shall be down for good.

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Anyone Can Disable a Security Camera

The response is not too hard. You can connect your security cameras up with varying degrees of back-up. There are many that are hardwired to a more home that is an advanced level system, and those may appear as an alarm and alert your protection company when the camera is disabled illegally. But there are plenty of other video security cameras that don’t have that sort of support. These cameras are not too difficult to shut down.

Burglars also have been orchestrating an assault that is strange safety cameras known as “jamming,” This tactic works on cameras receiving cordless signals at a set frequency.

Burglars tamper with this by overpowering that set frequency with a more effective signal at the regularity that is the same. You may wonder how someone could figure out how to overpower your device’s regularity.

The clear answer is that it really doesn’t take much for the burglar to figure things out. Most security devices, like your surveillance cameras, have a mandate to recognize their frequencies. This means research that is little all it will take to jam your cameras.

You can fight back against this assault by seeking guidance from the security alarm company that is professional. Many house protection companies have equipment that can run across the jamming scheme.

When Will There be a Need to do so?

Well, the reason that is just may wish to disable them is when you didn’t desire to be caught doing something bad or that the person aided by the cameras doesn’t desire.

Now they won’t record anymore if it’s your cameras you want to disable you go into recording settings on the Dvr and uncheck all the times and stop recording. Then unplug the energy and just take the cameras down. They shall be completely disabled!


Final Verdict

Before taking the important final decision of installing security camera systems, it is best to be armed with complete knowledge about protection cameras, as that will allow you to definitely make a decision that is informed to help you choose a camera that fulfills your preferences and expectations.

As soon as you’ve weighed the pros and cons of establishing this marvel, you certainly will feel better about your decision.

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