How to Use PS4 Camera on PC in 2023 (6 Easy Steps)

how to use ps4 camera on pc

Are you wondering about streaming with the latest PS4 camera? Would you like to add a feature to your console to recognize your face or you wanna go for a voice chat with your game friends?

In this case, you will require a PS4 camera. If you are worried that it might be a difficult job to use a PS4 camera on your PC, then don’t worry we got your back. Today I’m gonna show you step by step how to use PS4 camera on PC.

What is a PS4 Camera

The PS4 Camera is manufactured by Sony for the PlayStation 4. It is both a camera and also a motion sensor/detector for the two latest versions of Play Station which are PS4 and PS5.

The PS camera was launched on November 15, 2013, and it is the replacement for the PlayStation Eye for the PlayStation 3. Its function is to follow the PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

It has dual cameras that can record at 1280×800p or simply 720p with focal points having an aperture of f/2.0, a 30 cm centering distance, and an 85° view field. With the dual camera adjustment, the camera can function in various modes, adaptable to the requirement.

The camera comes with a four-channel amplifier that lessens base clamor and might get voice orders in future updates. It records video in RAW and YUV formats and can be connected to its console through a specified port.

how to use ps4 camera on pc

Does PS4 Camera Work on PC?

Yes! PS4 camera works on PC. Just connect the PS4 cam with USB 3.0 to your PC, set up LibusbK and load the firmware and start using the PlayStation camera on your computer.

We have shown the steps below to show you how to properly set up the PS4 camera on a PC.

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How to Use PS4 Camera on PC – Steps

Just follow the instruction of the PS4 camera setup and make it done. It’s all pretty easy and self-explanatory.

Step 1: Find a USB 3.0

The first thing you are going to do is to find a 3.0 USB port on your PC. When you locate the port, simply connect your PS4 camera via the USB 3.0 adapter.

Step2: Configure via Device Manager

Press Win + R to prompt up the run command and type “devmgmt.msc” to launch Device Manager. Then what you need to do is to go to Device Manager and click on USB Boot

Then you need to create a new folder at your preferred location and rename it to anything you want whether webcam or PS4 camera or what.

You can open the new folder on your desktop, renaming it like PlayStation4 Camera Driver.

Step 3: Downloading LibusbK or OrbisEyeCam

Now the next step is to download and setup all Installation Files, either LibusbK or OrbisEyeCam. You can download LibusbK if you want your own package. if you ask for my opinion, go for a later one.

If you are not a fan of running your own package, then start downloading the file OrbisEyeCam USB_Boot Driver.

Assuming in some way or another, if you find ucrtbased.dll (Universal Visual C++ Runtime, CRT), don’t stress. Consider it as a Visual Studio Part in particular. You can easily find a solution for it on YouTube.

In the case that your windows have an X64bits working framework, you need to download the X64 bit form. What’s more, on the off chance that you have 34bits OS, select the X 86 variants.

Links to these files are here

Step 4: Download PS4 Camera Driver and Setup LibusbK or OrbisEyeCam Driver

Now download the PS4 camera drivers for your windows and unzip the file. After it runs the installDriver.exe and completes the installation process.

Now you got two choices. You can set up libusbK in case you want your own package or else you can set up OrbisEyeCam Driver if you are okay with using a ready package. I would recommend OrbisEyeCam.

Step 5: Load Firmware

Run OrbisEyeCam firmware in the same folder that you extracted. Load the Firmware: OrbisEyeCameraFirmwareLoader.exe (located at OrbisEyeCam-master\bin folder)

Step 6: Testing Camera

Test the camera by running it on your Windows 10 Camera App or any other app like this. If your camera is running fine, then, it means that you’re set. If not, then Sorry you have some other technical problem. Please ask a professional near you for help.

Play Video

If the video doesn’t load

Click Here 

How to Open/Use a PS4 Camera on Windows 10

After completing the steps to set up the PS4 camera, the next thing you need to do is to go to the Start Menu. There you will find the camera app among other apps.

If not, simply search the camera in the search box and the camera app will appear. Also, if the PC prompts “Allow to use Camera” then you need to allow it and that’s how you can connect your PS4 camera to the PC.

Set Up Live Broadcasting using PS4 Camera on PC

You can use the PS4 camera on a PC as a webcam for streaming and broadcasting by following the steps that I am going to show you.  To add the webcam to your streaming, you basically need to choose add camera now. Let’s dive into the steps.

Step 1: Download PS4 Remote Play App

Okay first thing first, what you are gonna do is to download the PS4 Remote Play app for PC.

So, if you go to Google and you type PS4 Remote Play and click on the first link and then you are gonna download it for whether you are having Windows or Mac, whatever suits you.

Step 2: Setup PS4 RP and get to work

Okay so once you downloaded the PS4 Remote Play and set it all up, what I want you to do now is to get the share factory Application. Go to videos. You can start a new project.

Step 3: Setup the track and turn on the camera

Now what you are gonna do is press that X Button and then you are gonna go to the “Track”. From there you can see that the camera is popped up. Okay, so from here you can change all the settings around.

If you go and press square, click camera tuning and you can change sharpness, contrast, hue, and saturation and mess with the settings.

Step 4: Configure OBS

Now what I want you guys to do is to head back over to OBS. Okay so once you are back to OBS, what I want you to do is click the plus for a new source.

Step 5: Configure Windows Capture

Next, you are gonna click on the Window Capture and click on add source. This way you can just go ahead and add a new source. Rename it to any name of your choice.

Step 6: Switch to PS4 Remote Play

So, we can see this screen here. Now what I want you guys to do is to click the first drop-down and you are gonna click PS4 Remote Play and it should come up with a Remote Play. Then Click Done.

Step 7: Keep the PS4 Remote Play above Display Capture

Just remember to put your Remote Play above the Display Capture in the stream setup otherwise the camera won’t appear. So, just make sure that you guys are careful with that and place the Remote Display above the Display Capture.

Advantages of using PS4 Camera on PC

Video Broadcasting and Streaming

If you don’t have any other webcam, you can use a PS4 camera as a webcam for live broadcasting and live to stream and present yourselves and your gameplays to all your fans and followers.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is one of the important factors for which people love to use the PS4 camera which instantly recognizes your face and logs you into your PC.

Voice commands

Graphical Commands are old school these days as technology is developing day by day. Nowadays people use voice commands to change game settings, search library, launch or close games, and some other stuff with just words that the computer recognizes.


You can also use the PS4 camera as an ordinary camera to record videos and upload them to your YouTube Channel. This is a better option as you won’t have to worry about hanging a camera or asking anyone to help you with that as you can easily fix the PS4 camera. Also, you can get good video quality by using a PS4 camera on your PC.

Can I use a PlayStation camera as a webcam?

In short Yes! You can use a PlayStation camera as a webcam. On the remote play screen, the PS4 will appear on the dropdown below. 

Simply add your webcam and select PlayStation camera from the dropdown. By doing this you can Livestream or broadcast using a PS4 camera as a webcam.

How to Improve Audio when streaming using PS4 webcam on PC

To improve your audio while streaming, then you might need an external professional microphone while using ps4 camera as a webcam on pc. For this purpose, you might need an Xsplit Broadcaster and a PS4 remote play.

  1. First, configure Remote Play by completing a registration and signing in after which you should find the PS4 screen on the Monitor of your Computer.
  2. Register an Xsplit account and by choosing your platform to broadcast, add Remote Play Screen.
  3. Then select PS4 webcam from the drop-down.
  4. All Set! Now you can go live and connect an external microphone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to set up the PS Camera’s Facial Recognition?

Log into your PS4 profile, and set your PS4 camera in an easily adjustable angle so that it can get enough light to see your face sharply. Now click on the Setting menu, and then click on the Login Setting menu. Finally, click on the Enable Facial Recognition menu. If you want to add new info, further click on the Add Face Data. However, once your camera got your face, fill up all On-screen instructions.

How Can I go for a voice chat with my PS camera?

The updated PS4 features a voice chat facility with your friends even while you are in the middle of the playing mode. You have to enable your voice chat option when you are playing a multiplayer game with your friends. Make sure you have spoken aloud so that your voice can overcome the game noise to reach your friends.

Can you record yourself with a PS4 camera?

Indeed, you can record yourself through The Playroom and the Share button using ps4 camera on pc. A game’s worth isn’t estimated by its replay esteem, nor its length, yet by the nature of the experience, you had while playing.

How to Display PS4 Controls on PC?

If you are fond of playing on a PC and are using PS4 Controller, then by default Xbox controls should be displayed. There is a way to change them. You can use an add-on called PlayStation Interface.

It is an add-on that replaces all the Xbox icons and controls with that of PlayStation 4. You can also use the feature of displaying various PS4 icons. Click to know more about PS Interface.

Can I Use PS5 camera on PC

Yes, You can use PS5 camera on your PC. The same steps are required by which you can use your PS4 camera as a PS4 webcam.


The gaming experience is much enhanced if you connect the PS4 camera to your PC. With this camera, you can have webchats, voice commands, and live streaming. All you need is to click on PS4 Remote Play and select PS4 camera.

Now we are ending our review and hope that we taught you how to use PlayStation 4 camera on a PC. Now that you are using it on your PC, keep enjoying it and let us know your response, and share with friends if you liked our post. Thank You!

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